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  1. Day 11 of VLCD round 3

    So, I woke up on day 9 to no loss. I had walked at the mall, on day 8, and again on day 9. But because I had no loss on day 8, I decided to cut all carbs again on day 9.

    I woke up on day 10 to a 1# loss...I was hoping for more, but happy for this!

    But, I am hungry. On Day 10 of VLCD I again cut out carbs, but I did not walk.

    So, I woke up today, on Day 11 of VLCD with another 1# loss. That makes 17 pounds in 11 days of VLCD! YIPPEE!

  2. Swimming! How does chlorine affect hcg??

    Hi all
    I have a question about swimming. I see it is advised swimming can be done in phase 3 but does this mean you can swim in chlorinated pools or just fresh or sea water? I understood that chlorine affects your hormones? Which would surely affect weight loss?
    Would love some input to this
    Thank you 🌺💕😇
  3. Recipes for P3

    Sugar Free No-cook Chocolate “Pudding”

    1 8oz brick Philly Cream cheese, softened

    ˝ cup to 1 cup of SUGAR FREE chocolate chips, melted (depends on how chocolate you want it)

    1 pint of Heavy Whipping Cream

    8 droppers of Toffee Stevia

    4 packets of Splenda

    Optional/1/2 teasp cinnamon

    Optional/1/2 teasp pumpkin pie spice

    Optional/chopped nuts (your favorite & however many ...
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  4. Day 8 of VLCD in Round 3

    Super pleased with my progress so far. Now that the hunger is under control, I feel good and strong and excited to be losing weight.

    This morning I got up and had one pound lost! So, that makes 15 pounds in 8 days of VLCD! Day 6 I had no loss. I think I have figured out why. I ate shrimp, which never works for me. I always stall when I have it; and I had mushrooms. I forgot that they are not on the protocol!

    I am going to go strictly on the protocol this time...I ...
  5. I Finished My First Week of Round Three, ----Four years after round 2

    Well, I just finished my first week back on the HCG diet.

    5 years ago I lost 52 pounds with Hhcg drops. It was a miracle for me. I did two rounds, but truth be told, round 2 was no good, because I never could find good drops after the first round, I tried and keep to the diet. Anyway, I found it very easy to keep the weight off for 4 years. I didn't return to the diet, but kept busy...moved to London, where one walks everywhere, and healthy food is for sale on every street; and we ...
  6. So, no carb helped me get over stall

    Quote Originally Posted by lindahoyt View Post
    So, on day 6 of VLCD I didn't lose anything. I decided to ask this question, and give it a try. I decided to fast on day 7...but, I couldn't! I had dinner. I ate fish with peppers, zucchini, onions doused with lemon juice. I did not have the fruit, and I never eat the melba.
    So, I lost 2 lbs yesterday. I feel great. No carb helped me get over a stall, and more importantly, it pushed the hunger right out of my life. But, because of the danger of quickly gaining a in P3, I don't think I will
  7. cheap NFL jerseys

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  8. Hunger Signals thoughts for P3

    Your hypothalmus has been undergoing adjustment and healing during P2, so it will be sending you hunger signals. It will be a new experience for some. You have the opportunity to get in touch with those signals in P3. Its important to realize that there are different hunger levels. Basically:

    Thoughts of food: You are involved in something else and suddenly you start thinking about food. This is the beginning of hunger.
    Food looks good: If you are already thinking about ...
  9. Kept it off for 4 I am back! Rx this time around

    Well today is my first day, after 4 years, on the VLCD. I have had my two load on with the diet. I am 5 years older, and I am using Rx HCG.

    I feel fantastic...not hungry nor craving or wanting ANY food!

    Getting use to taking isn't hard.
  10. P2VLCD6 - Hail to the chef’s creating the P2 HCG recipes!

    I’m a creature of habit and during P2 I have a terrible habit of eating the same few meals over and over again. A goal this round was to switch it up.

    We love Indian food, so when I saw this saag recipe - it was ON! We make some Indian food from time to time, so I had all the spices on hand. I used 1 bag of frozen spinach and 1 box of fresh baby spinach. I used the emersion blender for the cooked spinach ...