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  1. VLcd27

    One pound loss for me today! Couldn't be happier! 13 days to go! 24.4 lost so far! Hopefully I can hit 30 even. Not the 40 I was hoping for but hey I'll take it!
  2. R3p2d26

    201.5.....(-.5) I literally feel like I'm going to die today. Painting is done.....tile is laid in the laundry room. Dropped into the bed around 12:30. I screwed up and only ate an apple yesterday. I feel like i have been rode hard and put up wet. If I make it through this weekend it will be a miracle. I need to get some protein in today, as I feel weak and exhausted. I don't know how my husband is still standing. I was hoping to be at 199 by Sunday or Monday. I guess I could still reach ...
  3. You are killing me TOM!

    Im on vlcd 5 and only lost .2 lbs. TOM came yesterday and I am definately blaming him. I havent had an urge to cheat. But I have been a little weak and lightheaded sometimes. I can do this! I refuse to buy summer clothes until I am happy with myself
  4. R2 VLCD#7 Stayed the same again..."Ohm Accept the process" Friday the 13th

    Darn hard to practice your own advice. Still at 8 pounds in 7 days now....still got time to loose more.

    Getting stronger with food. Made my DH and wonderful 85 year FIL a potato salad with mayo and fresh bacon crumbles. Just can't stand the thought of those poor guys not having some homemade food. Baked the bacon in the oven cause I knew frying would make the house smell waaay to good. And then made them both Sahlen's skin on hot dogs.

    For me:
    100 gram ...
  5. You Lose Some, You Gain Some...

    R1/P2 VLCD 16
    I lost about 3.5 pounds yesterday for some crazy reason I couldn't figure out... but today my body balanced itself and put some of that rapid loss back on! ugh. I can't complain! It is still a net loss for me.

    I ran 5K last night and I wonder if that caused me to retain (or gain) weight. To try and figure out the impact of exercise on my body during this diet, I decided to replicate yesterday. I ran 5K again tonight and will see what the scale shows tomorrow. ...
  6. P3 friendly recipes

    Minute Muffin

    1/4 C. Flaxseed Meal or Almond Flour
    1/2 Tsp. Baking Powder
    1 tsp. Cinnamon
    1 .5 - 2 tsp Stevia
    1 Egg (I withhold a bit of the yolk and like it better)
    1 tsp. butter, melted

    Mix dry ingredients in a mug. Add butter and eggs and beat until smooth. Cook in microwave for 50sec - 1 min.

    Variation add almonds, pecans, addtional cinnamon, or nutmeg to the top!

    Flaxseed Meal Cinnamon Bread
  7. What Happened to My Brain? Why do I Feel So Fat Today?

    Has this ever happened to anyone? I am at my goal weight and I feel absolutely fat today. Perhaps it is because I became so fixated on getting to my goal weight that I never considered it might still be too heavy for me. Or am I just being stupid? I definately like being 130 instead of 160to 165. But a few years back I was 120. I feel like my arms, and thighs are enormous. Did I just grow a tummy roll while writing this. lol
  8. Week 3 Results!!

    This week has been so slow!! Been back and forth with same lbs but I'm sticking it out and still hanging in there!! Hope everyone has good losses this week

    After Loading: 278.8
    VLCD 1: 278.2
    VLCD 2: 276.2
    VLCD 3: 274.6
    VLCD 4: 272
    VLCD 5: 270.8
    VLCD 6: 269.4
    VLCD 7: 267.8
    VLCD 8: 266.8
    VLCD 9: 264.6
    VLCD 10: 263.8
    VLCD 11: 263.8
    VLCD 12: 261.4
    VLCD 13: 261.4
    VLCD 14: 259
    VLCD ...
  9. Great dinner out - almost planned to cheat until you convinced me not to

    Tonight is my husbands birthday. I was planning on cheating tonight at dinner. I had encouragement from both people saying "wait till P3!" and others saying "go for it, you deserve a good night out!". I figured out a way we could do both. I searched the internet and reviewed menu after menu after menu until I found a possible solution. Great kid's menu, great main menu, excellent desserts, five star rating and a TV in the bar so we could keep 1/2 an ear on the Sharks game ...
  10. To Me

    Found this on someone's blog...thought I'd share:


    2 tsp dried red chilies
    2 inches of fresh ginger chopped fine and long
    Fry in oil on med/high for 1 or 2 mins.

    throw in veggies - (P3 safe veggies) mushrooms, asparagus, broc, cauliflower - can add water to steam for 5 to 10 mins or cook til done in oil (of course add in P4 veggies when you are in P4 i.e. snow peas, carrots, beans, red, green, yellow peppers, eggplants, ...