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Food Tastes Good but THIN is Mouth Watering

Today I did very bad things... :(

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Chalking it up as a mental break day and getting my head back in the game tomorrow. Not sure what it is. Still been messinng with my dose trying to get it right. I have no hunger for like 1 or 2 days and then i am starving. Having a really hard time breaking the old bad habits when i am starving, it makes it so much worse then when i feel "full" those few days. Plus i think once you kinda cheat it just snowballs.And that was me tonight. snowballing. bad...

so starting over mentally. pulling myself back up. i need to get this dose right and not let this pull me down too far.

Its always the same thing that gets me every time... feeding the kids. mostly because i still have to spoon feed my youngest which makes it so much harder when im holding the plate and the spoon....

The other day i was "full" feeling and was able to give her breaded chicken strips and french fries after ripping them into pieces wtih my own hands. i never once even so much as licked my finger. It also didn't consume my thoughts.

but today after being two days hungry didn't go as well.

started doing 166iu SL holding for 15 minutes
switched to 166iu SL holding for 10 minutes
today changed doses to 150iu for 10 minutes and hungry today. if i wake up hungry in the morning not sure what to do....

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  1. jerbear's Avatar
    "once you kinda cheat it just snowballs"... those our my thoughts exactly. I'm in day 6 on VLCD, and thats exactly what has keep me from cheating. I did break down yesterday and had a smidge of store vinagrette salad dressing with my salad. I realize there is sugar in the dressing and it makes me wonder if it's why I only lost .5lb istead of my usual 1lb.
  2. coyote's Avatar
    Hi Raquel, Today is another day to eat clean - it must be hard being hungry - I have found that spreading my food out through the day is helpful. Hope you had a great weekend!