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  1. The Reign of Straight Losses Ends

    R1P2vlcd21--After almost 3 weeks of daily losses, this morning I was up .2. I didn't do anything different other than taking a very small amount more of psyllium and 2 cascara sagrada in an effort to get things moving. So the likelihood is that once that is out of the system, I'll be back down. Still, it's sad to say good-by to the ride! Even so, my determination is strong, I'm not hungry, and I can turn away from temptation.

    Today's positive observation--I didn't fall apart when ...
  2. I've stopped losing weight? What am I doing wrong

    Hi! I am new to this site and need help! I am in Stage 2, Day 17, and have lost 15 pounds. But I haven't lost any weight this week! I lost 11 lbs the first week and 4 lbs the second week. I see my Dr. every Monday to weigh in and to get a B12 "compound" shot. I am taking 0.5ml of the drops twice daily. I'm not cheating!

    I got to a Zumba class on Monday.....could the exercise have hurt me? I hear there is an "Apple Day". Should I try that to get me back ...
  3. 1st day of p2 ...after 2 week interuption, 1.4 over LIW.

    tried to get back down, but was to gung ho with excersizing and got a laser treatment this week..my megs and butt hurt from excersising, so I haven't lost in 2 days. I am actually up .4 today. That's ok I have 2 weeks to lose 9 pounds I hope it works. Any weight I lose will just be a bonus, and help me not stress in p3 i hope..Unless I like the new weight, and knowing me that will happen..

    No excersising for the next 2 weeks, and eating super clean I do have a dinner to go to tonight. ...
  4. VLCD 3 begins

    Have not been hungry much at all this round. These drops are awesome! and I am very careful to drink my water and keep the mouth dry after the drops for 30 minutes. It may be making the difference. Who knows?
    Just trying to be patient this week as this week will be the loss of the extra weight I gained after loading and the weight I gained during P3 last time. I really want this next P3 to be a success. I believe it will be. Last round was weird. I'm not blaming the injections, ...
  5. my 1st p3 recorded

    118.0 pounds
    5/1 +2.1
    5/2 +.3 2.4 over 120.4 pounds
    5/3 - .4
    5/4 +1.2
    5/5 +1.6 120.4 pounds
    5/6 - .8 = 1.6 over LIW
    5/7 +8 = 2.4 over LIW. 120.4 pounds
    5/8 +1.6 = 4 over LIW. 122.0 pounds
    5/9 +1.6 = 5.6 over LIW 123.6 pounds
    5/10 -2.0 = 3.8 over LIW 121.6 pounds
    5/11- 1.2 ...

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  6. R2 VLCD#8 Down 2 more!!! 10 pounds for week 1. I'm so HAPPY.

    Phew made it through week 1 with a 10 pound loss. I'm so loving this plan. Round 2 is so much easier. Just knowing what to eat without constantly reading my Pounds and Inches everyday.

    Biggest helper this time around.

    1. Preparing the HCG chicken broth is a LIFE saver. So easy to throw together a pot of soup, no concern whether there's an ingredient in it that may cause a gain...like the "flavoring" ingredient on the label of those FF broths in the ...

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  7. About to crack!!!!!!!

    by , May 14th, 2011 at 05:10 AM (Flyin' into the New Year in style!)
    205.8/183.8/170 R2 P2 D6

    I'm about to lose it, I GAINED overnight and it's complete crap!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't cheat, followed protocol and I'm gaining? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! About to get a divorce on top of it cause I'm losing it and being a crabby witch!!! Gonna hurt somebody today! Lucky me get to go to work like this yea me....
  8. New here, help me count!

    So excited to find a little community! I started on Activator on May 7, it was a load day, and a Saturday. I loaded through Monday afternoon, and Tuesday was an egg day (couldn't bring myself to eat more chicken after loading up on it!). So is "Day 1" the day I start the VLCD or is Day - my load day?

    Assuming Day 1 was my first load day, I am down 6 pounds in 6 days! I gained 3 pounds loading, but they are all gone. I haven't felt hungry in a few days (and when my ...
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  9. Fear

    So today I faced a fear that I've had since I started this diet, clothes! At the beginning of every semester I have a bunch of new clothes and inevitably they get sent to the back of my closet within 3 months because I've gained 20 or so pounds...I had yet to wear any of those pants from the back of the closet, that was until today. In all honesty I had no choice, my "fat" jeans were in the hamper. My biggest fear was that despite losing the 30 lb's, I wasn't as small as everyone has been ...

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  10. Gone with the Weight, After HCG: A Tale of Thee HCG-ers

    There are three of us who went on HCG and were dramatically successful.
    I've told you my tale of the toll and I've eluded to my friends' results. Now, I'll give a quick update:

    1.) Friend Best: She's moved to a new strategy: Atkins. Upon the suggestion of another friend, she has dedicated her maintenance efforts toward a high protein, low carb diet. . . and boy is she having a ball with the full-fat-frenzy! She is absolutely loving the bacon, meat and cheese (with no carbs). ...