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VLCD23 - Life is Good.

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I'm nearing the home stretch of Round 2 and all is well. I had to up my dose several times and I've finally, FINALLY found the cure for my incessant hunger. I'm one of the unusual ones that needed a higher dose. I'm currently at 175 iu and feel happy as a clam. Previously the word "clam" would have me all distracted and dreaming of food. Now I'm focused and ready to finish this round strong. I have hunger pains at meal times, but my hunger is no longer an all-consuming thought vampire. Happy dance, happy dance.

I was listening to Maya Angelou today during a car ride, and she reminded me so much of my grandmother with her logical and reasonable thinking. "Just do the right thing." It's that simple. My exquisite grandmother would say, "do right and fear not". I miss her. She was such a positive and uplifting and classy woman. With this protocol, the right thing is to find the right dose, stay within the guidelines, but if by chance you do make a mistake, don't let it get you too far off course - just get back on track and continue to do right - the results will come if you do and you'll be doing the happy dance like me!

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  1. thefoodpassionista's Avatar
    Hooray! Think of me as you start increasing your calorie intake and enjoy all the yummy food! mmmmm bacon
  2. Rabo's Avatar
    Oh, sweet Sheila. I'm VLCD through May 8, so I've got a little way to go yet. But I'll definitely think of you little darlin'.
  3. Miche's Avatar
    Love this post.... My dad used to say "do the right thing because its the right thing to do." Even when no one is watching because you are watching! Love love love the reminder Rabs! Thanks....
  4. yep yep I can's Avatar
    Wooo Hooo... you rock that happy dance! Glad you found the cure to your hunger!
  5. tomwilla's Avatar
    Rabo this was such a lovely post..
  6. Ready to be thin's Avatar
    I love that you are so happy now! It totally shows! I always tell me kids to "do the right thing". I wish they would listen more often, lol!
  7. Bavalay21's Avatar
    I know that must feel good Rabo, finding the right dose and being near the end. I hope you intend to keep blogging on life after hcg.
  8. MariaF's Avatar
    Do right fear not, soo nice Rabo thanks for sharing something so personal.