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Happy New Year!

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I have been MIA once again since my trip to Italy.

Let me start by saying Italy was absolutely beautiful, but it rained, a lot, with the loudest thunder I have ever heard!The first 3 days were not so great. When we checked in to LAX, they took forever to check us in, due to this, they had to hold the plane and made me, at the gate, check in my carry on. I wasn't thinking and just handed it over. It had my camera which had all my lenses, etc and my travel meds (in case we got sick abroad) and my allergy meds and a couple other items that are important to me. Well, arrive in Rome and my carryon is no where in sight.

Turns out, they left it in DC where we had out layover. For whatever reason, I have no clue, but they did. It did not get to me until the 3rd day I was there. So I missed 3 days of photo taking, my allergy meds, etc. Luckily in Italy, they meds I use (nasonex for one) is sold as OTC there and was a fraction of what I pay here, with my insurance. I stocked up and brought some back. Wish I got more!

Anyhow, when it was time to leave, the weather was really really bad so we were bussed to another airport 2 hours away in horrible weather, with a crazy driving bus driver on scary roads with cliffs and pouring rain! We were very lucky we all made it safely. We fly out and miss our connecting flight in Zurich. Well, in Zurich they only fly in and out ONCE a day! So we had to spend the night there.

The good thing about being in Zurich is we got to see a bit of it, not to mention we made some really nice Italian friends we have stayed in touch with ever since.

The flight home wasn't so nice. I had this horrible older, gypsy woman behind me that didn't speak a word of English so no one, not including the Swiss/Italian flight attendants knew what she was saying. For the first 10 hours of the flight she'd yell and jerk my seat nonstop (in between short naps of hers and the flight attendants would come over to tell me she was asleep, lol). Making everyone, including myself, angry. The flight attendants were yelling at her nonstop and they couldn't move her bc she was handicapped, although she got up just fine and walked around from time to time.

At the 10th hour of a 12 hour flight, I finally lost it with her and yelled what was her problem. Obviously, she couldn't tell me in English. My husband switched seats with me and for the last 2 hours she wasn't as dreadful as she was previously. That was THE worst part of the entire trip.

All in all, it was a nice trip and we would love to go back again. Just not for awhile. :-)

In the meantime, I realized my hcg would be too old when I came back and had to order more. Had to wait for dreaded 3 weeks out. So I decided to load after the new year. Here I am currently 2lbs exactly over liw. I was actually 2lbs over liw before loading. Not too bad with loading either. While in Italy we walked so much and I was able to have a bit of their fantastic pasta. Which, btw, never once gave me a migraine nor caused bloating. Something about their fresh food there is 10 times better than here in the U.S. I didn't gain one bit of weight, until I came back, lol. But only 2lbs. I did work at keeping it at bay. I forgot to mention, it was also our 13th wedding anniversary last week, so I splurged, just a tad.

I look forward to continuing on and reaching my final goal. While waiting for my hcg to arrive, I went back to walking since the weather in SoCal has been unusually warm in the 70's. And I plan to continue doing so into p2 as well as my small weights I have been doing for toning. I know we aren't suppose to, but I've always been one to work out before so I'm ok with it, plus I'm cycling on this round. 2 weeks on, 1 off, 2 weeks back on. I have learned, as previously stated in my posts, that I lose more doing this.

I'll check in from time to time. I have so many things to get done around here, like prepare for my little ones 4th bday party, all this to keep me busy and not dread the days of eating bland foods. Once her bday party arrives, I'll be on p3 for the week so it won't be bad for me to eat Paleo style (no carbs, no grains, not even dairy).

I'm really excited, I'm only 14lbs away from my goal weight of 125. but I'll be happy anywhere between 125 and 130 to be honest since I am 5'5" this is a normal range for me. Especially since I am going back into toning, you build muscle.

I have also taken notes on my measurements. I'd like to see how many inches I lose besides weight.

I hope everyone had a happy new year!

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Updated January 11th, 2014 at 12:31 PM by raggedyann