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  1. FFF Day Question

    If I need a steak day....the FFF day is the other option right?

    Correct me if I'm wrong:

    FFF DAy, starting at Noon eat:

    -32oz Full Fat Greek Yogurt (or 32 oz 2% + 12 TB heavy cream)
    -8oz berries
    -as much water as I want

    And this is supposed to cause a major loss, just like steak days? Just curious how much people have been able to lose by doing this? It sounds like heaven!! lol I think a steak day will be okay too...just ...
  2. Protien pancakes

    Protein Pancakes w/ strawberry topping

    4 Egg whites
    1 scoop Protein powder
    Dash cinnamon
    Stevia (to taste)
    4-5 strawberries

    Blend all ingredients (Except strawberries) in blender and when it is fluffy pour in non-stick pan to cook like pancake. Turn when underside is brown. For dressing, blend strawberries and stevia in blender and pour on top. Makes 2 good size pancakes
  3. Terminology

    I'm new to all this and plan to start loading next monday, since I've yet to receive my drops in the mail. I'm stumped on some of the acronyms that people are posting. Can someone help me?
  4. Stats at 2 weeks

    Rd 1
    Post Load 139
    LIW 116.2

    Rd 2
    Post Load 126
    VLCD 1 126
    VLCD 2 121.8 (-4.2)
    VLCD 3 119.3 (-2.5)
    VLCD 4 118.0 (-1.3)
    VLCD 5 118.0 (-0)
    VLCD 6 116.5 (-1.5)
    VLCD 7 116.8 (+0.3) -9.2 Week 1.
    VLCD 8 115.5 (-1.3)
    VLCD 9 114.8 (-0.7)
    VLCD 10 115.3 (+0.5)
    VLCD 11 114.6 (-0.8)
    VLCD 12 116.6 (+2) Ribs last nite...
    VLCD 13 115.8 (-0.8)
    VLCD 14 114.4 (-1.4) ...
  5. Off the wagon with a piece of Turkey Bologna!

    Good gracious - the first day I break protocol and I choose a slice of TURKEY BOLOGNA???! What is wrong with me!?!?! Today is VLCD17.

    Maybe b/c TOM is right around the corner, but I am really starting to fix for Doritos (never eat those!), bologna and cheese sandwiches, and popcorn!!! I thought the bologna would satisfy my hunger (more hungry than usual today) but my stomach is growling (totally out of character!!!). Expecting a gain I near the end of R1P2.
  6. VLCD 25...having another 3 day day?

    So thinking about doing an apple day tomorrow...can anyone tell me how that works exactly, and if it has worked for you?

    Tags: apple day, stall
  7. Ph3 d3

    Went from 116.5 to 118lbs this morning. But if you read my blog from last night I am doing a dance inside. Pretty good feeling knowing I can make a few mistakes, and still stay in range. I do want to focus on consuming most of my calories before 5pm today. I do have a special treat planned for a high school girls movie night: greek yogurt w/blueberries. BUT...other then that, i'm having a pretty laid back eating day. Will even try to skip snacks today, and drink extra water. I just don't want to ...
  8. Cabbage Rice/Noodle Alternative Recipe

    Quote Originally Posted by NESSAPARENT View Post
    Its a recipe I found on the hcg cookbook that was floating around the forums, They are delicious!! I just made the italian ones today and they were even better than the mexican. Here is the recipe:

    Cabbage Rice/Noodle Alternative
    - 1 head of cabbage finely chopped into rice sized or noodle size pieces
    Your choice of spices
    1 cup chicken, vegetable broth or water

    �� Mexican rice style
    1 cup chicken or vegetable
  9. Feeling great!

    Down .8 today and weigh 148.4. When I see a good loss on the scale, it sets my mood for the whole day and puts me in a great mood. I'm kind of hoping that I hit 145 by Sunday. We are having a family picnic/reunion and I would love to be able to say that I now weigh 145. I love how great I feel and love that it affects everything else I do. So, the next few days will be very low key eating and watching my counts. However, yesterday I did eat a Morningstar Farms spicy black bean burger for dinner. ...
  10. Words of Encouragement!


    This is what I say to myself anytime I feel tempted and it really works for me! Hope this helps all of you like it has for me! Good luck in your journey!!