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  1. Thin mints... must... destroy...X)

    by , August 17th, 2012 at 07:00 PM (Ready to get back to my old self.)
    Ugh moving day tomorrow to a different suburb 20mins away >.< That is going to suck. Moving ALWAYS sucks. I'm going to have to make my meals in advance to keep from either starving or eating at weird times.

    Since I'm finishing the rest of my P2 a-la intermittent fasting style. I like to keep my eating window from 11:00am to 4:00pm and bed around 9-10pm. So 19 hours fasting. I do that because that's the time I'm usually active and busy with either my niece of running errands ...
  2. Progress and Patterns

    For those who haven't seen the reply from my last post, my headache seems to have gone away after two straight days of it. Though I still feel's as though I'm on a balance beam with it, and one small push will bring it right back on...perhaps like a tense muscle without the pain, if that makes sense. For example, if a particularly cold breeze blows on me for a few minutes, I feel a slight return, but it goes away and I just feel it 'on the edge of possibly coming back'. After the last ...
  3. .60cc dosage

    I feel I could go a little higher, .65cc maybe. I'm not hungry. but still I need a little more.

    Bought two blankeys for the dogs. They r shredding everywhere and I don't like them going on my bed. So I'm washing all my bedding, vacc cleaned the carpet. Feels clean, however the dogs want to sleep in my room. And now they r snuggled up in their new blankeys. Nice, I'm happy

    We had some weird lighting and thunder last night. Woke me up at 2am. Didn't stop for bout ...

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  4. going to try this tommorow! ive been craving one for days :(

    The Paleo Cinnamon Roll

    Makes one, personal sized Cinna-roll. Gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, Paleo.
    ■2-3 tbsp coconut flour (more or less depending on how thin your batter is after mixing)
    ■1/4 tsp baking soda
    ■1/8 tsp sea salt
    ■1/4 tsp cinnamon
    ■pinch of nutmeg
    ■1/8 tsp (or just a drizzle) vanilla extract
    ■1 egg
    ■2 tbsp almond milk ( going to use coconut milk...maybe ...
  5. Phase 4- Day 13, 3rd day of shred.

    I feel better today not as sore and just plain happy.
    Im going to add ripped in 30 i think just do the two back to back, there on sale at chapters so i will pick it and 6 week 6 pack up

    I modified some of the weight ones, the side lunges i know do only one weight with the leg going... i have 8 lb weights not 3 and its to hard with both i hope soon it isnt.

    Tried almonds yesterday for the first time not only am i sensitive , im allergic! im up again today ...
  6. Day 3-last day to load!

    Today is my last day of loading, so the easy part is almost over, it's a little bitter sweet, but I'm ready! I have another motivator on my plate now, just got an email lastnight that my 5 year high school reunion is in October! I weighed in this morning at 238, so 0.7 from yesterday and a 2 pound gain since day 1. I am going to the store tonight to get all my food so it's readily available. Let's do this!!
  7. I feel good...nan nah nah nah nah nah nah I knew that I would!

    Well this has been quite a journey from stalls that almost threw me over the cheating cliff> to going sleep and waking up to a 3pd weight loss...yay> to mix veggies or not> to... ouch! this shot thing is getting old> to finding a new way to socialize with friends while on a strict 500 cal diet and noooooooooooo drinks or wine.

    It has been a ride! However, I wouldn't take anything for my journey now.

    I've learned self control. I've learned that I feel better ...
  8. Twigging my dosage

    I think I will increase dosage from .50cc to .60cc - ill see how I am tomorrow and if i need to adjust it again I will.

    I tried injecting in my thigh this morning. I figured out u need to pinch ur fat together and then inject needle, that way u don't feel the needle at all. I do prefer injecting in my stomach area.

    Today I did struggle with my energy. It doesn't help having a small prickle stuck in the middle of my heal. I can turn my heal to see the area of entry. ...

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  9. so i have this theory..

    okay maybe it's not a "theory", but last time i was on the diet i played around with the drops. i ate olive garden's fettucini alfredo and still lost the next morning. i had a starbucks frappuccino and still lost. (all while taking the drops three times a day). my point is, i think the drops just kind of help the fatty foods go through your body without storing it. does that make sense? i am a believer in "everything in moderation" now because of that. i think this experiment ...
  10. Update

    I'm on day 2 of the VLCD/P2. I still have the same headache I had's mostly in the front of my head. It's not intolerable for the most part, just a general nuisance. But I did lose 4 pounds since yesterday, so that's a plus! Following the protocol well so far. On the plus side, the nausea has mostly ceased at this point. I read on the forums about dosages one way or the other. I was on the loooow end of the spectrum, so I upped it just a bit and that seems to have done the trick. ...