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Round 1 Phase 2 Daily Blog

  1. R1P2D2 - Loading Day #2

    by , March 23rd, 2011 at 09:40 PM (Food Tastes Good but THIN is Mouth Watering)
    Soo i would go as far as to say stuffed my face today but i am hoping it will be enough. I kept forgetting I was supposed to be. I also found myself so easily out of habit adding creamer to my coffee, drinking the diet cokee, using the lotion --- i am going to have to be pretty careful tomorrow for VLCD1. I am going to have to throw away and hide everything. Replace the lotion in the guest bath with corn huskers . i got to purge the fridge before i go to bed tonight.

    super excited ...
  2. R1P2D1 - Loading

    by , March 22nd, 2011 at 05:26 PM (Food Tastes Good but THIN is Mouth Watering)
    Today is my first day of the program. Yay! I have been eating as many healthy fats as i can come across. I know its sad but my day hasn't been that different that a regular inndulgent day as far as what im eating goes. A few extra handfuls of this and that. Whole cream instead of nonfat but nothing too major. Nervous to see what this does to my first VLCD week. Especially since I am so prone to headaches. I will say that i am realizing how mental my eating habits are. ... happy loading.