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  1. Loading and Starting the VLCD in May 2011

    by , May 14th, 2011 at 09:52 AM (Hellobikini Getting to her Bikini)
    Quote Originally Posted by hellobikini View Post
    I plan to start loading Monday or Tuesday for R2.
    I am getting very excited for the weight loss. I had a lot of hunger and mood swings and lethargy my first round so I am worried about that. I really hope this time it will be different. I have heard mixed things about R2 being easier or harder. I guess everyone is different. I will start adjusting my dose from the beginning if I am hungry, last time I had pre-loaded needles the first 13 days. however I never got the dose right it seemed.
  2. Staying the course

    officially started April 14th with my load days. on hhcg, and then switched over to hucog... but so far am down 19 lbs... and greatful as heck.... I just need to keep those small increments as my goal in front of me, and before I know it the big goal will be here... I have struggled to loose weight with 5-6 days of cardio excersize for months and watched the scale stay in one spot or gain weight... It broke my heart that i had to work so hard...and now, I can say that I can loose weight it IS possible... ...
  3. P3 Day 14 nuts... really

    Up .4 this morning. I added 7 Brazil nuts yesterday. Really... could that equal .4 pounds? Nothing else off P2 protocol food.
  4. Vlcd 42 177.6

    No movement on the scale. I ate a shredded beef taco salad last night. I was so good I didn't eat any chips but I did eat a little cheese but only what I couldn't avoid that was on the lettuce. I also had cottage cheese for lunch.
  5. Getting Ready for R2

    by , May 14th, 2011 at 09:13 AM (Hellobikini Getting to her Bikini)
    I never blogged the first time around, though had so much to say. It was really really hard. Especially the first few days. I felt like I was dying. I had to hide it because my closest friend was so against me doing this, now she wants to go on it with me!
    I also was hungry most of the time. I kept on trucking though and kept hoping I would work it out. At times I felt I did. I would adjust my dose then go through a few days hunger free, but the hunger always came back and big time hunger. ...
  6. Lady Gecko – R3P2VLCD27

    Last day of VLCD, tomorrow starts my P3 eating. Finally got to visit the Johnny room for the first time in a week. Scale was down, probably due to the Johnny visit. Crappy weather this weekend, so I’m gonna clean house today and back up all the clothes that are too big for me now and take them to Goodwill.

    Here is my plan for today:

    B: Coffee
    L: Chicken on a salad
    Sn: Grapefruit
    D: Burger, veggies
    Sn: Strawberries

    Round ...
  7. Great Plan for Day 6 but...

    <0> Loss - 0 Gain!

    Well, I had a great plan for Day 6, but when it came down to the Ribeye Steak on my plate I didn't STOP eating! I ended the day over a couple hundred in calories, over in protein, and under in carbs - stayed the same on the scale so I figure no harm done and I ate until my heart was content

    Now for the weekend, which has always been difficult for me...Gotta get busy and moving so I don't get bored and graze!
  8. 5/14/11 Day 5 vlcd

    Down .6 lb this morning! I'll take it! My hips have been really hurting. I'm wondering if it's cramping and I'm low in potassium. I normally eat a lot of bananas, but haven't had any in a week. I might need to add potassium supplements.

    5/7/11 - Starting weight - 167 lbs! Ugh!!!!
    5/8/11 - Weight after 1 load day - 167.4 lbs (+ .4)
    5/9/11 - Weight after 2 load days - 167.2 lbs (-.2)
    5/10/11 - vlcd 1 - 164.2 lbs (-3) YAY!!!!
    5/11/11 - vlcd 2 - 163.2 lbs (-1) ...
  9. Vlcd 3

    Just updating for my reference.

    Wt 118. Down 1.3 today. 1.8 above original LIW.

    Halfway to my goal! 17 injections left, 3 without hcg. Depending on how it goes I am shooting for a short round. If I havent made my goal by then, I will extend it accordingly.

    Round 1 Injections (50 day round)
    Post Load 139
    LIW 116.2 (-22.8)

    Round 2 Pellets to Injections
    Post Load 126
    VLCD 1 121.8 (-4.2) ...
  10. P3 Day 10 and back down to LDW

    2 days after being 2.2 over, I'm now back down to 158.8 - didn't really try though. On my Fage day yesterday I had 21 oz of Fage, then one protein "milkshake" via Lawgal receipe. YUMMMMM
    Yesterday I had 3 slices of bacon, 7oz FFF, 20ish almonds, chicken and cheese picked from the quesadillas @ happy hour, a diet dr. pepper, some roasted pumpkins seeds, one cheddar babybel, starbucks venti drip, and for dinner strawberries with the protein shake and 1 Tbls of SF PB & 1 Tbls ...