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  1. Thursday 04/21/2011 - R1/P2/VLC/D28

    04/21/2011 - Woke up to -2lbs!!!!!!!!! Indeed a very GOOD morning!!!

    I did mini steak day yesterday plus detox bath to see if I could break the stall I caused myself by cheating.... and YES! IT WORKED!!!!! Lost 2lbs! Now off to stay on track & in protocol.

    Early lunch/late breakfast:
    Chicken soup


    grilled chicken, green beans, & strawberries

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  2. day one phase 2

    Can I get any hungrier? Well I did my green tea this am and for lunch at about 12:45 I had a plum tomato with salt pepper and distilled vinager and a baked piece of tilapia I just had a snack of a cup of strawberries and I swear I feel famished. Ill have dinner about 4:45 because I have to coach my daughters soccer team this evening. My weight ended up at 183.6 I definitely had a field day loading smh. But today is a new day. By the way I have been heading to the rr a bunch lol it must be the hcg ...
  3. Not losing in thighs/hip area... please help!

    Quote Originally Posted by Newestmommie View Post
    "crazy bad" I'll use that as my motivation eat healthy. So next round I really need RX? Can you recommend a safe site to purchase from?
    I could really use the name of a safe site to purchase injectable from. Did anyone reply to you? Thanks so much. If anyone knows a good source of sublingual I would be open to that too.
  4. Vlcd 11

    Boo.. I woke up with only a .2 loss. bummer. Well on a good note that makes it 9.8 lbs down! I decided i wasnt very hungry so i only had a peice of chicken and an apple for lunch and i was fine. after work i had some more chicken and some asparagus.. hopefully tomorrow is a better day. I did buy some cottage cheese to try and switch in place of my protein. I prob wont try that till tomorrow or the next day. goodnight.
  5. No Loss ! Newbiee :(

    Hey Guys.

    I am on the HCG drops Day 5 meaning Day 3 of the actual diet.
    But, I have experienced no loss today.!
    Overall for the two days of dieting I have lost 6 pounds.
    Today the scale said I had gained .5 pounds and after re-weighing myself
    again in disbelief it said I was back to normal with no .5 loss.
    I am just wondering, if I should have an apple day today, due to possibly
    gaining .5lbs or possibly losing 0lbs today.
    I am ...
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  6. VLCD27 or so?

    Not sure what day I'm on I'll have to add up the days before/after the break to know for sure.

    I skipped weighing yesterday since I was doing a little loading.....I'm down to 131lbs this morning. Was 134lbs on Monday....Overall I feel like I'm adjusting back to Ph2 well.

    I can recognize when a craving is hitting me, and I just keep myself busy and don't give any thought to it. This is the kind of training I need! I am almost done with my first bottle, and I am wondering ...
  7. LIW 160.0, The Truth is better than a lie.

    I had to attend court this morning. My mission for this last 40 days was to release.
    My anxious fears were way worse than the reality of the day.
    The scale displayed 158.9 than 160.0 on several attempts. So which number is my LIW?
    Going with 160.0, and it feels good. I thought I had to be in the 150s to feel successful.
    Nope, I am happy to say "I am 160.0, Hear me Roar!"

    Total Releases R1P2VLCD40: 28.4lbs

    see you in P3 ...

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  8. In my 72 hours

    Well, I'm testing every morning now to check if the tests come out positive or negative. Whats weird is the other day I got a positive, yesterday a negative and today a positive again. Weird! I'm using this to be able to start eating on Saturday. I don't want to rush into eating so soon and gain, even though I would love to have some scrambled eggs, lol.

    Todays weigh in was 128.6. Not bad. I've been doing pretty well. Hopefully p3 will be just as good to me.

    Yesterday ...
  9. Damn you, almond butter for being delicious

    Damn you, almond butter!

    Well after holding really well for a week P3 gave me a whack. Three days ago I added almonds 50 raw almonds, no gain), then the next day I had almond butter mixed with my yogurt (deliciousness) and experienced a 1lb gain. Now, that gain could have been from eating late, lack of BM, and the ranch dressing. So yesterday, even though I was up a pound, I snuck a little taste of almond butter again….. and alas this morning I am up another half a pound.
  10. VLCD27 drastic measures

    So yesterday I was feeling especially frustrated with the prospect of about two more weeks of this VLCD stuff. The hunger is not usually an issue now. For me it's the balancing of activity, water intake and endurance at work. So, I had an especially active morning carrying and lifting 20 flats of plants from a staging area into a greenhouse and then getting them displayed. All before 10AM. So, I knew I was just going to run out of steam if I didn't take some drastic measures at lunch. I decided ...