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  1. Countdown to Round 2: Enjoy the Journey OR Savor the Moment OR...

    I am constantly wishing my time away. I remember very few times in my life that I was not wishing the hours, days, weeks, or months away because I was looking forward to some event. I have to remind myself often to STOP, look around, and to appreciate where I currently am.

    We are not guaranteed tomorrow. Each day is a gift. Even the most difficult days have lessons to be learned or memories that will be created.

    Almost one year ago, my mom was scheduled to have ...
  2. Stall Broke...I think

    Good Morning everyone....

    I think my stall broke today. Even with TOM here I was actually surprised that I had lost something...but hey, I will take it..

    VLCD week 1 (-11)

    VLCD8 179.4
    VLCD9 178.4

    Have a wonderful Tuesday all
  3. Not too encouraged

    I started at 189.0 and im now 178.0 but its been 18 days! Im told i should have lost more, not too encouraged ;(
  4. 99lb's lost and this time I'm done for good

    21 Day Total: -14
    Net: -8.8

    I was down 0.2 this morning, weighing in at 117.6, but I'm not officially counting anything below my ldw. I have 24 hours left before I can eat p3 and I am beyond ready for it to be here. I always wake up on the first p3 morning extra cheery and optimistic, because I can eat bacon! I'm really happy with where my weight is now, and how I feel I look, and now I just need it to come ...

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  5. "Big Girl". By Nora Roberts. Was she writing my story?

    Read this novel and thought the author was writing about me. So many parts of this book brought back so many childhood memories. I was always teased about my weight and talked down too by my stepdad (even when I was a healthy weight). Not the exact story line, but close. I am sure so many of my weight issues stem from that. Reading this book was like sticking an arrow through my heart but I couldn't put it down. Was so glad I was in control and did not reach for my comfort foods.

  6. Down 5.4 pounds and counting

    Yeah! I am down 5.4 pounds as of today. Have had a couple of real hungery bouts , but overcame them by drinking water. I have figured out how to split my day a bit... Fruit mid morning and evening. That seems to help.

    Mother's day was pretty easy as I don't have family close and my son is overseas. Today is my birthday, but we celebrated early on one of my load days, so don't feel deprived.

    Favorite meal so far.... 4 oz spinach (raw); 1T chopped green onion; 1/2 ...
  7. Finally ready to start!

    Well, my injection kit came in the mail today. I am finally ready to begin!

    I just finished mixing my first batch of hcg. You'd have thought I was deactivating a bomb, lol. That was the part I was most nervous about. I guess I was afraid I would mess it all up somehow. Glad I read the directions about 50 times.

    Anyway, I will do my first injection in the morning and begin loading.

    Wish me luck!
  8. Into week three i go...

    Yes, I am super excited to be entering into week three now!

    Yesterday was a bit hard going out to lunch for Mothers Day, but I managed to stick to protocol fairly easily. I ordered a grilled chicken ceasar salad minus the croutons and dressing , and that worked. I had to weigh this morning as I was so nervous about eating that chicken. Luckily I did lose, see there are some occasions where I will go ahead and weigh daily. I've been doing better mentally since I started weighing ...
  9. This is why I'm doing my 3rd round....

    The past two years I've roughly weighed in the 150 range, and have been "comfortable"... Although I always wanted to lose more I just couldn't.
    At the end of last year I put on a good 10-15 pounds and used HCG for the first time in January/February to take that off... I took it off and then screwed myself more than ever by completely skipping maintenance. I gained the 13 I lost back, plus a good 10 more.
    Starting in march I went on another round, this time 40 days. I was ...
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  10. Countdown to Round 2: Weekend Ramblings

    I am whiney and miserable today. It is misery of my own making. You see, I ate a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats for breakfast. It is the first time that I have had grains in that quantity since February. I feel like I could POP!! I am sooooo bloated. ACK! Next time I desire to eat cereal, I will remind myself of how I feel now. YUCK!

    Anywho, yesterday was a STEAK DAY because I was 2.6 pounds above my LIW. I had peanut butter Saturday. Well, I had A LOT of peanut butter….probably ...