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Round 2: VLCD 1

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Round 2 Begins

After a weekend of loading, I am up 10 pounds over my last injection weight and 8 pounds over my weight from last Friday. To say I'm terrified would be an understatement. I'm going to trust the process but I'm a ball of nerves and depressed and maybe even a little psychotic today.

So far today, I've had a couple mugs of tea, 2/3 c. of coffee and a ton of water. I've gone pee a million times it seems. I've received several compliments about the dress I'm wearing today, so maybe I don't look as fat as I think I do...

I plan on being super careful during this round because I want it to be successful and to be my FINAL round ever.

I'm hoping I'll be in a much better place mentally tomorrow. Right now I don't even want to post my post load weight... bah!

Make each day count everyone in hcg land.

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  1. shannon741's Avatar
    Rabo I so know what you are feeling right now! I gained 6 lbs on my loading this weekend and clear back to my loading weight from round 3.

    One day at a time and strict protocol and we will get this weight off once and for all!!!
  2. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    Oh rabs I wub you!!!! We are going to nail this faging P2!!! And you are BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm right with you on the "final round" thing. We've got each other and the losses will be OURS!!! Ha-HAAAA!!!!! *shelli swings her imaginary sword like a spartan warrior* um btw, the big @zz pack of double roll TP I just bought 2 days ago is almost gone already.... Damn I forgot about all this peeing... Grrrrr. Xoxoxoxoxo
  3. Miche's Avatar
    I can't wait till you weigh tomorrow.... You will be amazed! So excited for you....
  4. Rabo's Avatar
    So my sweet colleague brought me back a full fat Starbucks Chai Latte and I'm pretending to drink it. It smells delicious though. My stomach is growling a little but I haven't eaten anything yet today.

    Shannon, you undertand how I feel exactly. I'm excited that you're a veteran doing another round and hope to see more of you. There is a big group of us on the blogs doing our second round. Stick around!

    Shelli, you always make me smile. You life my spirits, little spartan!

    Miche, I hope you're right. I'm to the point of thinking worse case scenario bs. Like, somehow I've messed up my hypothalmus and I won't lose any of this loading weight and my thryroid has gone wonky again and now I'm going to find myself gaining. Seriously dramatic. Baaaahhh!

    Thanks for the support and encouragement. I soooo need it today. I'm usually not this crazy, am I???
  5. Rabo's Avatar
    Hahahaha. I cracked myself up just now when I put my lips on the starbucks drink lid so I could leave a smidge of lipgloss and make for a more realistic fake drinking of my chai.

    I haven't told anyone about my vanity round yet...
  6. yep yep I can's Avatar
    You will do great. It will all come off before you know it
  7. pookster's Avatar
    [email protected] little sneakster you....

    I used to love me some chai tea before hcg..now you cant pay me to drink it.. not sure what happened there...no comprende~

    So we have a sneakster..a Spartan and keiko the whale running around the blogs today hahah I crack myself up!! I just drank a black coffee so I didn't eat one of pooks cookies!
  8. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    OMG-Rabs! That's awesome!! Haha!!! I love the sneaks yet in you!

    Sneakster, Spartan, and Keiko... Lol. Should we change our user names everyday for some entertainment and confusion?! I keed I keed...

    i love you girls! Imma eat my feesh and asparagus and be thankful when this day is over. I may have to run to town and buy a new scale tomorrow if mine says any higher than it did today (because its gonna go sailing onto the concrete outside! Lol) xoxo
  9. robert nesta's Avatar
    it is all perfect - picture yourself every moment of each day at the goal, instead of where you are now. Each moment , every day/./ Trust. The . Process.
  10. Ready to be thin's Avatar
    Rabo. My friend. We r going to kick this round and make it our last P2 and feel gorgeous and slim in a matter of weeks. We need patience. We will do it.