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  1. It's Been SEVEN YEARS...

    So it's been SEVEN YEARS since I did the hcg diet - almost exactly to the day. I thought I'd post to encourage others that the hcg journey does not end at the end of P4. It is a lifestyle change to eat healthy, to be mindful of what you eat, and how much you eat. I learned a lot about food, metabolism, and making healthy choices the first time around in 2011.

    You're probably asking, "So did you keep the weight off?" The answer is yes, for the most part. I have never "dieted" ...
  2. I'm reluctantly back on the HCG wagon

    Hello there,

    This is going to be a long one so buckle in!

    When I wake up on Saturday, I will start attempt number 376 at P1. I'm committed, but I'm not happy about it. I'll get over that.
    Some background:
    After loosing almost 100 lbs 7 years ago and keeping most of it off for 5 years, the last 2.5 years have seen a series of transitions, life, family and career stresses (including a major surgery) that led to me gaining about 60lbs. In the past two years ...
  3. Headache

    Quote Originally Posted by 2livelife View Post
    Hello I hope you are doing well. Today is my first day on my new eating plan. I did the 2 day loading period. One day at a time! my current weight is 160.7lbs the most I have weighed in my life. God give me strength!
  4. Lovely Losers - Fabulous, Feisty and Fierce in February!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sunshinehcg View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by tracy View Post
    Wendy, I looked for info on the FB page in files to learn about the Fat Fast but couldn't find anything. Is there a link you could share? Thanks!


    Not sure how well it works at the moment!!!

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  5. Sermorelin - Can anyone tell me about this...saw it on Diet Doc

    I read about this on the Diet Doc, does anyone know what it is used for, if it is safe and if anyone uses it, is it a continuous supplement

  6. Grammy's Inflammation Smoothie

    Quote Originally Posted by Leez View Post
    Can you think of anything that changed before the big rise? Started a new supplement, had a night of bad sleep, extra stress?

    You could try grammy's inflammation smoothie to try to get the bloat weight down:

    1/2 cucumber
    2 stalks celery
    1 inch knob of fresh ginger
    1 whole lime

    Blend with some water and drink it either as the first meal of the day or the last.

    One of our posters here uses it instead of a steak day,
  7. Anyone in Los Angeles - March 2018???

    LA | SoCal People, are you out there??!!!
  8. My HCG Journey/Stats

    Old Sig:

    ]02/28/12: R1: 219.6lb ~ LDW: 183.6lbs = -36lbs
    02/01/13: R2: 185lb ~ LDW: 149.4lbs = 35.6lbs
    01/11/14: R3: 180.2lbs ~ VLCD51 LDW:146.8 = -33.4lbs
    08/28/15: Baby Boy @ 9.3lbs
    01/04/16: R4: 220.0lbs ~ VLCD37 LDW: 189.4lbs = -30.6lbs 03/21/16: R5: 189.6 lbs ~ VLCD45 LDW: 161.4 Lbs = -28.2 lbs 09/06/16: R6: 175.6lbs ~ VLCD31 LDW: 151.6 = -24lbs
    01/09/17: R7: 172.6lbs ~ VLCD24 LDW: 152.2 ~ 2WK PI 09/18/17: R8: 181lbs ~ VLCD23 LDW: 159 = -22lbs ...
  9. Ready to get after it! P1d2

    Ok after a rough start with hhcg drops I'm ready to tackle this!.

    I'll weigh tomorrow & that will be p2d1 of 26 days of drops.

    I tried the last 20 days using the 2.0 protocol but craved so much sugar that I was constantly using sugar alcohols which hurt my gut & my loses.

    I'm scared of apples. I'm going to start with berries.

    I really hope I'm under 157 tomorrow, but we'll see.
  10. Guidelines for a successful P3

    Clinics and diet centers often mislead people about how to stabilize in P3. If you are using a clinic that tells you to just increase portions of P2 foods, or to ramp up calories slowly over the 3 weeks, they are giving you very bad advice. More people have problems in P3 by eating too little than eating too much.

    P3 is not ever about low fat or counting calories. It is about lots of good healthy fats right away, and about throwing everything you "know" about calories out the window. ...