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Last Day Hit Goal and some

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Today is my last injection day. I'm starting to worry. Since TOM will be coming next Tuesday. I know it's normal to gain, been there done that, but when you finally hit your goal and then some just to see 2lbs pop up, ugh it's a mental thing for us women still getting TOM. I just hope it doesn't mess up me trying to stabilize.

I'm thinking of eating light but still enough calories, meaning no cheese or beef at least. Stick with what I did in p2 but higher amounts to meet my caloric needs and my protein shakes, eggs for breakfast thing. Just until I hit that 3rd day into TOM anyways so this way I ease into it as well. In the past I dove right in, didn't have any problems really. During interruption and after R1 the first week was all over the map and both times I did a protein day. During interruption bc I was nearing TOM I did a steak day in a panic and lost, gained 2lbs a few days later again when TOM officially started. And of course lost it. Other than that, by the 2nd week is when I show stabilization. Hopefully this way will be the same. Friday is my first day eating P3 so we will see.

So today I am down .6, yay! Now I am in at 134.6, below goal weight and I still have 72 hours left to lose a little more since I'll still be eating vlcd.


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  1. tnsweetness's Avatar
    Yay for you! TOM crept in on me also. Today was my LIW and my 4th day of TOM. I feel your pain!
    Best wishes to you on P3!
  2. Dubbles's Avatar
    Maybe that 72 hours of vlc will give you the cushion you want to deal with TOM. If it does, I would do p3 just like you're supposed. Eating more, not trying to keep the calorie count too low. Remember, with TOM you are the only one who knows the numbers on the scale have gone up, and they will go down after. I know it's psychological, but these are things you'll have to deal with for years (until no longer TOM visits). Not eating the cheese right at first may not be a bad idea, but otherwise, I'd really try an d not stress over it too much. These will be monthly fluctuations. Good luck, and great job on the round!
  3. raggedyann's Avatar
    Thank you!

    Later down the line when I get use to the fluctuations I know it won't be as hard to deal with. But I feel like I made it and I don't ever want to go back up again. I wanted to secretly lose a little more to give that cushion. I was hoping to go to 132, so this way whenever TOM came I'd be ok when I'd hit 134. Like you said though Dubbles, maybe with the last few vcld's I'll lose a bit more to give me that cushion. It definitely is all psychological that's for sure. I won't keep my calories low, I won't even be counting them. I just won't add the heavier stuff that can be problematic like cheese until after TOM or midway in when I usually drop the weight. :-)

    tnsweetness, we are going into p3 together!!! How exciting.
  4. Dubbles's Avatar
    Heh, what about me? Can I join you guys in p3?
  5. tnsweetness's Avatar
    YAY for all of us skinny bitches! lol
  6. Dubbles's Avatar
  7. raggedyann's Avatar
    Of course, why in the world would I ever forget you??!! ;-)

    We are going in it together.