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  1. Phase 3

    R3P3D1 uhhhhhhhhhh After some success in phase two I am greeted with a sinus infection and TOM. My yesterday was 143.6 (hooray) not quite 142- but now I'm forced to stop because of my health. Lovely weight gain has me back up to 148.0 (BOOOO!!!!) Im trying not to let it get me down. I'm taking in more calories of not offensive products. Steaks days and exercise to come if the water weight doesnt back off on its own soon.
  2. Round Three Phase Two Week One

    R3P2D1- After eating and drinking until I couldnt hold any more, I am now on day one of Phase two. My stomach is still settling and I havent yet eaten anything. I went to the grocery store last night and purchased fruits, veggies, and lean meats. This time I'm going to be cleaner with my meats and cut out all diet sodas. Coffee is a must then. I purchased organic beef and organic chicken breast. Today I'm having imitation crab legs. I noticed a loss everytime after I ate these before on Round ...
  3. Worst case scenario its all snake oil and Dumbo needs feather to fly- but it works

    Worst case scenario the HCG diet in all its forms is mere snake oil, I've researched all the hype. Perhaps it is the 500 calorie diet, and the HCG is just the filler flower with the catchy name. If so, then taking it gives us all a scientific feeling- making us Dumbo, the the HCG gives gives us the courage to starve through a 500 calorie diet, it may be our "feather" to help us fly.

    Nonetheless, it works. So I dont really give a damn how the results come to be.