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2nd week just about down

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Wow, tomorrow I'll have 2 weeks down.

Earlier in the week I started showing signs of a bladder infection and went to the dr, came up just beginning. I recall last time I was doing the diet having the same issue. I don't usually get these, actually in my whole life I can count on one hand how many times I've had one. In the past, from not drinking enough water. This time not sure. I read through the forum and read many people have had this issue on the diet. Well, even my bff who is currently on it is having an issue. She thought it was her kidney but dr says either pancreas or colitis. This is worrisome. My husband would love for me to just stop, but that's not happening.

I've been on antibiotics all week. I'm not sure if this affects my losses, but this week they seem to be a tad slow, with even a small gain today of .6. I'm not happy, but I'm not freaking out over it. Just continue on. At times my med gives me a stomach ache so I'd eat a tad bit more to help. So I know this is where todays gain came from. BTW, yesterday I was reading on here how some drank a glass of water with 1/2tsp of baking soda. I tried it, it tasted gross but I did it. And I can honestly say I started feeling better by that evening. Today is my last day on the med thank goodness. I want to be able to move on and reach my goal once and for all.

I have 10 more days left (not including the last 72 hours) before I head into p3 for 2 weeks. Since I'm cycling and will be off the med after today, I anticipate better losses. I'd do a longer round as I've done in the past but I'm going to do it this way instead. As of today I have 19lbs to go to my goal.

A thought that came across my mind the other day. Nearly 4lbs was removed from my breast reduction, is my goal of 125lbs unrealistic at this point? Would I look too skinny for my height of 5'5"? Should I be looking more around 130? When I was 125 before, everyone I knew complained I was too skinny, while I thought I looked great. Maybe they were just surprised by me being so thin after not having been for 4-5 years? I did not loese weight in my breasts either, I never did sadly. I was working out too once I had stabilized and was at 12% body fat, working out 4-5 days a week. I don't think I'll be like that again, for one I just don't have the time to work out that often, but also I don't think I have it in me as much now as I did 2 years ago. who knows, that can change once I reach my goal. :-)

Today I can say I am bored of my food options. And it's my sons bday today. We are going out with friends and family for dinner. I'll stick to a small steak, grilled and a salad. At least it'll help change things up for me. I rarely eat red meat anymore so this will be nice.

Well, I'm hoping to reach at least 140 by the end of this round. We will see.

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