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  1. Lady Gecko – R2P2VLCD39

    HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY! Up a little bit today on the scale. I’m going to do a protein day today steak day tomorrow, and steak day on Saturday too. I need to kick things back into gear. Damn, I just realized I forgot my shot again today. CRAP. I need to get back into the work schedule groove! Ugh! It’s gonna be a sucky day today…..

    Here is my plan for today:

    B: Coffee
    Sn: Meatballs
    L: Burger
    Sn: Meatballls
    D: Tilapia
  2. Hcg recall?

    I just got back from Walgreens. The had the Nigen Bio-tech "HCG Solution" on sale for $19.99. Wasn't on the shelf had the manager look for it. I was a little leary about buying it after reading the box. It didn't have the HCG listed but thought I would buy it come home and research it and bring it back if I had to. When the clerk rang it up she said she couldn't sell it. It had a do not sell order attached to it. A recall or something she said. Has anyone used this or know why it can't ...
  3. VLCD12 Goose egg!

    I got nothing today. No loss but no gain. Probably from my pound cake indiscretion a couple of days ago. I'll take it. At least it didn't go up and I am on protocol again. And if I could freaking "GO" I would probably lose 5 dang lbs right there.
  4. day 2 vlcd 1st weigh in

    Well I am down 3 pounds on my first weigh in I tried to start this in Jan. like I said before and then I messed myself up, cause no poop") I am so scared that I am not gonna be able to do this, that I will mess up like I always do, and not make it to the end. I am hoping writing my feelings about this and writing down my weigh ins, I can do this...I can do all things through Christ
  5. Chocolate Biscotti/Shortbread recipe for P3

    Quote Originally Posted by kenzilisa View Post
    Here is my biscotti/shortbread/cookie recipe as promised:

    This recipe was supposed to be for biscotti but it seems a little too crumbly to hold up to the cutting required to make biscotti. Instead I would make these as shortbread or regular cookies where you plop down a cookie shaped thing on a baking sheet and bake. They are gluten free and sugar free.

    4-4.5 cups almond flour or almond meal
    0.5-1 cup coconut flour
    1 cup
  6. My schedule for HCG Rounds and Phases

    Start Round 1 Phase 2
    Load Days 1 and 2 on March 1 and 2nd (with HCG)
    VLCD March 3-April 16 (with HCG)
    VLCD April 17 &18 (NO HCG)
    Start Phase 3 on April 19th- May 9 (no hcg)
    Start Phase 4 on May 10-30 (no hcg)

    If everything goes well I have planned out my next rounds as well with the maintence rounds.

    Start Round 2 Phase 2
    Load days 1 and 2 on May 31 and June 1(with HCG)
    VLCD June 2 thru July 16 (with HCG ) ...

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  7. 16 days in and wanted to say how its going.

    Today is day 16 on the protocol and day 14 VLCD. Round 1.

    So far I have lost 12.6 as of this morning. I was really hyped to see the scale at 234.6. I just think last August 2010 I was 244. I and the other nurse that have been on this diet we have everyone wanting to try this diet. But I do remind them its alot of hard work -staying motivated and strict.

    I weighing between 245-250 talking about doing this and the other nurse weighed 137 -co-workers have seen the wide ...
  8. P2 day 6 I cheated a little

    Today was such a rough day on me, I was starving all day and about 4 pm got a killer headache. By 10 pm I was so hungry I thought I was going to raid the fridge. Well I decided to cheat and ate 3 oz of celery, I figured it was a good compromise to get rid of the headache. Do you think it will have to bad of and effect on me? Here is what I ate all day

    7am HCG
    8 am - 12:30 pm 3 bottles of water
    12:30 pm 3.5 oz chicken (baked)
    3.5 oz of asparugus ...
  9. Mind over Mistake

    Good Evening,

    I am learning everyday on this protocol. VLCD4 started with a release of exactly 4lbs! I went from 182.8 to 178.8, insert happy feet here
    As I sipped on morning tea, I made a few mistakes. Unbeknown to me, my son had sweeten the pot with honey I assumed it was my 2 packs Stevia in the Raw.
    First off, all stevia is not equal. Stevia in the Raw contains dextrose. That is 2 mistakes in one day.
    Tomorrow the scale may reveal if Mind Over Matter ...
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  10. Ooh, a blog!?

    I didn't know there was a blog attached to my forum account! SO great.

    I have had an interesting journey on hcg so far...
    Loaded 2 days
    VLCD 21 days
    Total Lose: 12 pounds

    I didn't cheat but, I didn't weigh my foods either. I Have since bought a scale in preparation to do additional days on P2. I can now say that I was probably eating about 50% more in the protein department.

    I decided last week to transition back into P2 after 11 ...