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  1. Back in the saddle (again!)

    I'm starting another round of HCG drops and as I was checking out my blog posts from way back in 2011 (I've done a few rounds since then, but not with the same success) I thought I journal this round again as I think it helps me stay on track.

    I did a round the year before last where I got quite close to my previous weight and but I didn't sustain it, that's the test for me.

    So today is R5 Loading Day 2 and I need to get more calories in as I haven't eaten a bunch. I didn't ...
  2. Week one

    Hi Folks!


    Out here trying my best. Having difficulty with hair products, I think. LOVE my Maui Hair Mask, but it may have cost me some pounds. I am also trying to include a probiotic, vitamin C, and K and Mg as I had pretty bad leg cramps early on. I am also trying to use PUR gum. Since I only lost 0.5 lbs yesterday I am curious WHAT did it. I see that so many people lose a great deal of weight the first week and I am not sure I did as well ...
  3. Not loosing the load weight

    Gained 8 lbs on load days. Yesterday was day 1 on P2. This morning I woke up to only a 0.8lbs loss. Is this normal. Feeling very sad.
  4. Coffee on Apple day


    I am doing an apple day today. I am dying to have coffee. Is this okay to do?

  5. Help - stalled and want to end

    Hi All,

    As background, HCG has literally CHANGED my life. It's changed how I feel about myself, food and really taught me discipline. I started this diet 3 years ago weighing 150 pounds and realizing that I felt so unhealthy and needed to get it together.

    Fast forward, I maintained most of the weight but was getting married last year and wanted to shed extra pounds so decided to do round 2; losing about 10 pounds and ending at 108. Now fast forward another year, I maintanced ...
  6. Starting round 3

    Starting Round 3 today (10/31/17). I just finsished 6 weeks of Phase 3 and did really well, and stayed within my last drop weight. I only did a steak day/correction day once and was eating around 1800 calories per day without any exercise. It feels great to have 35 lbs off, bought a few pairs of new jeans and work pants since everything was falling off of me. I was size 18/20 in pants and dresses and size 2xl in tops for the past 6 years (starting weight was 227 Lbs). Now after 2 long rounds, ...
  7. day 1 vlcd

    day one is going ok. I am telling myself this is a mental challenge and I can step up to the plate. I want to feel beautiful and comfortable in my own body so I have to lose this weight
  8. Sigh back again at one of the heaviest I've ever been. But I have the motivation now

    Today is day 2 of loading, but I won't lie I've been. on. a food rollercoaster of junk for 2wks and I can feel it. on the plus though I've kept up my workout routine.

    I know you're not supposed to start during that time of the month but really I could care less, I wanna start now so I'm starting now.
  9. Ended P2 in the Best and the Worst of Ways

    I started my first hCG journey September 1st, 2017 with injections from Nu Image (46 day round.) Struggled for the first few days to find my proper dose and not be hungry. 125iu seemed to be my sweet spot, although as I was nearing the end of my round did experience a bit of hunger without bothering to readjust my dose.

    I took measurements from most major parts of my body, but so far have only taken final measurements from the below:

    SW: 203
    LIW: ...

    Updated October 22nd, 2017 at 04:35 PM by DrJenn

  10. HCG 2.0/Ketosis Update

    Well, I swapped over to HCG 2.0. I found that I was losing well the first couple of days. Then blammo. Four days of no losses and even minor gains. I started researching heavily and discovered that forcing my fat grams lower than my carbs likely kicked me out of a state of ketosis.

    So I upped my fat gram intake to higher than my protein grams and whoosh. I was off again after a couple of days. Since then, I've stopped meticulously tracking stuff in myfitnesspal and I wake up to find ...