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  1. Ld2

    HI! Don't know if anyone will ever read this blog, but it's more for me anyway so here it goes...

    Yesterday was HARD!!

    About 16 total Oreos
    3 big glasses of milk
    1 20oz Mountain Dew
    1 32oz Root Beer
    1 chili cheese burrito
    2 5-layer burrito
    A million cheese doritos
    A banana
    Pasta salad
    Gummy worms

    I felt so full and gross by the time I laid down for bed, that I could've easily thrown ...
  2. Ph3 Day15 Need Help

    Weigh-in: 120lbs. That puts me over my range again. I did a steak day Saturday, brought me back to range, then yesterday I ate a normal amount of the foods I have been doing good on, added cottage cheese.....went over weight range again!

    Am I able to do a steak day again, so soon? Or should I break it up and do Fage w/all meat? How much of each??? I need help. I've worked really hard at staying in range, and not introducing new foods.....but now I'm gaining from what?? Water weight? ...
  3. P3d11

    Major diarrhea. ]I guess it's better than the opposite problem. I ate really well yesterday and will continue to avoid nuts till this clears up. I'm up .2 above ldw. *After going for like a hour last night I was up at 4am going and then again this morning. *Lots of gurgling and noises. *Yesterdays menu:

    Breakfast: *Sausage with scrambled eggs and cheese
    Lunch: *Burger with cheese and porkrines*
    Snack: *fresh pineapple and a peach, sugar free pudding, hunk of cheddar cheese ...
  4. VLCD Day 3

    Well, I'm down 5.2 lbs in 3 days .. not to shabby.

    I started at 199.6, then went up to 201.1 during my loading days and now I'm down t 194.4

    I've been at this weight recently so it's not a huge wow moment for me right now but if things keep progressing and I see an 180 type number I'm going to be SO excited!

    I was a bit worried about yesterday cause I had a starbucks drink that I'm pretty sure had 70 calories when I thought it had 0 but I still had a ...
  5. Phase 3, Day 21

    Day 21 - Sunday, June 5, 2011 - 157.0lbs


    Almost back to the 156es. I'll eat clean today and hopefully tomorrow I will be back down to my LDW!

    For breakfast, I made eggs (and toast for my brother and sister) and had a big glass of milk. They came to church with me and when we got home we had leftover quesadillas! I had a big salad with mine and they finished off the black beans and rice. We decided to take a nap after lunch because for some reason ...
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  6. Loading results and starting VLCD1

    Starting VLCD1

    This weekend I loaded and felt like such a pig. I specifically had soda with each carb-filled/low-protein meal, in hopes that I will have some major glycogen stores built in my liver through the first couple days. I have pretty much been between 1.4-2lbs above my previous LDW (165.6), that puts me at 167-167.6. This morning I woke up to 172.6 (OMGOSH!!!!). So my total loading was 5lbs from this weekend.

    After I saw the scale this morning, I had visions ...
  7. R1p1d1

    Loading Day One was crazy! All day, the anticipation of what I was going to eat was psyching my mind out. I've been trying so hard to eat healthier that my body is like NOOOOO when it sees fattening food, haha. Plus, I had to work in the morning, and I, like a dummy, forgot to take my drops with me to work so my schedule was all out of whack. Here's what it looked like.

    7:00 AM - Drops, Weigh - in at 201.2.
    8:00 AM - Starbucks medium peppermint white chocolate mocha (with the ...
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  8. VLC Day 1


    254.4 (doctor's office)
    249.0 R1P1D1
    248.0 RAP1D2
    250.0 R1P2D1

    As expected, I am up 1.2 pounds from yesterday morning. I loaded yesterday quite well, thank you.

    My menu plan for today:

    4:30 a.m.
    Several Coffee with Sweet-n-Low (I already miss my cream)

    10:30 a.m.
    1 3-inch apple

    1:00 p.m.
    3.5 ounces cooked shrimp
    6 ounces lettuce
    Homemade vinaigrette dressing ...

    Updated June 7th, 2011 at 02:23 AM by skepticalme

  9. (VLCD33)- THAT'S IT! I QUIT! 9 days early...Off to P3!

    Sunday June 5,2011

    Yes, I did it. I finally quit my drops....9 days early. After puking green stuff (Excorcist flashback), I decided to quit. I have been feeling so sick to my stomach these last 4 days (puking twice). It always starts in the AfterNoon and ends in the evening. Crazy! I believe it is mainly due to not having much food in my stomach. I had got so sick (literally) of the foods I was eating and reverted to intaking mostly Protein Shakes. Tired of that too now and ...

    Updated June 5th, 2011 at 11:15 PM by aliyah7

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  10. P3-Here Goes Nothin'!!

    Well, tonight is my last night on P2, tomorrow morning, I am having eggs for breakfast! Yahoo! It really is the little things in life! I have read and researched and think I have a plan and know what I am supposed to do, but we will see what happens.
    Was scared for three whole days without hcg, thought today might be tough. But even with all the yardwork and chores we have been working on, no big issues. It has been quite warm, our first real warm days this year, so working hard in ...