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  1. A stall already :(

    I am sick and yesterday I just couldn't get myself to eat... So today like I thought a stall I am so disappointed.. I'm going to have lunch then go lay down till I have to eat again....... this sucks!

    Load Day3----190.6
    VLCD7---------182.2 (stall due to being sick...boo)
  2. Off and Running!

    The blog title seems appropriate, after all I am here in Derby City! Well first two vlc days were not all that eventful. Perfectly on protocol, and only lost 1lb each day at weigh in. This was my vlc3 weigh-in, and yoohoo, it still works. Down 3.8 this am. So, off and running! Awesome.

    Today, I stayed on protocol, and it was very difficult. At work They brought in Sub sandwiches, chips, dip, red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese dressing, sweet tea (we are in the south), ...
  3. Irritable on Hcg Injections

    Today is day 16 of injecting with Hcg. The 1st week went rather well. But lately I've been feeling real hungry. I was injecting 150iu. I did that for a while. Then went to 175iu due to feeling hungry. Yesterday I took it up to 200iu because I was still feeling hungry. With the worst part waking up in the mornings feeling like I'm starving. Yesterday I was fine & this morning I woke up not feeling like I was starving. But.... I do however feel very irritable & my muscles feel sore today. ...
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  4. {YoungLoser} - Hhcg Drops

    Starting Weight : 219
    Yesterdays Weight : 211
    Today's Weight : 210
    Tomorrow I Can Finally Get My Nails Done. They Look Rough lol. I Have Been Holding Out To Be Motivated To Get Them Done. I Know The Color And Design I Want!!!!
    209 - Nails, 199 - Hair, 189 - Open Myself To Dating Again!!
    ~30 Day Squat Challenge - Day 6 - Measurements - 45
    ~Happy Losing
  5. Round 2, Phase 2, VLCD3

    Down another -2.2 pounds from my loadfest, thankfully.

    I'm jealous that so many people experience the lack of hunger. I WANT THAT. I felt great on VLCD1, then my hunger creeped up a little on VLCD2 and I was quite hungry last night, which continued through this morning and I've already eaten my lunch. I'm downing the water and the hot tea, but I would love to just feel less hungry. FAGE.

    I'm really hoping to be back in the 120s by tomorrow. I haven't eaten my fruit ...
  6. Round 2 Report

    Unfortunately, not much to report... I did lose .8 this morning but I am cautiously reporting that.... Fingers crossed it is continuing down from here!

    I did suffer through a 4 hour torturous dinner last night with hubby and friends.... They won!

    Them-wine, Martinis, bellinis, Cosmo
    Me-club soda with lime twist

    Them-most the menu

    Them-breaded halibut, beef bourgeoine, ...
  7. Ca you believe it?

    I am still really sick :/ The doc is going to call me in some antibiotics if I want but I was so hoping to get over this without them. I am okay with the stalls even the small gains but I am so.so.so sick of being sick! Here's to a better day and a loss tomorrow!
  8. Not hungry....

    Why is it some days I am not even hungry on this diet? I have never been craving more or have been hungry. Normally I am very satisfied, but sometimes...like today... I have to force myself to eat?? Just curious if anyone else experiences this on occassion.
  9. Phase 2, getting dizzy standing up

    Quote Originally Posted by Abby77 View Post
    Hello everyone,
    So basically I did the hcg diet over a year ago and lost about 25 pounds and decided to do it again. One reason why I was reluctant to do the diet again is because I always got so dizzy during phase two when I am moving around or going from sitting to standing. I am a college student and a part time waitress so with waiting tables and walking to class taking it easy just isn't an option for me.

    This is my 9th day in phase two and prior to today I had not felt
  10. VLCD 7 and finally a loss!

    Thanks for all the support yesterday everyone. Today I woke up to a 6 pound loss. I was up 6 pounds from loading and now I am back down to my pre-loading weight finally. I am hoping tomorrow the real weight loss will begin. I am not hungry at all but will make sure to eat on schedule. Last night I finally slept a full 10 hours and get to relax today.

    I am thinking a lot to do with what was happening to me was extreme stress but I think things will die down now and not be so hard. ...