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  1. Delay Ejaculation with Super P Force

    There are certain things and facts that cause premature ejaculation in men. Though not every man faces this issue of spilling too early, for those who do, it has been seen that each one of them has their own, either, a person or a physical condition. There are not many known or observed symptoms of premature ejaculation in men but, broadly we can point to the following reasons to be the obvious symptoms of the said masculine problem.

    Ejaculation with less stimulation

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  2. Looking to buy ivermectin? Here's everything you need to know about this medication,

    In this article, we will answer your most pressing questions about ivermectin treatment and talk about what factors you should consider before purchasing this drug to treat your condition. By the end of this article, youíll know everything there is to know about ivermectin, from how it works to how itís prescribed. Youíll also have an idea of what brand of ivermectin you should look into buying and where you can get the best deal on this medication. Letís dive in!

    Ivermectin facts ...
  3. The Benefits of Ivermectin and Where to Buy It

    Nowadays, you can easily buy ivermectin online without any prescription and we are here to help you with that process! But why do you need ivermectin? What are the benefits of ivermectin? The answers to these questions can be found further in this article, along with some quick facts about the medication itself. So, letís start from the beginning...

    What is ivermectin?
    Ivermectin is a medication that can be used to treat certain parasitic infections. It is most ...
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  4. Cenforce 150

    Treatment for mental feebleness has turned into an interesting issue since the send-off of Cenforce 150 and other erectile brokenness prescriptions. Men used to be embarrassed to discuss sexual issues, particularly on the off chance that they were experiencing difficulty accomplishing or keeping an erection. Nonetheless, the acquaintance of Cenforce appears to have changed this.

    Men are presently understanding that these kinds of issues in the room are very normal. Pretty much every ...
  5. The Passionflower Herb

    The passionflower is a defensive cell reinforcement force to be reckoned with. This plant contains cell reinforcements compounds apigenin, quercetin, rutin, isovitexin, kaempferol, vitexin and luteolin glycosides. It additionally contains maltol, sugars, unsaturated fats, indole alkaloids, gum and unpredictable oil.
    The quercetin in this plant is the most defensive mixtures and it has against malignant growth, calming and cell reinforcement properties. Nonetheless, for restless individuals, ...
  6. Current round food inspo

    I'm updating my blog this round with some of my go-to P2 meals. It helps to look back on previous rounds what I was eating and it also might inspire any readers who are looking to pick up some P2 meals. If I can edit this post I'll add some pictures when I remember to take them!

    Note: I use MCT oil when sautťing food, it's not on protocol so if you want to be strictly POP then use some liquid stock instead.

    I have these two at the moment pretty much on rotation: ...
  7. Buy Cenforce Online To Treat ED

    What is Cenforce 150?
    Cenforce 100 is the most popular prescribed medicine by doctors for treating erectile dysfunction in men.

    It is a popular alternative to ****** and ensures the proper flow of blood to the male reproductive organ, aiding in a firm erection during sexual intercourse. This medicine contains an active ingredient called sildenafil citrate that treats ED or impotence quickly.

    Cenforce 150mg uses

    Red sildenafil pills is mainly used ...
  8. Help - HCG Drops or Pellets please recommend REAL Drops

    Hi - Im hoping someone can help I used Desbio drops in 2017 and was very successful , I used them again in 2020 and the program didnt seem to work. Can ANYONE recommend real HCG drops or tablets to be the web page had multiple recommendations. Thank you any help is appreciated.
  9. Has anyone given blood on Phase 2?

    Hi Everyone!

    Newbie here on Phase 2; will be 2 weeks tomorrow and already down 10 pounds

    I was curious if anyone has donated blood during this time? I'm sure there are all sorts of crazy things happening in my body chemicals right now, and not sure if that is optimal. I give blood regularly, so that is not an issue, but just wondering if I should wait? I'm obviously not as 100% strong and sturdy with this LCD and I can't exercise as vigorously as usual.
  10. where to order patches from 2manydaystillfri

    Quote Originally Posted by 2manydaystillfri View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Dubbles View Post
    Hi Jeanette, mind my asking where you order your patches from? I think I used them once years ago, and I didn't mind them at all. I really think after the first of the year I wouldn't mind doing a round of the hhcg and not the injections. I'm curious to see if the weight is lost from different areas from homeopathic than from rx hcg. Do you think the patches work as well with cravings as anything else? I agree with you, if you keep your weight within the 2 lb window as Dr Simeons suggest,