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I guess it was deemed necessary to further refine my struggle with patience. *sigh* I got up early, got as many errands ran as I could before panicking over the mail arriving in my absence and no one there to sign for it. The mail usually comes around 1:00 PM but I wanted to be home a little before that in case it came early. SO, I rush home at 10:30 AM to agonize for two and a half hours, wringing my hands, pacing and JUMPING to the window like a over protective toy Chihuahua every time I hear a car engine.

What’s with me? I’m a LUNATIC! I’ve given myself MORE BRAINDAMAGE over my hCG arriving than I did PREPARING TO GIVE BIRTH!

12:17 PM. I heard the familiar buzz of the Post truck and couldn’t contain myself… I snatched the mail key and went running out to the mailbox to collect my package. As I approached, I watched her slip a small handful of envelopes into my mail box. I was expecting her to look up at me expectantly with a box in hand and ask for my signature. But she didn’t look up… she just drove off. WHAT?

I have NEVER called the USPS to enquire after a package. Everything has always arrived where it is meant to be in a perfectly reasonable amount of time whether coming or going. I was certainly not going to call further attention to my precious package and risk a complication or another delay like customs. But my body has a mind of its own…

My arm reached out, grabbed the handset, and before I knew it, I was dialing. The chap who answered told me that the express mail didn’t arrive at my post office until 12:30. “Oh, pooh.” I thought to myself… “I’ll have to wait ANOTHER day?” THEN, he went on to say that he is actually the one who will be delivering it here shortly and if I would be home to sign for it… if not, would it be alright if he just signed for it for me?

ARE YOU KIDDING! I tell him that I don’t care if it bears my signature, his or a PAW PRINT! He laughs and since it is about 12:30 at that moment tells me he’ll be seeing me soon.

Long story short… he just left. I am now in possession of enough product to get me through the two long, and one short round.

Thank you God!

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  1. rockbottom's Avatar
    I'm glad it worked out for you! I look forward to reading about your journey into the world of HCG.
  2. c5afwife's Avatar
    YAY!! Mine left Raleigh yesterday morning at 7am so I HOPE it gets here today! I wasn't aware that xpress does not come with the regular mail, maybe I will call this morning