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  1. VLCD22- Survived WEEK 3. WOOT!! So tired of this FOOD though!!

    Tuesday May 24, 2011 -

    Made it through another week. Wow! I can't believe I've made it this far. So far, so good. I am still happy with my weight loss.
    I have lost a total of: 16.8 lbs (this does not include loading lbs).

    My body has changed alot. In this past 3 weeks:
    -I've lost almost 1.5" off my waist.
    - 2.5" from my stomach
    -1.5" from my thighs

    This week, visually, I can see my face has slimmed ...
  2. P3 - day 5 Still teetering on the edge!

    Weighed myself this morning and was right at 118.0... Even after all that protein yesterday!

    I think I can explain the mystery in 3 little letters: TOM!!! yup, this morning. Why??? Why now???

    So, I am continuing with another high protein day. Ate chicken all day and then freaked out around my evening tea time. Cheated again with a little piece of my 90 sec. Muffin... It wasn't even that good!

    Here's what I had today:

    Breakfast: tea ...
  3. Why can't people keep their negative comments to themselves

    I guess I shouldn't tell people I'm on the HCG diet, but I feel since I am doing so well why not share it. I just get so sick of people saying your just going to gain it all back. Well of course with any diet you will gain your weight back if you don't do the maintance program properly. Their are plenty of people on this site who have successfully lost there weight and kept it off. I'm not worried about being able to keep it off, because I plan on doing the maintance part to a tee, and not eating ...
  4. Who would've thunk the words big and loser would give me such a thrill and goosies!!

    I don't want to be big and who want's to be a loser, but to be the BIGGEST LOSER especially amongst those viscious women I work with (let's face it, working with women period is rough, women are a wiley and viscious crowd if given the opportunity to show their true selves). This weeks loss was..... drum roll..... 6.1 lbs. That means since Saturday morning, I have lost..... another drum roll please..... 2.8 lbs. !!! EVEN with my MAJOR cheating disaster!!! HOLY MOOLEY! All together this is.... ...
  5. Hello greek yogurt!!

    Why have I never met you before???

    I spooned a large dallop of greek yogurt with fresh cold blueberries and a shake of stevia into a bowl.....sat out back in the sun when the kids got on the bus. My first bite was like an explosion of nommi-ness!!! Why have I never tried this before? Because the high fat content. Learning that fats aren't always my enemy...this is definitely a new friend! I packed some up with my lunch I took to my friends...we shared a bowl, and when the kids got ...
  6. How do you keep yourself from giving up?

    Quote Originally Posted by Soon2BSlim View Post
    I'm only on VLCD3 and I do really well during the day, but at nighttime (after dinner) I keep asking myself why I am doing this. I'm hoping this gets easier and that the cravings diminish. I thought about eating the sofa or one of the dogs last!
    I know how you feel. I have been at this for a month. I did great the first couple of weeks. Now, I do great during the week, then when the weekend comes I feel famished, and the cravings are really bad. Unfortunately ...
  7. P3 d2 I am messing up days in this Phase

    I woke up to 179.4 and to TOM. I was naughty yesterday and had some carrot cake. Dang I love cream cheese frosting! I also had one slice of pizza and a few honey hot wings at baseball party last night. I hear about folks doing a fff day (full fat fage) so I am trying that today.

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  8. P2 - Warm Apple Cinnamon Crunch

    by , May 24th, 2011 at 02:54 PM (Droping the Body Fat - Adam's Journey)
    Quote Originally Posted by snowdragonusa View Post
    Warm Apple Cinnamon Crunch

    1 Apple diced
    1 TBS fresh ground Cinnamon
    6 - 12 drops Stevia (original flavor)
    1/4 cup hot water
    1 Melba toast crushed

    Place diced apple into microwave-safe bowl. Add cinnamon and stevia to taste. Add hot water. Cover the bowl with paper towel to keep moisture in the bowl while heating. Microwave on high for 2.5 minutes. Carefully remove towel and stir apples well. Cover and let cool for 2 -3 minutes. Sprinkle Melba
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  9. Onward and downward :-)

    Only down .4 again today, but I'll take it since I'm doing this vegetarian and quite rogue. Beggers can't be choosers. So, I was planning on doing a planned interruption for 3 days next weekend because it's my "birthday weekend". My birthday is Wednesday June 8th, so my friends are taking me out to dinner on Saturday the 4th. But, instead of doing 3 days, I'm only going to do one day because I want to do a planned interruption for this Sunday. It's my Dad's side of the family's annual ...
  10. A scare… then my weight is down…then up…then slightly down…

    Last Friday I realized it was time for new jeans. 90% of everything in my closet looks sloppy on me these days. So I went shopping and was standing in line. Suddenly, I got an overwhelming feeling of anxiety (pulse racing), nausea (tickle in the tummy) and dizziness. I carefully set down my intended purchases and went to my car….I was REALLY nervous driving home, thought I might pass out. The rest of the evening the symptoms persisted. Saturday afternoon I went onto the forum, and with the ...