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  1. I think I may have found the right

    I think I may have found the right dosage. .65cc is good for me. Not hungry. I need to get me some vitamin b12 drops. Need more energy. I'll be making order to my fav online vitamin store
  2. P1 vlcd 4

    I have lost 5 pounds even in 4 days. Im in shock. goal weight 155-160... 196.4.. not so hungry today. i think im getting use to this
  3. Question of the day...

    Do people honestly not realize how bad diet soda is for them ?!??!
  4. Last Day on R1, Phase 2...Very Nervous about what is to come

    Today is my last day on R1 of VLCD. I did the pellets and list 24.4 or .6 lbs and I am thrilled. Tomorrow is the start of a whole new chapter and I am really nervous. Too many choices and the exercise that needs to go with it. I HATE to work out and know that in order to maintain this I must move my butt a lot. I need menu ideas. Do you eat 3 meals a day? How many fruits? So confused.

    I really want this to be the stabilization it is supposed to be and then be successful enough ...
  5. Asian Orange Chicken Salad p1

    Braggs Liquid Amino's
    Chicken Breast
    Roman Lettuce

    I marinated a chicken breast in the Braggs liquid amino to give the chicken a soy/teriyaki flavor. And I baked it in the oven.

    Break chicken up into washed cut up roman lettuce. Squeezed orange juice from 2 sections into salad. Add cinnamon and braggs to flavor as desired. The cinnamon gave it a sweet kick. Add remaining orange sliced to salad (cut up or sectioned). ...
  6. So angry

    Im angry

    I cant wait for school and my "real" friends to come back...ones that like excerise & proper nutrition and arent catty about how i lost weight and they havent. IT TAKES EFFORT! its a lifestyle change not something you do for 2 weeks and stop! im sorry for ranting im just so sick of my friends being rude and how im "boring" becuase of my lifestyle changes...2 hours of workout, all home made/baked foods and cleaning take place of drinking and trash ...

    Updated August 18th, 2012 at 09:57 AM by MeganP

  7. Phase 4- day 4 of shred, no weighting day!

    Okay so soooo weird.
    This morning i didnt felt wrong but im letting it choose my happyness level for the day which im not okay with! i will be weighting on the 25th and taking my measurements, the first level of shred complete .
    Another weird thing im not sore! wether i have gotten stronger, my boyfriends backmassage or my supplement is helping i really have no idea :/ I dont mind tho and im ready for my next does of butt kickin !

    Tottaly random but have ...
  8. Vlcd #5

    I weighed in this morning and found that I released 2.2 lbs.
    I'm pretty stoked as that makes this 10 pounds since VLCD #1.
    I'm using HC1234 which a lot of people say is it's not real HCG.
    I'm not sure what the difference is because I don't feel hungry. I sometimes have to force myself to eat and I'm drinking all my fluids.
    Either way, I'm going to take the loss.
    I was at a standstill since last December. I had lost 40lbs on the Dukan diet which ...
  9. Week 6

    In much friendship and support,

    R1 lost 36.4 in 10 weeks
    Round two:
    7/15 VLCD3=W1=-3.6
    7/21 VLCD9=W2=-5.0(R2total=8.6)
    7/28 VLCD16=W3=-2.2(R2=10.6)
    8/4 VLCD23=W4=-4.6 (R2=15.2)
    8/11 VLCD30=W5=-2.6(R2=17.8)
    8/12 VLCD31=-.4
    8/13 VLCD32=+.2
    8/14 VLCD33=-.4
    8/15 VLCD34=0
    8/16 VLCD 35=0
    8/17 VLCD35=-.2 ...
  10. Ready, set, GO!

    It's finally here, my first day of the VLCD. I weighed in today at 237.2, which is a 0.8 loss from my second day of loading. Not sure why/how that happened because I ate horribly yesterday. Anyone else have this happen? I should be ok on this diet with the foods I am allowed, however the no diet coke thing is going to kill me I'm sure! I've been trying to cut back on my loading days to get my body used to not having the caffeine, but we'll see. On Monday my best friend wants me to go try on bridesmaid ...