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  1. Help please!!!!! What should i do??

    I still have about two weeks left of my first round at this. I am down 13 pounds and still have a ways to go. Current weight is 198. My drops will run out a week or two before we head on a long road trip for a couple of days. what should I do??? I am really confused what I should do. It is going to be for Thanksgiving and I want to be able to go out of town and not worry about bringing my food scale and having to go to the store every day. Staying at different families houses so it will be hard. ...
  2. Sticking it out

    Phew. So I told 3 people (besides all yall, ha!) yesterday that I was considering stopping.

    BFF said I could do whatever I needed to do, and that I shouldn't think less of myself for stopping and that I'd come so far that I should be very proud of myself. (TRUE)

    DOC said she thought the "doneness" was mental/emotional, not physical and although I could stop at any time, she thought it was really important for me to do what I had set out to do. (TRUE) I told ...
  3. R1p3d2

    LDW -.6

    I am up .8 from yesterdays weight I am sure it is due partly from getting sick from eating more proteins,veggies and some oils.I was in the bathroom every 5 seconds it seemed and I am most likely retaining water or at least I hope that is the cause.I feel better today though and hope to stay that was.Here is a run down of what I ate yesterday

    Breakfast-I had coffee with 1 T. heavy cream 5oz Turkey sausage mixed with zucchini and green pepper
    snack-Coco ...
  4. Day two of P3 so far so good

    Haven't written in a while and wanted to give my update. I finished round two on Oct 25th. I ended at 142.4 and dropped two days after to 140.8 as of yesterday. Today TOM showed up so I am 142.2 which is 1.4 up from yesterday. To be expected with TOM. I was hungry yesterday so ate lots of protein and was loving it! I did have a small handful of almonds and did this last time after day 4 so was worried but I think it was okay. I would have known better if TOM was not here. I plan to go to the gym ...
  5. hCG Testimonials

    Well I have finally got 3 testimonials up on the site about the hCG I represent. YEAH! I send a lot of people to this forum and I'm going to have my own little hCG Diet Journey corner!! Can't wait.
  6. VLCD Day 4 and still dropping!

    My lightest I've been since I started by weight loss journey in January, my fiance lost another 5 lbs and he's now down 15 lbs in 4 days! I love this, not knowing what the scale will show keeps he and I even more motivated. I did start warning him that eventually we will have minimal losses but for now we will appreciate the losses we do see!

    Good luck to everyone today, let's make it a great weekend!
  7. R1p2d40

    Dropped 1.25 today....although half of that was a gain from yesterday. Whatever, I will take it since it is in the right direction and I really don't have a choice anyway. I have got a very busy day today between work and running kids in circles. I have 5 more injections left....UGH. Nervous and very excited all at the same time. Still desperately want to get off 7 more pounds but I don't know if my body is going to cooperate with me or not.

    So yesterday was MY DAY at work....you ...
  8. Well this is it! VLCD P2 D1 starts tomorrow!

    Tomorrow I start the first day of the VLCD P2. I've been loading yesterday and today and it's been hard too! I gained .2 lbs only after all I ate yesterday - I couldn't believe it. I've never blogged before, but have been reading you guys for awhile now. Little about me:
    I'm doing the HHCG - 10 drops 4x day
    Weighed 245.4 yesterday, and 245.6 this morning.
    I swim a little over a mile 3x a week. (Hoping this won't be an issue)
    I lost 120 lbs 13 years ago doing atkins ...
  9. What to Introduce in Phase 3..and how.

    Quote Originally Posted by mgsondance View Post
    i wrote this for the old forum:

    When you start phase 3, don't go hog-wild all at once. Your body will be happier if you slowly increase the amount of food you're eating. Many people start by eating phase 2 foods, but just increasing the amounts. You may have regular salad dressings. Be careful of low-fat or fat-free processed foods- these almost always have lots of added sugar. You may go back to using lotions and your regular cosmetics on day one of P3.

    What can
  10. First Day on P3...so far.


    2 Eggs, scrambled
    3 pieces Maple Leaf allnatural canadian bacon

    Morning snack:
    1/2 Pink lady apple

    Mixed Garden Salad
    175 g Chicken breast
    2 Tbs Sugar free honey mustard dressing

    64 oz water so far and at 552 cals for the day.

    I'm excited for dinner tonight! Taco Salad (with tons of meat!) pico de gallo and a little bit of guacamole...I know most people were ...