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  1. Phase 3 Day 7

    Morning all!

    Weighed in this morning at +2.0 lbs over LIW. Hoping tomorrow I will see a slight drop cause my BM are usually every other day. Does anyone have any suggestions on something to take to become more regular?? I had the same problem my last round. I seem to be okay with eggs which I am thankful for. Going to start introducing some cheese on Tuesday or Wednesday to see how I do..but we will see how daring I am. Have a great Sunday!
  2. 5 day stall.. could it be from Aunt Flow?

    Has anyone experienced a stall during their time of the month? I'm approaching the end of week 4 on phase 2 and have stalled all week! i started my period on friday & its usually only 4 days. i'm hoping i'll drop when its done because this is a major let down. I don't know what to do! Today I'm going to amp up the cardio... any other advice? Has this stall happened to you on your TOM?
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  3. Aunt flow missing and hcg

    Hello, Aunt flow is missing!!! she havent came and she is late. this havent happened to me in over years. My tubes are tied so its no way i can be pregnant! What happening to me. do i need to stop taking HCG pellets
  4. Week seven made it to goal this week finishing up my HCG before P3

    In much friendship and support,

    R1 lost 36.4 in 10 weeks
    Round two:
    7/15 VLCD3=W1=-3.6
    7/21 VLCD9=W2=-5.0(R2total=8.6)
    7/28 VLCD16=W3=-2.2(R2=10.6)
    8/4 VLCD23=W4=-4.6 (R2=15.2)
    8/11 VLCD30=W5=-2.6(R2=17.8)
    8/18 VLCD36=W6=-1.2(R2=19)
    8/19 VLCD37=-1.4results of enema
    8/20 VLCD38=+.2
    8/22VLCD40=-.4 ...
  5. It's been a week and WOW I've learned so much about myself

    Hello HCG-ers!

    I'd like to start writing weekly blogs and get in tune with how the weight loss is effecting my every day! I think the more I understand and realize I LOVE being lighter.... the easier it makes my diet!

    So it's been a week and I'm down 10.5 pounds! This morning, I was so proud of myself I mowed my lawn in a "sports bra tank" and shorts. I would not have been caught dead in that last week! I didn't feel bloated, I felt proud! I didn't feel ...
  6. Day 1 - loading

    Thought I'd start the diet today, I forgot about it though and so took the HCG at 11:40 this morning.

    Am using the following sublingual mixture, which makes enough for 20 days. I'm planning to use this continuously for the next 6 weeks.

    Sublingual Mixture

    5000IU Corion HCG
    12 ml tap water
    2 ml vodka
    6 ml NOW SL B12

    For the VLCD I'm going to experiment with using tinned tuna in spring water, cabbage, brocolli, lettuce, ...
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  7. Who is this girl?

    I suppose I should take it as a compliment when someone says "you look like a different person". It doesn't always feel like a compliment though. It is like they are saying I looked so bad before. I guess I would like how I used to look to vanish from the face of the earth. I don't want to be reminded of it. I guess somewhere inside I thought this is how I looked... until I saw a picture that is. It is a weird thing being fat. You never quite think you are as fat as you are. I was watching ...
  8. Upset and confused

    I am officially depressed. Ok, maybe not. But I am bummed that I GAINED 0.4 lbs. not happy. I have been strict to the T and measuring and everything. It's only my 7th day on VLCD. gRRrr
  9. That old question again: DROPS vs. INJECTIONS

    I know there are many posts here regarding drops vs. injections but I couldn't find anywhere that answered the question if drops actually do reset the hypothalamus the way injections do? Is anyone in maintenance phase after just drops and are you gaining weight without staying on VLCD?? I also would like to know if anyone here switched from drops to injections for round two and if that's even possible? I'm day 13 VLCD P2 on drops and I have lost 13 pounds so far!

    Thank you!!
  10. Hungry

    Hello all - can anyone else identify with being so hungry? Especially in the morning. I havent' seen anyone say it's hard to get to the lunch meal. I've started eating my fruit in the morning, with only the protein and veggie for lunch. Anyone else do that?
    I didn't lose yesterday - hope I'm not at a plateau after just one week - I started last Thursday!