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Worst case scenario its all snake oil and Dumbo needs feather to fly- but it works

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Worst case scenario the HCG diet in all its forms is mere snake oil, I've researched all the hype. Perhaps it is the 500 calorie diet, and the HCG is just the filler flower with the catchy name. If so, then taking it gives us all a scientific feeling- making us Dumbo, the the HCG gives gives us the courage to starve through a 500 calorie diet, it may be our "feather" to help us fly.

Nonetheless, it works. So I dont really give a damn how the results come to be.

I've done HCG 1.5 times already. The first "half" time I went to a doctor, recieved injectable HCG, and then it became room temperature and useless, or perhaps I used it wrong but after 2 weeks of pain and starvation, I quit it. I had dropped 10 pounds but regained most. In this time period I do believe I was actually starving.

Six weeks later I retried. I did everything correctly. I didnt cheat. I ate my portions. I was hungry. I had leg cramps from lack of potassium. I was miserable. I was sober. I was constipated.

Between the 1.5 prior times, I went from 172 pounds to 154 pounds, for 18 total pounds lost. I'm 5'6" and now 29 years old. One year later I float between 157-162 pounds. With the total weight lost I noticed that a significant portion was water weight. Also, I being a fairly muscular girl, lost a significant portion of muscle when I was not also doing small amounts of exercise.

I've decided to do it again my way.

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  1. Rae_lily's Avatar
    ...So Ive decided to do HCG Activator pills from GNC. I know I know they do not contain HCG. Yet they have excellent reviews from those who have used them. Explain that! I had a pain of an experience on HCG both times before. It is not a picnic. It stinks. Anyone that tells you anything else is lying to you. I know this product contains an appetite suppressant. I desparately need an appetite suppressant. I also know from my past experience that in order to not lose muscle I need to continue to work out on phase two for at least 10-20 min a day. In my arsenal in addition to my fresh fruit and perfectly portioned meats and veggies will be potassium pills and fiberlax pills and B12. In the end, we cannot forget that phase two of the plan involves depleting the body of its regularly recieved food stores.

    I have come to the HCG diet, again, after months of attempting to lose additional weight the conventional way- 1200-1400 calories a day plus exercise- eating whey protein and all that. But it doesnt work for me. My body is stubborn. I look at chocolate cake or delicious sweets and my carefully maintained 157-161 fluxuation balloons to 163 overnight. Literally overnight. I have accepted that my body wants to be plump like my relatives. But damn if I'm going to accept being overweight or even less than "hot". Life is too short. My mother is still battling her 100 pound overweight status, like she has been, for over 30 years. No way in hell am I going to battle these last 20 pounds for 30 years. Hence, the HCG diet, or one of its forms.

    Life is also too short to be snubbed and pawed at the local HCG M.D. retailer, like I was last time. If I would only drop a pound or two in a week, after carefully not cheating, theyd look at me like I was a criminal. If I lost 7 pounds in a week- likely because my body gave up the plateau- the assistants would congratulate themselves and tell me this is my results if I dont cheat my diet. No Thanks. The M.D. looks like a crazy woman who has had way too much plastic surgery btw. This experience equals one point for "snake oil".

    I am loading tomorrow. I actually am not really psychologically looking forward to stuffing my face. I've been so good for so long healthy eating. I'll likely stuff only slightly- to not uncomfortably- with a goal of gaining only 2 pounds not the 4 pounds I did on the last two rounds. I am also on day 2 of my menstral cycle. This is on purpose. As going through period mid phase two was a huge plateau and very disappointing.

    Im going to take a wild speculation that its the 500 calorie diet that causes the weight loss, and the HCG that doesnt allow people to go insane with hunger. With that speculation and presumption- I am off!! To do another round, this time with the hated by popular pills. I will record by results herein.

    My goals is to get to my goal weight of 142, and maintain it for the following three weeks of phase 3, and thereonafter. I will be on phase 2 (500 cal + HCG) anywhere from 21 days to the end of my bottle at 30 days. Then I will do the 3 days 500 cal with no HCG. Then 3 weeks of phase 3 low carb no carb. I can stop anywhere between 21 and 30 days- depends on how long it takes for the weight to come off. I'm betting I will need all 30 days of pills.

    Nowadays I am on the muscular side, and curvy, and my tummy doesnt exactly hang hang over my waist band like it did when I was a grade schooler fat kid- but at 5'6" and still in my 20's- there is no reason why I cant be in the 140s instead of the 150's or 160's. So my goals appear to be reasonable. I will blog agin to tell you how it goes.

    My 7/9/2012 pre-HCG stats are as follows for R3P0D0-
    Measurments: 40.5 bust - 30.5 waist - 41 hips
    Weight as of 7/9/2012: 160.0 pounds.
    Weight range for 7/1/2012 - 7/8/2012: 157.0, 157.6, 158.6, 159.0, 158.9, 159.6
    Dress size: Medium or large or size 8 to size 10.
    Updated July 11th, 2012 at 09:19 AM by Rae_lily
  2. Rae_lily's Avatar
    R3P1D1- My official day one morning weigh-in, pre HCG pills, is 160.6, my measurements are spot on. Last night I had a slice of deep dish pizza then a sweaty gym session. I will miss my gym sessions. I just ate a stack of red velvet pancakes with whipped cream and cream cheese syrup. This is usually a favorite delicacy, but this already feels like forced feeding. This also equals a point for phase one having its main purpose as a psychological effect. Or the appetite suppressant is already in effect. The injections had that same effect of not making me want to gorge in phase one. I'm retaining water as I usually do at this time of the month, which may effect my overall scale results. My McDonalds lunch was greasy. Although I will surely later eat my words, I'm kind of looking forward to the scrict phase two protocol, shopping and meal planning become a no brainer- it will be meals of "little to nothing and the same thing again."
    Updated July 11th, 2012 at 09:17 AM by Rae_lily
  3. Rae_lily's Avatar
    R3P2D2- After a day of eating and drinking I'm surprisingly only up to 161.2. Im feeling kinda greasy and gross with all the cheese. I have a night out planned of more....drinking and eating. As the last hoorah before i buckle down and lose lose lose weight, hopefully. I'm planning my trip to the grocery store.
    Updated July 14th, 2012 at 04:18 PM by Rae_lily
  4. Rae_lily's Avatar
    R3P2D3 157.2

    R3P2D4 today i rowed, it was okay! I'm down to 155.0 this morning. I'm a little light headed but I slept very well last night.
    Updated July 14th, 2012 at 04:45 PM by Rae_lily