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  1. HI

    Well I weighed myself this morning and I have went down 2 pounds. So that is a good thing. My son got a job at the same place I work at. So things should be looking up. That is the only good news I have. I hope everyone is doing okay
  2. i messed up Badd!!!

    Hi, I was on the hcg diet for a lil while the whole phase 2 I cheated every day and gained back the 10 lbs I am wondering now cause tomorrow is my first day of phase 3 and I have not loss the weight I wanted, can I just eat hcg food and do lots of exercises to loss weight while on phase 3?. I was not in a mentally good place while on phase 2, I continued to take the drops regularly while I was cheating I dont know if this would affect my health in some way, but that is my qustion, "can ...
  3. Urgent question - Day 1 VLCD portion size of vegetable???????

    Got up did my injection went to Walmart to get my VLCD essentials including a digital scale which was highly recommended for accuracy. If the number that was looking back at me when I tried it out isn't motivation enought to stick through the finite period of restriction - I don't know what would be. YIKES! My biggest challenge will be finding appropriate food while traveling which I do 3 or more days per week.

    Okay, another newbie question - The HCG diet is really specific on ...
  4. Roman was always a liar! *le gasp*

    by , August 12th, 2012 at 08:00 AM (Ready to get back to my old self.)
    On Aug. 1st I had a doctor appointment check in for my anxiety issues (yesh I take xanax for panic attacks) so I hopped on the scale and it read 154lbs.

    Needless to say horror music instantly played in my head. Yeah like in that scene in that movie Psycho with the scream and everything.

    I swear Roman could feel a disturbance in the force at that point. I had weighed myself before I left the time I do every morning, urine-free. Roman told me 144. Nothing alarming there. ...
  5. VLCD Day Three is about to begin

    Well I stepped on the scale a few minutes ago and weighed in at 181.6lbs today meaning I lost 1.4 over night and 1.6 the night before; so there's three pounds in two days lost. I wish I could say it was easy! I was starving all day long both days. On VLCD day one I had to eat the same meal for lunch and dinner just because of lack of time. I had lettuce and grilled chicken chunks, a melba toast, and a small apple. For a snack I ate four more melba toast later on. I drank tons of water and green ...
  6. Loading

    Loading makes me crazy...
    There is so much I want to eat. So much food I will miss. So much tastes I love. I go crazy. I get depressed when I am done eating and it makes me want to eat more. Its like something died. It's like a terrible addiction. I don't know why I have such an emotional attachment to food. But I have got to give it up. Or I will just get bigger and bigger and bigger. I am ready.
  7. Do you ever wonder?

    Do you ever wonder what it will be like when people stop telling us how good we look? People keep commenting about my weight even when I am the same or gained a little. they are still telling me how good I look or calling me skinny or something. I hope as my body gets smaller my head doesn't get bigger! LOL
  8. insulin resistance


    I am new to the forum/blog. I found this is the most informative resource when searching hcg issues. I love how the hcg makes me feel and how it takes away the hunger so I can eat only 500 calories. My problem is that I take Lantus insulin. I thought once I started eating low carb and losing the weight my sugars would come down but they haven't. My readings have been around 200 for 3 weeks and I think the weight would come off quicker if my sugars were lower. Any suggestions ...
  9. Important observation

    Important note

    Before this round I had fun with food for about 6 weeks, it was purposeful weight gain so in my mind ok since I was going to lose 10 lbs might as well gain some since I can lose it fast enough on HCG along with my 10 lbs. well it took 4 weeks to lose the fun with food weight and now I'm looking back and regretting I did that

    Live , and learn...
  10. Week five notes -

    In much friendship and support,

    7/15 VLCD3=W1=-3.6
    7/21 VLCD9=W2=-5.0 (R2total=8.6)
    7/28 VLCD16=W3=-2.2 (R2total=10.6)
    8/4 VLCD23=W4=4.6 (R2total=15.2)
    8/5 VLCD24=-.8
    8/6 VLCD25=+.6 salsa or diet coke(sodium)
    8/7 VLCD26=+.2
    8/8 VLCD27=-.6
    8/9 VLCD28=-.4 skip
    8/10 VLCD29=-1
    8/11VLCD30=-.6=W5=-2.6=(R2total=17.8) ...