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Vlcd 5

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So far so good. I am down 5.6lbs so far. On my first vlcd I was actually down 1lb after all the loading which is a first for me. I can gain anywhere up to 9lbs loading (this when I do a 3 day load if I do a 40 day round which I have found works better for me). All in all, I only gained 3.5lbs loading.

I am back to taking my vitamins like I use to while on the diet. But this time I've added in 5HTP. I read that it helps with moods and hunger. Well, I don't get hungry on the hcg, but I surely get moody. So far so good. I have not been moody the least bit. It might help with my hunger, when I do eat I get full much quicker than I had in the past. So I can make a big bowl of salad with chicken and not be able to finish it while on the diet before I could.

That's about it for now. The real trial is going through the weekend. That's when my husband is home and he's always asking what's to eat, let's go out, etc, etc etc, driving me batty, lol. I'm sure I'll get through it fine, I did last Sunday.

Tomorrow I have an appt with my surgeon for a follow up. I have these scar strips on that have to be changed weekly to help minimize my scarring from my surgery. I actually like going to the follow ups, it gives me the reassurance that everything is healing good.

I'll update about once a week. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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