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Round 2, Phase 2, VLCD9

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Load1 4/6/2013 129.20 --
Load2 4/7/2013 134.30 +5.10
VLCD1 4/8/2013 137.20 +2.90
VLCD2 4/9/2013 132.70 -4.50
VLCD3 4/10/2013 130.50 -2.20
VLCD4 4/11/2013 129.00 -1.50
VLCD5 4/12/2013 128.30 -0.70
VLCD6 4/13/2013 127.10 -1.20
VLCD7 4/14/2013 125.90 -1.20
VLCD8 4/15/2013 125.00 -0.90
VLCD9 4/16/2013 124.80 -0.20

Hello all. I'm down -0.20 pounds today, which is fine with me considering how consistent my losses have been since ending the dreaded load. I was anticipating a slow down.

I measured my waist this morning and - for me - weight training is essential to creating and maintaining the shape I desire. I'm currently at 26" in my waist. In 2005, when I was lifting weights religiously, I weighed 132 but my waist was 25". I'm certain my hips and thighs were smaller too. I needed this hcg to get my losses started and rev my metabolism, but I NEED to lift weights and build muscle to look and feel my best. I certainly wish I had more time in the day (or wasn't so lazy?) to make it happen. I've got to figure out how to do it consistently once this round is over.

I was invited to a party this weekend - a birthday party that would be terrible if I ditched - so I'm going to have to draw from the strength of you all who have looked temptation in the eye and said, "Unh-unh". I'm weak though, and while I'm not concerned about food as much - it's the wine and cocktails that make me nervous. Please send me your determination!!!

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  1. pookster's Avatar
    Your doing awesome 13+ pounds gone since vlcd1 ! I am going to have to start working out when I am done.. cause this loose skin is bothersome!
  2. Kswigga's Avatar
    Wine and cocktails are always my problem also. I found that I stall if I drink wine and gain if I have a cocktail. Just focus on your goals!
  3. Miche's Avatar
    I hear you on the wine and cocktails... I think if you are strong enough to drink 1 glass of wine only, no big deal... If you can't do just one, girlfriend, it is time to do sparkling water with a twist. At least you look like you are partaking!

    Awesome on the consistent weight loss. You are winnnnninnng!
  4. Bavalay21's Avatar
    If I can walk away from churros for a week, you can have 1/2 glass of wine with some sparking h2o and fake it! Good luck, you are doing super. Are you close to your goal?