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<--- this girl is 20lb lighter :)

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Today I finally broke the 20lb mark! I am feeling so relieved and accomplished
I am also at the milestone 30 day mark. The past week really sucked since I only lost one pound so I decided to extend my vlcd and hcg out an addl week. I feel like these extra 10 lb are gonna be a real [email protected]*%# to get off. Initially I thought my body was just getting used to the hcg but now I'm not so sure. Today I've stuck to the diet 100% and am hoping for decent results tomorrow. If this week moves as slowly as last I might just be done with it and move on to phase 3. I guess there's no shame in "only" dropping 20 lb

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  1. Laural's Avatar
    Congrats! That is great!!
  2. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Congratulations on crossing that 20 lb mark. I think we start our rounds thinking of the pound a day thing and thinking we are going to lose that 30 lbs in a round and when we don't make it we get so disappointed in that that we miss the HUGE picture . . which is that we are losing . . really losing it compared to dieting and working out and losing under 10 pounds in a month of workouts. 20 lbs is rocking it!!! Good job.

    Good luck for decent results this morning.