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  1. P2 Blahs = Recipe Reading & Kitchen Shopping

    It may sound a little strange, but... I get so, so much enjoyment out of grocery shopping and spending time in the kitchen cooking up new, fun things.

    Once I get into P2 (like now, 12 days in), I'm so bored in the kitchen I could just croak. It really kills me. Yes, I can still cook, but there are only so many ways to cook X amount of foods. I don't switch it up a lot because I know what works for me in P2 and I actually prefer things a little more plain during this phase (plus ...
  2. Ice cream :)

    Today I am on day 6, I am down 8 lbs!

    So far I haven't had any trouble with food cravings or hunger, but last night....
    I went to a friends birthday party. There was pizza
    But they also made an "ice cream bar." It was a cute idea, different ice creams to chose from, they even had ice creams for the lactose intolerant and a whole bunch of toppings. I kept myself in the corner with two of my friends who have Celiacs ( I know they wouldn't try to talk me ...
  3. A Second Quest - VLCW2 Complete

    Dismal - that is how I will describe my week 2 results. Down only 1 pound. WTF? Very discouraged. Did I cheat? Yes with 1T of peanut butter. Seriously. I am stuck at the same weight I got stuck on in my previous round.

    I am currently on VLCD 18 and I am only down 6.6 pounds total. The weight is not moving. I am down one pound so far in this week 3, so maybe the next 3 days will see me increase losses. I am going to Vegas in a few days and will have a planned interruption. ...
  4. Down another pound and skipping shot today.

    I have not had any fruit since friday and its been hard. I started the Tom yesterday and felt so weak and sick I didn't leave the couch. I am thinking of doing a half a grapefruit today. I want to switch it up so my body is like what. Bmi hoping it will help me loose. Fingers crossed. 23 pounds left to go.
  5. Screw you, asparagus.

    VLCD 12, gained 0.5. Had asparagus yesterday, which I don't normally do. Won't be doing that again.

    Absolutely fuming.

    Will relax soon.

    Screw you, asparagus. Screw you so hard.
  6. P2 vcld 9

    Finally had a good loss in a day 2 lbs!!! Maybe I am finally on track. This has been a very unusual round and think I am going to give a brief synopsis 10 days.

    Day 1. Weighed after 2 load days and lost 4 lbs. what happened? I ate big cheese burger, fryes and a large blizzard both days and much more. I weighed 2-3 times that morning????

    Day3-4 Good, but no great loss.

    Days 5-6 brillent idea, I hired the chef that was recommended by the clinic ...
  7. Blabber Mouth

    I have almost been on the diet for two weeks and it has gone pretty good. I had a slip-up during the first week I think which caused me to stall. However I kept going and realized that the small cheat was nothing more than a defeat. Anyways I have noticed small things like my clothes that were über tight are saggy now...I have released about 11pds in 12 days. I feel great and can't wait for the next 28 days to be over I also don't consume a gallon of water a day. I think I drink one cup why of ...
  8. Wahoo!!! *Doing the happy grapefruit dance*

    Happy day!! Happy day!! Happy day!!!

    In each of my other rounds, both grapefruit and oranges seemed to stall me out. Which leaves me THRILLED to report that today, a day after incorporating grapefruit into this round, I'm down 1.2lbs. Hurrah!!!! I'm seriously thrilled to death. It's the little things, people.

    So, today's new foray will be into asparagus. Not something that stalled me before, but something I never make on P2 because I generally only like it grilled ...
  9. Feeling great tonight. Still VLCD 10, added grapefruit.

    Today has been the best day of the round so far, physically speaking. I normally have an apple twice a day. I had a hankering for grapefruit today, so I switched out my afternoon apple for half a grapefruit. It was DELICIOUS.

    Aside from that, everything else today has been the same as every other day food-wise. I feel really good, actually lighter than yesterday, but I felt that way yesterday and woke up today to a gain.

    Looking forward to some variety tomorrow. ...
  10. VLCday 23...20 days to go-Oh My.

    I just took a minute and did the math 20 days to go, thats a lot of days yet. For some reason I was feeling like I was close to the end
    I think my problem is that I am very board with my food. This round I have only had tomatoes once and my first round I ate tomatoes just about every day. I read that most people have troubles with tomatoes and more trouble with combining tomatoes and beef so I decided I wanted the best round I could have and I should stop eating them. I might try ...