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  1. VLCD Holy @#$&!!!

    Today started out with a 1.5 lb weight gain.. So I resolved to get back strictly OP immediately. Yesterday I was cooking steak for the week, and I couldn't stop taking bites. Then I was unable to sleep so went downstairs and had a snack which I should not have had.

    I was ony way into work this morning, driving down the highway, when BANG the hood of my car flew open! So I had to peek through the teeny sliver of space at the bottom and pull over. I ended up pushing the hood closed ...
    Round 4
  2. Vlcd #3

    And today, a loss of 1 lb. Not bad after three days. Often after the two day "big drop" when I start, I then come to a near-full stop and only lose .2 - .5 a day for a week.

    Yesterday was difficult. Around 10AM my boss comes in with a pizza box. He plunks it on the shelf in front of my desk, and opens it. 1 dozen gourmet donuts. Each one massive and all kinds of special flavors, bourbon salted caramel, maple bacon, espresso, dark chocolate frosting, you name it. ...
    Round 4
  3. VCLD #2 Results**

    Yesterday I got thrown a curve ball. I went to the doctor's because I have not stopped coughing since I caught a cold around New Year's. Apparently it has turned into a sinus infection. As the doctor typed the doxycycline script into the computer, she rattled off a list of conditions: Must eat with this medication, must take yogurt or a probiotic. All the time I'm thinking "program, program, program" like how the heck am I going to work the program?

    I decided to go ...
    Round 4
  4. And the results of the first day are...

    4.5 lbs lost! Hooray!! Yesterday was strictly OP with only two small deviations, my standard almond milk in the coffee, and no melba toast in the house. So I had one piece of wasa crispbread after dinner. The time from 8:30 to 11AM was rough, I was really really hungry. My guess is it takes a while for the hCG to kick in after injection.

    As a side note, I had a hard time falling asleep last night. It was really hard to not go down and get a glass of milk or a snack of some ...
    Round 4
  5. Round 4, VLCD #1

    Today is the kick-off day to my round 4. To memorialize things, this morning the batteries on the scale were not in correctly. When I put them back in the scale, the scale didn't even turn on. So I *THINK* I gained 8 lbs on loading, but am not sure. I think my starting weight after loading is 174 but again, not sure. Today after work I'm going to stop by the grocery store and get some Smooth Move Tea and some new batteries. Also I'm going to try to get my husband to measure me so I can track ...
  6. And so it begins

    Starting weight 218.8 (20 pounds lighter than I expected because my clothes are feeling so tight) but also the most I've ever weighed not being pregnant.

    Loading today and tomorrow - even though I am on antibiotics - I feel fine (other than a headache this morning) and I just can't wait until I'm done, because then I'll have my period, and have to wait again. I feel psychologically ready and need to get on with it.

    Using drops. I did injections the last time. Hoping ...
  7. Aniebee daily hcg blog😊

    So I'm keeping myself accountable with my daily blog!

    Vlcd 3

    Starting post load 156
    Current: 152.6

    Going with an under 800 calorie diet. Did 500 for two days & super tired & weak. Skipped my dose today since I've been super hungry all day every day. A bit better so far!

    I'm using numedical pellets- big mistake!! So hard to modify dose, I'm at 3/4 pellet/ day so far. After today will make it 1/2 each day with the 800 calorie ...
  8. Day 6 HCG/B12 Injection

    Day 6
    Injection 6:25am
    Dec 16 (6th weigh in -0.8 lbs) (B) coffee, 1 tbsp SF hazelnut creamer, 1pk truvia, 1oz smoked brisket, 6tsp liquid eqq white (L) 3oz smoked turkey, 1cup collard greens, 4oz cucumber (D) 3oz grilled shrimp, 1cup cabbage, 1pc melba toast, 1tbsp hummus, 1/2 grapefruit (Total water 128 oz) 504 calories (E) 30 min CIZE workout, 100 squats
  9. My HCG Journey Started Sunday Dec 11 2016

    I decided on Dec 2, 2016 to try the HCG diet for a 2nd time! My first time was Sept 13, 2015 and I was successful (lost 40 lbs) but I gave up 3 days after my last injection. I ask myself, what in me thinks that I am not going to give up this time? I mean, I see the vision (me being a smaller size) but I can't make it to the finish line. Dec 3rd and 4th, I started doing research on hcgdietinfo.com and I decide to use New Edge Health. Dec 5th, I even made a grocery list and went to the store and picked ...
  10. GiGy Winter 2016 VLCD7

    SW: 273.6
    CW: 268.6
    GW: 253.6
    Dn: -5.0

    Today is VLCD7 and I am down 5 pounds. That is one-quarter of the way to my Round Goal! Lovin it! Today I'm going on a ladies trip and will have to be careful to stick to plan. But when you wake up to a loss, it's easier to stay on plan!

    Peace Out!