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  1. Emotions of weight loss!

    I have always known that my emotions are tied to my weight --- in a number of ways. I celebrate and soothe and self medicate with food. Food has always been my friend - it was always there when I needed it --- no questions, no judgement, just comfort!

    I also know that every day when I weigh myself, and I cannot remember a day in my adult life when i didnt, whatever the scale says will color my day. Some days I will feel elated and some days I will feel defeated but there is ALWAYS ...
  2. welcome to my cheat

    Today was my babies birthday she turned 13. Our tradition is to let them pick where we go to dinner. She chose red lobster- not a bad choice for me but I did cheat just a little. I skipped the cheddar bay biscuits (that I love) the salad and the cake and opted for the surf and turf. I did eat more than I should have and I am sure I will pay for it over the next few days but I stuck to the protien the lobster was awesome (no butter) and the steak was great. I asked for brocolli and they brought me ...
  3. a little wisdom to get us through

  4. From One "Cheater" to Another

    So here it is. Best case scenario is that you start the diet, read the thread Tough Love for Potential Cheats, and never look back. I wish I could say I was one of those people who did that and never cheated. If you are then you have all of my admiration.

    I didn't though. I fell off the wagon early on and had the hardest time getting back on. I had every excuse in the book with stress from work and kids, breaking up with my fiance, "emotional eating" and chocolate withdrawl ...

    Updated February 26th, 2012 at 05:33 PM by Kahlan

  5. since Im less than 5 lbs from goal Im going to post all my data-and I have time today

    12/31/11 first load day 181.0
    1/2/12 last load day 180.8 start weight

    VLCDs dates everyday from 1/3-2/26 so far.......

    1.179.6 .50 shot

    .48 shot decreased shot

    16.167.4 tom

  6. Ordered HCG~

    Ok fingers crossed, I ordered my HCG from escrowrefills.com when dividing it out (with shipping included the total price) I am paying $18 per vial ... well kind of, I ordered B12 with it as well. so the hcg and the b12 with the shipping = $18 per vial of hcg (5 vials, I ordered extra just in case I need it) So $92 later.... I am nervous, worried about switching brands and anxious to see if it will make it to me in the next 2 weeks when I need it. Ill let you know.

    Note I am 130.2 ...
  7. week eight I think

    2/20 .4 =8.4 till goal went to a conference over the week end no problems eating I brought my food, also went to a party and ate only two small kabobs that had tofu and peppers on it
    2/21 .4=8lbs to goal had fff last night
    2/22 .6 ate fff at night
    2/23 .4= 7 lbs to go!!!! had spinach soup two bowls(spinach, tomato, chicken stock and spices)
    2/24 TOM up1.8
    1/25 Tom but lost 2.6
    1/26 lost 1.3

    almost done next post i will post all my results ...
  8. A new Beginning starts in the am

    So I have almost made it through my 72 hour transition between phase 2 and phase 3. I get to eat my first BAB tomorrow morning between 730 and 8am yay. From everything I have read and been warned about I should be looking at this more of high protein breakfast then BAB. lol Either way I am excited and ready to start this chapter and prove to myself I can keep this weight off I have loss so far.
  9. R1 p4 d4

    So it's been awhile since I've blogged-I've been stable for 3 weeks now after upping my cals. I'm being cautious now that I'm in P4-I'm mostly excited about eating peas and corn again, but also had some 12 grain bread the other day, and have added breadcrumbs to some recipies. I'm super excited about doing my next round, and will be starting it a couple days before my 3 week mark of p4. I've been going to the gym and enjoying it steadily, just a bit concerned about how I'll do during p2 of my next ...
  10. ugh...and yum...hope it doesn't hurt me....

    just had a tasty lunch with shrimp and spinach sauteed in a little braggs aminos - I added some water because it was soo salty - and I like salt. I had heard on chat - that it was ok on P2 - well, Ijust searched it - and apparently its ok for some and not for others.....it was really salty - so I will pour on the water today to try to flush that. tasted yummy tho - and I do realize how much I miss flavor in P2.....yikes - hope tomorrow isn't too bad!