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Realities of Loading

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So, like any student of a new discipline, I’m learning as I go… each milestone has something to teach. Like, for instance, I learned more about myself with regards to patience, maturity, inner peace and stillness while waiting for my hCG to arrive than I did in all those years in Tibet living silently among the monks. Now as my second loading day is coming to a close I must reflect further…

Pre-load logic: Plan your load. Budget accordingly so that you are able to enjoy all your favorite foods and go to all your favorite places to eat out before P2. When this is over, those places may never satisfy you again.

Reality: Save your money. It doesn’t matter if you’re eating Baskin Robins, or Red Lobster with TONS of butter… it isn’t worth it because you won’t enjoy a single bite beyond your normal caloric intake. The site of anything consumable will make you want to ralph!

Pre-load logic: Be fully engaged while eating. Do not eat while distracted watching TV, or driving for instance. This is Phase 1 and an important part of your round. There are major repercussions if you don’t load effectively, so… pay attention!

Reality: You know why they say not to eat while watching TV… it’s because you can eat so much more. In fact the more you engage… the less you are able to eat. When you are fully focused, every bite is “sensory saturated” so you are able extract that much more experience out of each bite. (*** Must remember this for P2.) So, grab the remote, a bag of pork rinds, and call yourself a couch potato for a day.

Pre-load logic: Eating irregular foods in irregular proportions may make you, well… irregular.

Reality: Copious amounts of food in means copious amounts of waste out. When you are stuffed from esophagus to colon, constipation is just not an option… have the plunger at the ready.

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  1. Reflections801's Avatar
    I am on VLCD day 1- and I literally laughed out load reading your post as I too had many of these same feelings before loading. I am happy to be started along this journey and I hope we both find this to be successful.