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  1. Day 6 and struggling!

    I mixed my hcg up wrong so I just threw it out and restarted a new batch. Does anyone else come up short sometimes when filling the shots? I think I was way ove 150. Should I skip tomarrow? Will I still loose if I skip? I gained .2 this morning but I didn't have a bm and I just felt like I wasn't going to loose. Yesterday I was great really energetic not really hungry. I just don't get it. Please any advice is really appreciated!!!!
  2. Early skip day - good sign? Bad sign? Not a sign? VLCD 4

    VLCD4, and it feels like I've been at it forever. Haha. In a good way, though, like it's already back to being a habit. I woke up 1.2lbs down, thankfully. That puts me at almost one pound over LIW from last round.

    I was absolutely ravenous yesterday. As I told a friend, I was so hungry I could've clubbed a baby seal and eaten it raw. It was pretty bad. I didn't deviate or cheat, but it was difficult. For me, it's a little early in the round to have to adjust a dose, but maybe ...
  3. R2 vlcd 3

    Well a little disappointed, I have only lost 1.5 lbs...I know, I know in 2 days down a 1.5 lbs. Last time, I was down close to 3.2 in 2 days....boohoo. I did not get my water in yesterday and barely got my calories. 9pm last night, I grabbed a handful of sliced chicken breast and 1/2 of an apple and I did make it to 503 caloric intake. When it is on paper, I see so many things I did wrong...LOL.

    I have already had 33 oz of water, plan to finish my food intake by 6pm. We will ...
  4. Taking a New Road

    We meet again, HCG.

    This isnt my first rodeo. Several years ago, I trailed this path and lost 25lbs in 40 days.



    I was a wreck. I was mentally starving. I was obsessive. I was mean. I was a real treat to be around. And after my hard earned pounds were lost, I gained most of them back. I stayed at a 15lb loss for a while, then started working and going to school full time and the thunder thighs returned.
    This time, Im ...
  5. Neurotic

    Down 2.9lbs today, for a total of 6.1lbs in two days. Still have two more pounds to go to get back to LIW. Ugh. Trying to stay positive, but worrying. Usually I'm not a worrier. But I'm a decent record keeper and I like to look and see where I'm at compared to this time a while back. And looking through the notes from my lats couple rounds... They're both almost identical - from how much I lost on each day, to which days I lost on and where there would be mini stalls. So if this round is ...
  6. What are with all the ADS?????

    I have been on and off this forum for four years and and never seen so many ad's and ****!!! What is going on here?
  7. Resetting my body and mind in the midst of choas.

    HCG is hard. It's not the diet nor the shots. It's the emotional eating and the addictions to food.

    My lowest weight was 95lbs, my highest weight was in the 240's. I used to be very fit at 135 and I felt healthier at that weight then when I was 95lbs. I have no desire to be under 130. I used to work out two hours a day six days a week and then my three year long engagement was called off. Shortly after that I found myself homeless. I was shattered, coupled with my PCOS, emotional ...
  8. Really people????

    Where are all the fun people who used to write on this blog????? That weight loss list was awesome!!! Take a SECOND and tell us all what you have lost. It is fun and it makes you feel great. Aren't you all proud? We are working hard....let's have a little fun while we are doing it.

    1 pound = a Guinea Pig
    1.5 pounds = a dozen Krispy Kreme glazed donuts
    2 pounds = a rack of baby back ribs
    3 pounds = an average human brain
    4 pounds = an ostrich egg ...
  9. R3P2D2 -3.4lbs

    VLCD 2. Woke up down 3.4lbs. While I'd almost always jump for joy in this case, I'm just kind of going about my day this time around. I'm a little miffed (in hindsight) that I let myself load dirty and put on more than 1-2lbs like I normally do when I load. It would have been great to start this round closer to my LIW from last right. But as of today, I'm 5lbs over LIW. Hopefully this week I'll get that off and then move on from there.

    During my rounds, I've always stayed POP. ...
  10. A second Quest - VLCW1 COMPLETE

    Disappointment when I woke up and weighed myself today.

    Results I only released .2 pounds again.

    Total week 1 loss (not-including load weight lost) -4.6 pounds and 3 inches. This is not what I was hoping for after a week. I will stick to protocol on week 2 and see if those little cheats were making a difference.

    Food pretty good day:

    Sliced apple
    Cinnamon & stevia
    I cooked the above in the microwave with a little ...