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  1. P3 Day 2 (yesterday)

    WEEK 1 (VLCD 1-8), -9, 179LBS..........WEEK 2 (VLCD 9-15), -4, 175
    WEEK 3 (VLCD 16-22), -3.4, 171.6.......WEEK 4 (VLCD 23-29), -1.6, 170
    WEEK 5 (VLCD 30-36), -5.6, 164.4........WEEK 6 (VLCD 37-43), -3.0, 161.4
    WEEK 7 (VLCD 44-50), -2.8, 158.6......WEEK 8 (VLCD 51-57), -4.4, 154.2
    VLCD 58-P3D1> -1.4, 152.8
    LDW 153.4
    P3D1 (a.m.) > 152.8; P3D2>153; P3D3>153.4
    ************************************************* ...
  2. First day of loading

    so im excited yet nervous at the same time im currently 180 as of this am and i need to get down to 130 with this new diet i see a lot of good results in the forum so i hope that i will be one of the man losers but i guess trying new things can be scary
  3. VLCD25 slower than a lethargic turtle

    The steak day broke the stall, down one pound finally. Upping my protein this week to see if that helps. Trying Jay Robb this morning. Pretending I'm drinking egg nog with cinnamon. Also trying some yerba mate. I keep telling myself I can do this for another two weeks. I think it may depend on my work schedule and how fast it heats up outside. Water intake is critical in the desert heat and it's hard to keep up with it on hot days. I bought some Ultima replenisher electrolyte powder. But, just ...
  4. Changed drops... New symptoms!

    I changed drops this week because I ran out of my old ones. The new drops are from GreenWeb because several people on here suggested them. Here's the thing, I'm having all the symptoms that everyone talked about in the first week. I never had the hunger or the headaches or the "I really need to rest" feeling, Until now! I'm on day 36! So, I'm really confused now. I was going to extend my time a little to try to get to the halfway mark. But, I've had gains the past two days (very ...
  5. Cant figure out, Protocol or interuption!

    Quote Originally Posted by doni View Post
    Hi and Good morning,
    Yes i need a three day break for a function. I am undecided what to do. I am at day 30 and am still losing well. The Question is, would it be better,( weight wise) to go to p3 for a few days and then go back on protocol for a few weeks, OR stay on protocol, have a few glasses of wine, and take my licks on weight gain. Cant seem to make up my mind what would be better...
  6. Loss and getting close

    Last night was rough I wanted to eat the cake at my sons pre graduation party. He is graduating High school in may. but it payed off I lost .8 this morning. Getting close to 120. My goal is 115 might not make that, actually probably won't have 11 more days till p3 and 9 more injection days. I am short 5'2 1/2 I say 5'3 lol.

    Good thing is I get my vials in today finally, so I can make another new batch of HCg a fresh bath for the end. Hope that can help push me to a victory of my ...
  7. Vlcd3

    Woke to 213.6 today. That's 4lbs today. I weighed twice to make sure it's right. How is that even possible? Maybe I'm not eating enough? I've been a bit hungry in the evening and had slight headaches. I'm not starving in the mornings though. Should I up my vegetables? I've been weighing everything.

    My Two Meals a day consist of:
    3.5 lean beef or chicken
    3,5 vegetables (celery, cucumbers, onions, lettuce)
    3.5 fruit ( apples and strawberries)
  8. R1 / P2 / VLCD 13 - 1.6 loss is crazy...

    I have been experimenting with my meals lately. Trying to stave off the boredom. I think the experimenting has kicked in my weight loss again. I had the Jay Robb 2 days ago. Here was my menu from yesterday:

    Breakfast (8am): Hot Apple Cider Tea with Truvia

    Snack: oops. No time

    Lunch (noon): 4 oz cottage cheese, 1 cucumber (pickled and seasoned), 1 melba

    Snack: oops. Forgot to bring an apple

    Dinner (6:30): 100g lean steak, ...
  9. Next week I will have a bigger releases. PERIOD.

    5'5" Medium Frame
    Started March 6, 2011
    LDW - 186.6
    W1 : (-9.2)
    W2 : (-2.4) TOM
    W3 : (-2.8)
    W4 : (-1.6)
    W5 : (-4.2)
    W6 : (-0.8)
    VLCD36 : 166.0 (-0)
    VLCD37 : 165.8 (-.2)
    VLCD38 : 165.2 (-.6)
    VLCD39 : 165.2 (-0)
    VLCD40 : APPLE DAY (epic fail)
    VLCD41 : 165.2 (-0)
    VLCD42 : 165.2 (-0) ...
  10. Sigh, a .4 again. . . . but what a wonderful opportunity to test my Yerba Mate day

    I woke up to a .4loss again today. For some reason I thought it would be much better than that , I felt so much skinnier. I didn't have any grissini yesterday because of the cottage cheese, which I think should be a rule. I'm trying to stay optimistic, so today I'm going to retest my theory that Yerba Mate breaks slow losses for me. I feel like I actually lost more than that .4 and it hasn't left my body. May have to try a Smooth Move to get things going, LOL.

    In about 5lbs I will ...