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Food Tastes Good but THIN is Mouth Watering

Really Hungry but only when driving by McDonalds ...

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couldn't help myself.

Created a "am i REALLY hungry test?" for myself as I seem to struggle in this area....

1.) Hmmm am i hungry? (Thinks about P4 food/ Watches kids eat Pizza / drives by 31 Flavors / smells fried chicken / husband on coach eating chips / food commercial on tv / coworker just made popcorn / work luncheon) Yup I think i'm hungry...
2.) Before skip days, dose adjusting, forum posting, panicking, obsessing, stuffing face or crying and throwing a temper tantrum quickly go to the fridge and pull out one perfectly portioned 100g baggie of ___(insert P2 food here)___ and ask yourself again, how hungry am i really?

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  1. AJA's Avatar
    Racquel you rock, seriously I logged on tonight and your posts really inspired me. A girl after my own heart. A quote I like is "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels". It may be a little extreme but I get Victoria's secret catalogues in the mail a few times a week and i look at them to inspire me to work out and eat clean. I know that these girls aren't realistic looking - airbrushed I know..... and I don't want to be ultra skinny....but for me it motivates me to try a little harder. I am damn proud of my child bearing hips, stretch marks and all - wouldn't trade that for a million dollar VS body. But honestly we need motivation. You motivated me tonight with your honesty and posts - would much rather get it from a REAL woman than VS anyday. keep up the great work!!!!

    Amy in Santa Cruz,CA
  2. Jake_NC's Avatar
    Before dieting I never cared at all for Kentucky Fried Chicken... but now that I'm trying to be "good", I go nuts whenever I pass by a KFC!