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New to HCG. Start loading tomorrow!

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I finally received my HCG in the mail today. I ordered it from reliablerxpharmacy. 3, 5000 IU vials of feritgyn. I went searching all over town for supplies and Dr. Simeons protocol foods. I couldn't find lean ground chicken so I settled for chicken breasts and 96% beef(not cheap by the way.) I couldn't find a mixing needle so I just used a baby medicine dropper....which resulted in me not being able to get the hcg out of the vial and into the container very easily. Some glass ended up breaking and dropping into my container and I had to go fishing with tweezers to get it out (I'm still not sure if I got it all, fingers crossed.) I used an empty baby food jar and wrapped it in tin foil. I'll be starting on 166 ius tomorrow morning. I really hope my follow through doesn't ruin this diet for me. I've been on a diet countless times before, never lasting more than 2 weeks. Except for after I gave birth, that diet lasted a whopping month..whoohoo. I think it's because I saw such dramatic results due to breastfeeding and pregnancy swelling going away. I'm a very picky eater which leaves me with 7 different foods to eat for this round(still not sure how long I will go.) Hopefully I don't get too much more grief from my family about this diet, they are skeptical to say the least. I wish they understood more about the diet and what it's about but every time I start talking about it they start looking at me like I'm crazy. And I know if they knew I was only eating 500 calories a day, they would flip out. I'm a stay at home mom and live a very sedentary lifestyle. My son is 9 months old so I'm not having to run after him all day yet. I'm 5"3 and last time I checked 170 pounds. The highest weight I can be at and still have a technically healthy bmi is 140 pounds so that is my goal, but honestly I'll be thrilled with a 20 pound loss. It's supposed to start warming up enough to go outside so I'm going to start walking soon. So anyway tomorrow is hopefully the first day of the diet I finally do!

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