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  1. Vlcd14

    No loss today Soooooooooo discouraging again. Yesterday I went out to run errands and forgot my water at home. After about 2 hours I was so parched and couldn't take it anymore. So I chewed a piece of sugar free orbit gum. Anyone have experience with gum? Could that really be why I didn't lose, and if so, am I going to stall now? Lessoned learned, I'll never forget my water again!

    Hoping for loss tomorrow, I have so much weight to lose, with a wedding to attend at the end, ...
  2. Here is the what where why and how on the HCG i decided to buy

    by , March 20th, 2011 at 12:03 AM (Food Tastes Good but THIN is Mouth Watering)
    I decided to go with HCG drops that i mix myself purchased online. I chose this because i felt adjusting for my dose would be easier using this method versus homeopathic and I also preferred knowing what would be in my drops and not in my drops.

    I decided to start with the original 166iu a dose (333iu a day) original method and not the 250iu a dose (500iu a day) Dr.Belluscio method. Although it sounded really interesting i felt a larger majority were using the other method with fantastic ...

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  3. Loading, loading...

    Working on loading day 2. Why is it that when I can finally indulge, I have no interest? Still feel like I have no clue if I'm doing this loading thing right. Sure hope I got enough in...Guess only time will tell. So excited to start for real tomorrow.
  4. Had my first meltdown...but didn't cave in and "self medicate" with sugar! : )

    by , March 19th, 2011 at 09:42 PM (ShortnSweet My HCG be my best for the rest (of my life))
    Had a REALLY bad day yesterday. Had to go to hob nob at a fancy dinner last night and really had not been in the mood to go. First, I had to get a new dress cuz my old ones were baggy, but nobody in town carries petites anymore. Grrrr....found a cute black sheath dress with black lace overlay. Very timelss, but sleeveless. Even at 105 lbs I had heavy upper arms, so I'm SO self concious and was looking everywhere for an apropriate shrug...satin or something other than typical sweater. So start my ...
  5. Vlcd day 6

    Hello Friends! Day 6 on VLCD and I'm down 5 pounds! WOOP! WOOP!
  6. The end of the first day of P3..

    So, I know I already posted today. But I'll post again. Here's my day..

    Morning: Shower with my beloved body wash, and Moroccan oil in my hair :-) I didn't lotion because I was headed to a workout.

    Breakfast: Green tea, three whole eggs scrambled with one sliced chicken sausage link.


    Post workout snack: One hard boiled egg, and then a second about two hours later.

    Lunch: Big steak on a bed of mixed baby greens, ...
  7. egh..

    So, i still haven't weighed. This has been a disaster of a week food-wise. I have made SO many bad decisions. I have been out of town and my head has not been in this at all. I guess I keep thinking, I'll do better tomorrow, but while I have already screwed up today...

    I'm traveling back home tomorrow and will jump back in the game on monday. But, i know that to gain the prolonged results I want, i have to change how i view food. For some reason I treat every meal as my last, like ...
  8. R2/P2 ~ Easier and harder than I thought...

    Weight: ?
    (no scale)

    Day 1:

    Calories ~ 562/2/20/89 (carb/fat/protein)

    2 hard boiled eggs
    Green tead
    1 gallon of water
    191 grams of grilled chicken breast w/ mustard
    4oz of Beef lean roast w/ lettece and zero calorie honey mustard dressing

    Since I am out a scale at the moment I know that I have dropped weight already, I've been peeing like crazy all day And MY lower abdomen is smaller than it was earlier today (ahaha) ...
  9. Getting my ducks in a row.

    Ok, so I found out about HCG a few weeks ago, have done my required reading and due diligence. I have ordered HHCG drops, and a new scale which weighs in 0.1kg increments to use rather then my current scale which is in 0.5kg increments (a shade under 1lb increments).

    I've got stevia drops on their way, I've copied some recipes, and portioned a bulk lot of beef that I bought from costco in to roughly 100gram portions. I bought cans of water packed tuna in 100 gram sizes rather than ...

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  10. EXERCISING ON P2 or P3

    I was reading this article about Tracy Anderson's diet and exercise program and I think this excerpt would make sense when applied to p2 or p3 on the HCG plan if you introduce exercise during these phases:

    "And as Catherine Collins explains, it won't be just fat that starts to disappear.

    If you exercise at the rate the plan demands and eat less than 2.1oz of protein a day your body will then cannibalise your organs - your kidneys, liver and heart - to get ...