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this is really beginning to piss me off

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I am so ready to throw in the towel on this diet! This is the 9th day with little to no movement. With results like this I am thinking I should just walk away and be done with it. I feel like I should be stabilizing not staying on this vlcd and getting absolutely nothing but frustration from it. I am tired of chicken. Tired of broccoli, tired of water and tired of the damn scale saying the same thing! If I don't see some major results in the next few days I will be done and over it on Thursday.

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  1. Amanda8302's Avatar
    I know people flip out when you mention cheating, but I have had a lot of success with it. What I have been doing is staying completely on protocal but when I do not see a change in the scale, then I have a cheat day. Usually this works out to be every third or fourth day. Because of the hcg I am not really hungry so I don't go crazy and hinge. Yesterday was a cheat day and I had fazolis for lunch with a cookie for dessert. Today the plateau was done and I had lost .6. So today I go back on protocal. This may not work for everyone but it is worth a shot. It keeps me sane knowing that I can have regular food in a couple of days which keeps me going. Don't give up!

  2. hardee's Avatar
    Check out the rogue saloon. We all find that cheating some helps with weight loss and plateaus. When I get stuck I add a little. It really works and make the diet so much easier to stay on.
  3. readyforanewme's Avatar
    thanks guys