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Starting round 3

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Starting Round 3 today (10/31/17). I just finsished 6 weeks of Phase 3 and did really well, and stayed within my last drop weight. I only did a steak day/correction day once and was eating around 1800 calories per day without any exercise. It feels great to have 35 lbs off, bought a few pairs of new jeans and work pants since everything was falling off of me. I was size 18/20 in pants and dresses and size 2xl in tops for the past 6 years (starting weight was 227 Lbs). Now after 2 long rounds, I am size 12/14 and xl top. I am 5ft 6 inch and feel great, but still have to lose another 50 lbs to be at a healthy normal weight. So I will be doing lots of rounds to get there. I did 2 long (40 days) rounds and this round I will be doing around 23 days to 30 days depending on my weight loss. I will continue doing the short rounds with breaks in between to get to my desired weight loss. I love this diet. Its really hard, but doable and at least you do get results.
Loading day 1(no hcg): 199 Lbs
Loading day 2 (with hcg): 201 Lbs
VLCD 1: 198.8 Today 10/31/17 (Halloween): No candy for me today, but Im OK with that. HAPPY TRICK OR TREAT EVERYONE.
VLCD 2: 198.0
VLCD 3: 196.6
VLCD 3: 196.8
VLCD 4: 196.0
VLCD 5: 195.2
VLCD 6: 195.0
VLCD 7: 195.5
VLCD 8: 194.5 started taking coffee pills and ephedrine today with my hcg troches, woke up with a huge loss.
VLCD 9: 193.0
VLCD 10:193.4
VLCD 11:193.4
VLCD 12: 193.2 no coffee/ephedrine today. and still not losing and its starting to really bug me. I better wake up to a good loss tomorrow.
VLCD 13: 191.8 FINALLY
VLCD 14: 191.2 getting closer to 180s, but I dont think I will since Thanksgiving is coming up and I have to take do a planned interruption. So last day will be this Sunday, followed by 3 days of no hcg.
VLCD 15: 190.8
VLCD 16: 191.6
VLCD 17: 193.0 So ashamed, woke up to a this huge gain. Went out with the family to eat. I only had the salad bar and few small bowls of soup. I eat salads and veggies allowed but who knows what was in their onion soup. Today is last day of my diet prior to interruption for Thanksgiving holiday. So will work extra hard to bring my weight down by tomorrow.
VLCD 18: 193.5 (TOM STARTED), So thats the reason for my weight gain, no loss. Starting 72 hours with no hcg today. Will be back after Nov. 30th to restart the rest of this cycle. I have to get myself under 190, before going into maintenance.

VLCD 19: 196.0 RESTARTING TODAY 12/03/17 AFTER A 2 WEEKS OFF interruption, due to thanksgiving and my birthday. gained some weight cause I went off protocal and had some cake and sweets. But will get weight down again.
VLCD 20:194.4
VLCD 21: 192.4
VLCD 22: 192.0
VLCD 23: 192.0
VLCD 24: 191.8
VLCD 25: 191.6

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