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  1. R1p2 - summer round - vlcd5

    SW 219.0
    CW 215.8
    GW 170
    (Down 3.2) (46.8 left to goal)

    First - Idk why I type my title in all caps but it shows up in lowercase letters? Ugh, weird little things like that are annoying.

    My party intake of carbs caught up with me this morning on the scale. It is what it is and I'm pushing on through.

    Keeping track of my stats following HCG 2.0 protocol.

    Protein: 749/788 calories
    Carbs: 27g/30g ...
  2. R1p2 - summer round - vlcd4

    SW 219.0
    CW 214.4
    GW 170
    (Down 4.6) (44.4 left to goal)

    Went to a party last night - brought Protocol friendly fruit and my own SF drink. Did well avoiding the wine, which is usually my downfall. I DID have a couple things off protocol - a few crackers & cheese and one small brownie bite that was decadent. I own it. Did that contribute to my 0.4 gain? Possibly. I was definitely over calories, carbs, and fat goals. Significantly over. But it is what ...
  3. R1p2vlcd3

    SW 219.0
    CW 214.0
    GW 170
    (Down 5) (45 left to goal)

    Had a WHOOSH loss overnight. Gotta love the first week of VLCD! It is so much easier to stay motivated when the scale is moving strongly.

    I am reading the HCG 2.0 book right now, great information, not sure why I didn't read it before?

    Yesterday: NOTE: I am rogue, not strict protocol.
    B: Coffee/creamer
    L: Salad (1 C packed) with 3 oz baked chicken
    Sn: ...
  4. R1p2vlcd2 - tgif

    SW 219.0
    CW 217.6
    GW 170
    (Down 1.4)

    I just changed my SW to my loading weight - it makes it easier to keep track. Yesterday was a success. I stayed on track for the most part - had a couple pieces of lunchmeat in the late evening when I had some cravings.

    The clementines I bought the other day were horrible, so threw them away. Bought a different brand from another store - and they were not horrible, but not great. Hope the one I ate was ...

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  5. P2 VLCD1 - Back in the saddle again....

    Long story.... everyone has one, right?

    A decade ago, I lost 70 pounds doing HCG. Then life happened and a back injury, quitting smoking, kidney cancer, heart disease, sleep apnea, and just................life happened. I tried a few rounds, no luck losing. My metabolism was broken. I had bariatric surgery and lost 100 lbs..... and then menopause hit and THIS FREAKING SUCKS. I haven't been able to lose a friggin pound. In fact, I've gained back 30 pounds since bari surgery ...
  6. Best Diet Plan

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  7. P1 Update

    So far this round, I have had to make some adjustments and still trying to figure out if I have to make more.
    However as I am on my journey now my Protocol is going well and I am losing at a very successful rate.

    I started with a three day load (125 iu's injected intramuscular into the buttocks), on the the fourth day I started the Protocol staying with the 125 iu's injection, I felt a little "empty" but no hunger pains. I attributed that from the effects of the ...
  8. Vegetable servings and other protocol questions

    Hello All,
    So as I am going over the manual obsessively as I do before I do anything, whether it be the first time or the 100th time. I am starting to realize some items that I have questions about.

    1st How many grams per serving do you use for vegetables? I usually used the 100 gram rule as for the meat. However I have been noticing some other sites and just looking up the information on google it tends to be more. Some go by the CUP rule, or half cup for asparagus (which ...
  9. Starting Again for the Win - Phill 4:13

    Starting Again for the Win - Phill 4:13
    R?/Ph2/D1 - Again

    Today I am truly in middle of a round and have botched it up clear through. My issues are sticking to the protocol. I don't understand why I cant wrap my brain around "this is what I am allowed to eat and nothing else" but I am struggling. I am hoping that coming on here will help me and I can make a few friends that will check in on me which ALWAYS helps me with accountability. As so far today I am working the
  10. Back again for the umpteenth time but thats ok

    yup back again blogging to keep myself honest. a bit rogue because putting milk in my coffee . this is will be my heaviest start weight , I'm so ashamed to even type it but can't shy away from reality. sigh 221.50 is my start weight. Lord have mercy I really let myself go. Actually I got up to 228 at one point!!! WTFFFFFFF!! but I was like hell nah no bueno nope nope nope girl you better check yourself and get back on the healthy wagon. My goal for this round is 200 - 205. I will be incorporating ...