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  1. VLCD1 - Oh Yeah!

    I lost 3.5 lbs overnight! Ah.. I can breath again! My worries caused by the loading are gone.. now, what to eat? : )

    The inflammation under my breasts is gone - I can feel my ribs once again without that crazy puffy layer of fat - myxedema!

    Fun, fun, fun!
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  2. Day 2

    I gained 1.5 pounds from loading yesterday. I feel very round and have urinated on the hour, sometimes twice an hour, all day. It seems like I am feeling as I should.

    I bought the scale yesterday, as I have never allowed myself to own one in the past so I wouldnt be haunted by the numbers. That has been my biggest struggle today - not jumping on it after every visit to the bathroom. I know that gaining for the load days is necessary, but all the usual worries about "whether ...
  3. Starting Today! FINALLY!! My story as to how I got here..

    Hello HCG Gang!

    I am so excited to start that I don’t know what to say first.

    I am 34 years old and recently relocated to San Diego - my childhood dream to live in CA. One month into getting here, my body gave out & my brain function went to zero - I couldn’t count money, couldn’t drive, and did not know who I was in a store for about 20 minutes until a dear friend came in and found me.

    I am suffering from everything under the sun, including ...
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  4. vlcd4

    I felt so ill from loading that it was a true relief on vlcd1 to eat very little. I've been taking the 125 iu sub-q and have some dried corion in the fridge in case I need to mix to supplement the dosage, but so far I haven't really been hungry. Sure, I get twinges when I see or think about something I've really liked to eat or drive past places that had my favorite items (like Panera's Sierra Turkey sandwich), but overall I have been OK. Out of fear that my thyroid issues or age or heart medications ...
  5. Finally, The Show Is On The Road...

    I've been trying to get started on the HCG diet for four months now. To reassure my husband, I promised that I would get approval from my doctors, (specifically my newly needed cardiologist), have our GP oversee the diet and use a local pharmacy. Several weeks ago everything was lined up, with the sticking point of the dosage. My compounding pharmacist (who knows more about the diet than my GP) insists that Dr. Simeon used 125 iu dosages and that I should start at the same. However, I have ...
  6. Hot hot hot! Finally summer is here!

    I just realised I posted this as a comment to my first post, so I thought it would be better to do a separate blog post instead, LOL!


    Well another day done and I am not feeling hungry at all! My stomach does make funny noises, but no hunger pains!

    I released another .8lbs, which is great!
    I am noticing that I am not retaining so much water and I look less bloated in my face, YAY!!!

    kbj: Hi!!! Do start a blog, it will be ...
  7. Back to basics

    So I thought I'd keep check of myself and start this blog.

    First, a bit about me for those who are interested, LOL!

    Here are my current weight stats:
    5 July 2010: 193.5 lbs (1st loading day)
    6 July 2010: 196 lbs (2nd loading day)
    7 July 2010: 196 lbs (day 1 VLCD)
    8 July 2010: 190 lbs (day 2 VLCD)

    I am a 34 year old 5'10" Dutch female, living and working in Germany.
    I am single, and live alone, although not lonely! ...