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  1. woo hoo! had a 5 pound loss

    I'm in vlcd 2, and I lost the loading weight plus 1.5 more not bad. I'm drinking my coffee right now and I'm so excited, I feel alittle tired but I'm gonna say its my babies fault, she woke up at 4am ugh. Ok day 2 here we go!
  2. Week 1 over!!

    Numbers for week 1

    +.4 - stepped off the diet
    0 - stepped off the diet

    Total loss of 9.1

    Pants are feeling loser this morning as well!!! Sweet
  3. Kind of in a rut ...

    I'm not real impressed with my weightloss this weekend, but when I look back I never seem to do well over the weekends with it. I think it has to do with sleeping to much maybe, or that I sleep until 11 and then I'm not hungry right away so I end up eating lunch at like 3-4 and dinner at like 9-10.

    I'm on day 17 and I've lost 16.2 lbs, I go for my wedding dress fitting/alterations on Friday and I was worried about losing to much after that BUT my weight loss has really slowed down ...
  4. P3 has been good

    Well I have to say that so far into week 2 of P3 and things are going pretty good. I did drop 5lbs for some reason...been eating like a I am not sure why I dropped the 5, but I will just go with it.. I will do 2 more weeks of P3 then another round to see if I can get rid of the last 10-15lbs....
  5. 6/20/2011 OD only - stopped HCG

    I stopped HCG injections last week (thurs was last inj) as I was feeling irritable and having sleep disturbances. My sleep went back to normal the day I stopped injections. I felt a bit bummed out on Friday about the whole diet thing. I thought I would try to eat less fats...that was not a goof idea. I fell off the wagon Friday evening until Saturday evening. No binging, but much higher carbs than normal - had pizza for dinner, english muffin at breakfast and a slice of bread at lunch...I know normal ...
  6. I did a bad bad thing...old habits die hard!

    So i'm up to my highest weight yet...166.8. It's totally my fault, and with my birthday weekend right around the corner, I'm scared at the thought of what my weight will be for the rest of this week into next. Yesterday, my future mother-in-law made a wonderful father's day dinner for the fam. Although it was delicious as always, she couldn't have picked worse things for me to eat. The main dish was pork marinated in a peach whiskey sauce...don't even want to try to get at the amount of sugar ...
  7. P4 tougher for me this time???? Sugar intervention needed.

    I think it's tougher during the summer months to do this plan. I'm weak with summer foods....mac salad, hot dogs, ice cream, strawberry shortcake...yikes. I'm up 3# again.


    Ezekial english muffin with butter, Peanut butter and homemade elderberry jelly.

    Lunch/dinner: hot dog 1/2 roll, small order onion rings loaded with catsup and a small chocolate shake

    snacks: popcorn with butter
    apple, strawberries ...
  8. VLC Day 15


    Week 1; (-7.2)
    Week 2; (-7.4)

    234.8 VLCd 13 (-.4)
    233.0 VLCd 14 (-1.8)
    234.8 VLCd 15 (+1.8)

    Yesterday evening I had a planned deviation from protocol. I had vodka (41 proof) mixed with sparkling water. The calculation of caloric content in vodka is the proof minus 15 equals the number of calories per ounce. Calories per ounce for my vodka is 27. I calculated how many calories I had with the vodka, and still stayed under 500 calories ...
  9. Photos!!!

    Too lazy to write anything thoughtful tonight. Here are some pictures instead.

    Mexico... 2007 Playa del Carmen

    Last day of school, June 2011. School picnic with my daughter...

    Father's Day 2011... spent the night in the woods ...
  10. P3-Two Down, One To Go!

    Well, I am starting on my last week of Phase 3!!!! Wow, this is amazing! I am so happy with myself-mind, body and soul. I am stabilizing very well and am feeling great. I have not gone over my LIW in the two weeks so far, my body is so happy! I am learning so much about me. I know I keep saying that, but I am still so shocked at how in touch I am with myself. I am aware of every decision I make about food, and realizing how zoned I used to be. I never looked at nutrition labels or ingredient ...