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  1. Lost 2 pounds on first weigh in!

    Hello HCG World!
    R1P2VLCD1: 190.4
    R1P2VLCD2: 188.4!
    I was amazed when i stepped on the scale this morning! Yesterday i was miserable and feeling undetermined but today just brought back some hope. It is unusual to lose 2 pounds in one day? I also started TOM yesterday but it doesn't look like its affecting my results . I think i am going to go to sam's club to get a bulk of food so i dont keep having to buy food all the time. I cant wait to see where i am at in a week.
  2. Getting ready for Round 2. (Diet Soda causes weight gain)

    I am beginning my 2nd round of hcg tomorrow & excited to get started. I had planned to start today but I already consumed things before injecting today & I like to start my day with it (being successful the 1st round, I wanna do everything the same during the 2nd round). I also wanna let people know that during my P4 & there after I added a lot of foods back in with no gain (allergy) to any, EXCEPT Diet Soda. WOW, Ikr?... I never drunk regular to know if it would do the same but I did ...
  3. Day 1 on VLCD on injections as prescribed by Dr - the Start


    So I am totally new to it all...but I am very amped for this journey.

    I am doing the pharmaceutical HCG as prescribed by my Dr, so it is an injection every day. I am not having any troubled with the injections, so that is atleast a good thing
    On my load day 2, which was yesterday, I already started to feel a loss of appetite, it was hard eating all that fat yesterday, but I pushed through. I also don't want to smoke...which is weird and awesome, since I ...
  4. I GAINED, yes GAINED another .7 lbs during VLCD:9!!!

    Eating the same things yesterday skipped the dose, yet still GAINED another .7 lbs!!! I am going to go mad

    According to Colleen it is because of my dose. So tomorrow I am reducing it to 100 IU. Without skipping injections. I hope to God this will resolve it. Yet still wasting my peak days, am I not supposed to lose the biggest amount of fat during the first week? I not only did not lose but GAINED and KEEP GAINING while starving. Today I was extremely weak. Could barely walk ...
  5. VCLD 1 ! This is going to be a challenging journey

    Hello HCG world!,
    Today i just finished my VCLD 1 and let me tell you in was not easy. This is definitely not an easy diet. I am having trouble getting full:/ For breakfast i had egg whites, blueberries and 2 cups of green tea. Im so use to eating a big bowl of cinnamon toast crunch to start my day. Another thing i didnt like was having to prepare meals every time i wanted to eat. This gets annoying! And because i am drinking so many liquids i have to use the bathroom all the time. One way ...
  6. Load Day 2... and a gain!

    LOL the last rounds I always lost on load days this round I have gained... I am happy because all the other ladies that use to gain had really good results so maybe that means this round will be GREAT for me... Time and myself will soon tell.... VLCD start's tomorrow... wooo hooo!!! Getting all my meals ready and going out tonight to buy some fruit and veggies.
  7. Vaca

    Well I am on phase 4 and on vaca. I have no desire to eat anything here it is all fried horrible food. I feel like crap. I have been drinking on top of it. I really do not want to go on the scale on Tuesday but I have to. I have been walking many miles A day as well as dancing up a storm. I truly truly hope I didn't gain. If I did what do I do? Do I do a steak day? I mean I have really been tryi g to not eat a lot but last night I gave in. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks girls.
  8. Loading Day Number 2

    Hello HCG world!,
    So when hoped on the scale this morning it said i lost weight! I was so surprised, i guess i didn't load enough the other day. Today i think i did more a better job. I thought this would be easy to do but it is actually so hard. It makes me even more excited to start the VLCD phrase!
  9. GAINED .6 lbs during my skip day!! What is this all about??

    I skipped my injection yesterday as I am trying to adjust my dose. Did everything I was supposed to, stayed on the protocol of course, zero difference on what I ate..yet I GAINED 0.6 lbs!!!

    I had botox injections yesterday.
    Could that be it?

    OK, here are my numbers:

    Pre-load: 152.7
    vlcd:1 (after-load): 154.5
    vlcd:2 150.7
    vlcd:3 147.7
    vlcd:4 146.4
    vlcd:5 144.6
    vlcd:6 144.4
    vlcd:7 142.4
    vlcd:8 ...
  10. Round 3 Load Day 1.... OH YEAH!!

    First load day of Round 3 (starting 177.6)... Hoping to see goal this round... I don't know though either way I know I will leave this round lighter and healthier like my last 2.

    Little about my experience... I started in January at 212.2 pounds after Round 1 I got to 187 and after Round 2 I got down to 169.8. So yeah I gained a bit between my last round and now, but ehhh I also ate whatever I wanted and could keep my weight between 175-177.

    I am looking for an ...