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  1. R2 / P2 Week One -- Triumphs and Worries

    So, Week One of P2 came with several ups and downs. For the first time, in week one, I was not losing consistently. I had a big loss on VLCD1, but then no loss the next day... Finally a loss the next day, but then a gain the next. Week ones usually go much better than that for me, so it was a bit off-putting.

    Pre-load: 180
    VLCD 1: 183.8 (After load)
    VLCD 2: 179.2
    VLCD 3: 179.2
    VLCD 4: 177.4
    VLCD 5: 178.0
    VLCD 6: 177.4
    VLCD 7: 173.4 ...
    Phase 2
  2. Day 1

    by , August 3rd, 2018 at 05:40 AM (Diesel'smom Journey to Success)
    Quote Originally Posted by Dieselsmom View Post
    The good bad and ugly about this journey is that we usually end up stripping down what is making us make bad decisions in our lives, whether it is that extra serving of dinner or the chips and salsa at the table. I know the first time I was truly successful in my weight loss journey was when I journaled to how I was feeling/thinking and I found how sad I really was. On the outside happy life, busy, running around after kids/husband, chasing a career but then when I actually stripped away the glossy
  3. Beginning of Round 2....

    Round 2 is getting off to a great start!

    P1 -- Loading:
    Like previous rounds, I had to FORCE myself to load, because of my lack of hunger. I'm so glad I didn't go grocery shopping to stock up on things to load on, because most of it would have gone to waste. I just ate a few avocados, a bunch of almonds, some cocoa crack, a Ribeye steak, cheesecake, tiramisu, and some creamy roasted garlic mashed potatoes.

    The Results:

    Pre-load: 180
    VLCD ...
  4. The beginning

    I am waiting for the delivery on my HCG product, it should arrive today. I am super excited to start this journey to weight loss. I have yo-yo most of my life and in the last few years there have been more ups than downs. I am tired of not being the mom that wants to play with her kids or is embarrassed to get in the pool.

    I have had a hip reconstruction surgery and unfortunately for me that did not work the way we planned so now I am needing a hip replacement. On top of that ...
  5. Plans for a Successful R2

    Round 2 is only a few days away, and I'm excited about it. I'm comfortable with where I am during this stabilization phase -- 3 lbs. under LIW even after adding sweet potatoes, air-popped popcorn, fruit juice, almonds, dairy, and tons of cocoa crack. Also, my appetite seems to have diminished, which makes me eager to get back to a VLCD.

    I'm shocked that I have no desire to gorge on things I might miss during the VLCD, but it's further validation that I've gotten over my addiction ...
  6. late dinner

    Yesterday was my mil birthday. All she wanted was to go out for a nice casual dinner so that is what we did. She picked the restaurant and the time. She is not aware that I am on protocol so I was hoping to view the menu on line and choose appropriately. As luck would have it, there was no online menu. I would have to brave going through the menu and ordering at the table. The restaurant was an adorable place, all wood and rustic interior. The menu looked wonderful to visit if I were on P1 ...
  7. new beginnings

    I started out on a weight loss journey about 5 years ago. A friend had turned me on to HCG. At the time, I felt desperate. I had tried weight watchers (and successfully lost weight but plateaued at a size 14). Over the years, I had tried so many diets and life journeys to get the weight off and maintain. I always lost weight on those plans. I was able to stick with the plan to lose some type of weight but as soon as I applied the diets guidelines to my maintenance phase- I would gain everything ...
  8. P3 / P4 -- Weight Loss, Sugar, & Liver Cleansing

    So, I extended P3 since I had a couple of steak days during Week 3, and decided to pull back on fats a bit to see if I could stabilize. Surprisingly, instead of stabilizing, I've been steadily losing weight. Especially since I've incorporated digestive enzymes as apart of my daily regimen.

    By no means am I trying to lose weight, because doing whatever it takes to keep this weight off for the long haul is most important to me. But it does feel good to see my body losing weight on its ...
  9. P3 Lessons Continue On...

    It wasn't until the 3rd week of P3 that I started having trouble stabilizing. Ended up doing 2 steak days, and it appeared that things that I've done well with since the first week of P3 were starting to turn on me! But after switching up a few things, I think I may have discovered what works best for me.

    For over a week, my weight continued to fluctuate over into the 2+ pound territory even though I was eating foods that were obviously approved in week 1 of P3. In an effort to improve ...
  10. P3 Lessons -- Life Will Never Be the Same

    P3 has been an awesome, eye-opening experience! For the first time in my life, I am eating so much FAT, but not gaining any weight at all! It's unbelievable and has been one of the greatest lessons I've learned while on my HCG journey.

    I'm on week 2, Day 9 of P3, and -0.4 below my LIW. My initial plan was to increase foods I had been eating during P2, but changed my mind rather quickly. Since I started TOM right at the start of P3 and gained a lot of water weight, I decided to go ...
    Phase 3