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  1. first vlcd

    So i gained 3.5 pounds loading, the cheesecake and guacamole worked lol, I hope I release this weight gain by tomorrow we'll see. I also feel better as far as the nausea goes, so I'm happy about that. I also acciedently poked my finger after injecting myself when I was cleaning up lol, that sucked ok well ill post my loss tomorrow can't wait
  2. P3 the steak is thawing out

    Can't really complain, as I enjoy eating the steak The dogs really did it too. This is the 1st correction day for me in P3 and I think I'm on day 17 or 18 into it. We had a fund raiser for the Flux Foundation (creators of the hugh temple at Burning Man) at our nursery and perhaps the Sangria is the culprit. I also had bacon yesterday for the 1st time and POW! 1.4 pounds just like that. At least I had a good time, met artists passionate about their work and everyone was mellow and in a good mood. ...
  3. Phobia

    I came to realize lately that getting heavy again is a phobia for me, and scares me as much as mice(my lifetime phobia) do. It scares me to the point of irrational behavior. Even though I see it as irrational. I can't stop it. The difference in being skinny and heavy is a huge difference in my life..Skinny equals head held high, being seen, being loved, pride others being proud of me. Being heavy means not looking others in the eye, trying to be invisible, being treated worse, no self esteem, others ...

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  4. VLC Day 14


    Week 1; (-7.2)
    Week 2; (-7.4)

    234.8 VLCd 13 (-.4)
    233.0 VLCd 14 (1.8)

    I see that I posted the incorrect weight yesterday. It was 234.8 -- not 238.4. There's a big difference. I was in a hurry and transposed the figures.

    I was on the road 8 hours yesterday, with a 4-hour layover to visit a dying friend, so I didn't get to eat lunch. I did manage to eat both apples, and then eat dinner.

    My head is pounding this ...
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  5. One week left: P3 (Progress Report)

    LDW: 146.8

    Day 1 - 146.8
    Day 2 - 146.6
    Day 3 - 147.6
    Day 4 - 146.8
    Day 5 - 147.6
    Day 6 - 147.4
    Day 7 - 147.6
    Day 8 - 147.2
    Day 9 - 147.2
    Day 10 - 147.8
    Day 11 - 147.6 (exercise)
    Day 12 - 148.2
    Day 13 - 146.8
    Day 14 - 146.8

    I have been eating any and all cheeses, any and all chicken, any and all milk, peanuts, all cold cuts and hot dogs, sour cream, guacamole, steak, bacon, fruit ...
  6. Feeling absolutely fantastic while on the drops!

    Here's my story: I'm heidi mcFee and last year I went on the HCG drops two separate times. Both times I got sick as in a cold and sore throat. After that, I wanted nothing to do with HCG, even tho I actually lost a lot of weight! 21 lbs in 21 days the first time.

    About 2 weeks ago, I found out that a doctor in my business was interested in the HCG. He researched it and realized that supplements should be taken while on the VLCD. He put together 5 of our supplements that work very ...
  7. Woo finally finished all of my assignments!

    I was lying on this guy who is a friend of a friend's bed and he kept telling me all night to relax and chill out. I kept telling him that it didn't compute.. that's just not how I roll. He fell asleep and looked so peaceful and content.. so I got up and came home and finished my assignment.

    Now I feel like I can relax a bit and start to breathe again..

    Of course I'm a week away from putting on a big fundraiser at work, and I was out all night last night and managed ...
  8. Almost Passed Out While Driving...Question Please!

    Quote Originally Posted by Tate View Post
    I really scared myself tonight in the car, and I'm trying to figure out what I should do about it...hoping someone might have suggestions! This is Round 2 for me and I'm actually days away from stopping drops.

    Tonight, I was driving alone in my car and I started sweating and feeling extremely light-headed and nauseous and I started to feel like I was going to pass out. I've never actually passed out before, so it was a totally new feeling for me. I decided to pull over and as I started
  9. Been in P3 for three days and keep gaining, can I go back to P2?

    I am on day three of P3 and I was 3lbs above my LDW...I know I have been introducing new foods, cheese, salad dressing, that is pretty much it. I have had a hard time eating more food, actually got sick to my stomach last night after eating a big salad. I only lost 20lbs in my 30 days on VLCD, (was getting so sick of the food and my new drops which I took the last five days just weren't working as well and gave me horrible breath) So, can I just get back on P2 for 10 or 12 more days and try to ...
  10. My legs and arms feel weak

    Hi there, I just started on the hcg drops this last Monday and lost 8 lbs so far. My legs and arms feel so fatigued. I wasnt sure if this was a normal side effect, I am super hungry still during the day, taking 10 drops 3 x day. I almost quit this morning when I couldnt get up and down the stairs while doing laundry. I'm on the fence and not sure what to do....