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Ready to be thin

Round 3, VLCD 9 - Dropped the Cheat Weight

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Dropped .8 so the cheat weight is gone fully, plus a little. I am so close to my lowest weight last round!

It was pointed out to me yesterday that mushrooms are not P2 – it’s been awhile since I read pounds and inches. Since they are working for me, I am not going to eliminate them. I also have miracle noodles which are clearly not Simeons-approved but have worked for me.

I have a long work evening tonight so I am cooking ahead food to bring along … and also wearing make-up (not allowed on HCG) and I am brushing my teeth with real toothpaste before I go (to avoid onion breath)

AM: Apple
Lunch: NY strip, small qty
Lunch 2 (before work): chicken, small qty and onions
Dinner: rest of chicken, another apple or an orange

Round 1 – Lost 11.4 lbs (146.4 start) - 25 days of VLCD
Round 2 – Lost 10.4 lbs (135 start) – 24 days of VLCD
Gained 5 lbs over the summer ..

Round 3:
Starting weight: 130.6
After 2 days of loading - 132.6
Day 1: 129.2
Day 2: 127.6
Day 3: 128.4
Day 4: 127.2 - cheated
Day 5: 127.0
Day 6: 126.4 - cheated
Day 7: 127.8
Day 8: 127.0
Day 9: 126.2

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  1. yep yep I can's Avatar
    yay! happy for you
  2. bebifal's Avatar
    congrats!! Uhmmm you are allowed to wear make-up, just not stuff that are oil based etc. I just stick to powder foundation, lipstick/lipgloss, eyeshadow and eyeliner. and I brush my teeth with regular toothpaste.

    ive used miracle noodles my first round of hcg-- didn't affect me, I just used them because I had gotten bored with the food. Unfortunately they aren't available in Nigeria
  3. Ready to be thin's Avatar
    Bebifal, It's the powder foundation that I am complaining about -- haven't found an oil-free one I like ... honestly I only tried one of the Bare Minerals types that was basically a powder but it did NOTHING to cover my blotchy/rosaceo-ish skin ... I try to follow the list of recommended brands for cosmetics .. I didn't realize you were in Nigeria -- that's super interesting! I need to check your blog more carefully for your details!!