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  1. hCG 2.0 Anyone?

    Anyone starting or doing hCG 2.0? I am not new to the diet. I have done the original 500 calorie, the 800 calorie protocol by Sonia E. Russell but I'm quite intrigued by the 2.0 so I'm giving it a try. I was successful on the South Beach Diet and I think the idea of this is similar; protein and veggies.
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  2. Help need answers!

    So I just started this last sunday and every day my weight is changing going up and down by 5-7 pounds every other day? people are saying maybe its my body getting used to it, water weight or the fact that Its my time of the month? anyone have answers or did this ever happen to you?
  3. food triggers for weight gain?

    Ive been going up and down for the last few days (by ounces).. I ate shredded cabbage and broccoli in that last couple days and wonder if that was it. Anybody have that same experience?

    How about tomatoes? Im on day 19 if you include 2 load days.. started Aug 1st. Im down 18. Im not complaining - just want to see if anybody else has trouble with certain veggies.
  4. Day 1 Load day

    Hi everybody! Started the shots today and loading up on FOOOOOOD.

    What bothers me is that Im so excited to lose weight..but I am loading up. That means the weight will go up before it goes down.. So Im a little depressed.
  5. No loss on Day 12 of VLCD

    No loss today...makes me sad!

    Yesterday, I skipped my shot, and felt absolutely no different at all. I am doing well on the dose I am on...I am just going to tough it out.

    I cut back to one fruit, since I didn't lose. But, I also ate tomatoes on Day 11. I never lose when I eat them, so I should know better.

    I stuck to Protocol today. Getting blue...getting sick of the diet..yes, I have lost 17 pounds, but I am still so fat, that it makes me depressed. ...
  6. Day 11 of VLCD round 3

    So, I woke up on day 9 to no loss. I had walked at the mall, on day 8, and again on day 9. But because I had no loss on day 8, I decided to cut all carbs again on day 9.

    I woke up on day 10 to a 1# loss...I was hoping for more, but happy for this!

    But, I am hungry. On Day 10 of VLCD I again cut out carbs, but I did not walk.

    So, I woke up today, on Day 11 of VLCD with another 1# loss. That makes 17 pounds in 11 days of VLCD! YIPPEE!

  7. Swimming! How does chlorine affect hcg??

    Hi all
    I have a question about swimming. I see it is advised swimming can be done in phase 3 but does this mean you can swim in chlorinated pools or just fresh or sea water? I understood that chlorine affects your hormones? Which would surely affect weight loss?
    Would love some input to this
    Thank you 🌺💕😇
  8. Recipes for P3

    Sugar Free No-cook Chocolate “Pudding”

    1 8oz brick Philly Cream cheese, softened

    ˝ cup to 1 cup of SUGAR FREE chocolate chips, melted (depends on how chocolate you want it)

    1 pint of Heavy Whipping Cream

    8 droppers of Toffee Stevia

    4 packets of Splenda

    Optional/1/2 teasp cinnamon

    Optional/1/2 teasp pumpkin pie spice

    Optional/chopped nuts (your favorite & however many ...
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  9. Day 8 of VLCD in Round 3

    Super pleased with my progress so far. Now that the hunger is under control, I feel good and strong and excited to be losing weight.

    This morning I got up and had one pound lost! So, that makes 15 pounds in 8 days of VLCD! Day 6 I had no loss. I think I have figured out why. I ate shrimp, which never works for me. I always stall when I have it; and I had mushrooms. I forgot that they are not on the protocol!

    I am going to go strictly on the protocol this time...I ...
  10. I Finished My First Week of Round Three, ----Four years after round 2

    Well, I just finished my first week back on the HCG diet.

    5 years ago I lost 52 pounds with Hhcg drops. It was a miracle for me. I did two rounds, but truth be told, round 2 was no good, because I never could find good drops after the first round, I tried and keep to the diet. Anyway, I found it very easy to keep the weight off for 4 years. I didn't return to the diet, but kept busy...moved to London, where one walks everywhere, and healthy food is for sale on every street; and we ...