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  1. Another day another pound...

    Yesterday I didn't do an entry & today I kind of forcing myself just to do it. Is anyone else experiencing TOM to often? Since January 6 I have had it 3 times, yes 3 times. Nothing over the top but its there. Can the HCG be doing this to me or is it the low calorie intake? I was thinking yesterday it's my body resetting itself.

    Anyway, I gained a pound & blame this stupied TOM. I have decided to join one of the biggest gyms here in Alberta. There is one located next door ...
  2. Getting closer

    So I am exactly two pounds away from my LIW this am. I did a steak day on Wed and was down two pounds. Woke up today and was down some just eating what I normally eat. I also weighed at my regular time this am. With all the time changes and such who knows what effected what. Does anyone know if the time you weigh yourself gives you a different weight and if so why? I am just curious. By the way it is also interresting to note that yesterday was the first day I felt normal after my trip. I am not ...
  3. R2/P2/VLCD16 - Goal 1: 50#

    I stepped on the scale expecting a slight gain, and much 2 my surprise I reached my first BIG GOAL: 50# GONE. FOUR WORDS: Un-Be-Lieve-able.

    I can't believe the FDA!!! Everyday this week there has been News about HCG and the FDA. The FDA says its a very dangerous drug and is only approved for FERTILITY. Uhmmmmm. Let's make BABIES but not BETTER health. C-R-A-Z-Y C-R-A-Z-Y C-R-A-Z-Y.

    Now it's time 2 reload and my original product is 100% Hormone Free. I'm all ...

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  4. ~food has no power over me~

    Working on self confidence today. I am beautiful! I am a wonderful person!
    On a side note, my husband (who has lost 10 pounds in 5 days) has given up. He wants to switch to South Beach and start working out with weights. Hey what ever works. Men can work out for like 2 weeks and see drastic physical improvements while women (ahem... me) can work out for MONTHS and only lose a few pounds and barely any physically noticeable differences. Been there. Done that. (ps, Im not saying exercise ...
  5. please help all the info I can get

    Quote Originally Posted by shana View Post
    I am in rd 3 p4 day 8. I stuggled with p3 aweful as in I had to do stead day every other day. I figured out I had senstitivites to nuts and cheese. Got those taken care of. Finally stabelized for 5 days and then on the p4 2nd day, I tried one piece sugar free blueberry pie. Nest day 3 lbs over lwd. I had stablized at 1 lb over, now I do steak day came back down wait 2 days then valentines day had bbq chicken and mac n cheese guess what up again 3. egg day back down yesterday I only had
  6. HCG PATCH questions

    Can anyone tell me if they tried the HCG Patch? I am having a hard time remembering to take my drops! I was thinking about trying it! How do I know if the patches are "REAL HCG"? The patches contain the following:

    My hCG Way™ Bio App patch includes over 15 frequencies including (hCG) 6X, 12X, 30X, 60X, Human ChorionicGonadotropin; (Amino Acids) 3X, 6X, 12X, 30X, (L-Arginine, L-Carntinine, L-Ornithine, L-Tyrosine)
  7. R3 - P3 Day 32

    Fri 17 - Feb - 2012

    220.2 ~ Up 3.6 ~ = 8.8 Above LIW


    "I don't even really want to blog today . . . It is horrible. I was caught up with nerves last night . . I could not sit still and for the first time since hcg . . I went back to eating ice cream at midnight . . . Gave me a gain of over 3 pounds . . . The fact that TOM should be here tomorrow I am ...
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    P3 , Gain
  8. P2d25

    well - my fears are coming true ! a gain this morning! +1.4! wth - I had 484 calories yesterday - completely on protocol! I have been making an effort to get more sleep - and I have this past 2 days, I have drank all of my water plus some...I haven't eaten anything new - and its not time for TOM....*sigh - I feel like crying - yesterday I stayed the same - and in the past few weeks - when I do that a few times, I might lose close to a lb. ugh....

    yesterdays menu -
  9. 22 hours down, 26 to go.

    LDW: 132
    Start: 136
    Week 1: -8.6 (127.4)
    VLCD8: 127
    VLCD9: 127.6-127.4
    VLCD10: 126.6

    So I got maybe an hour and a half of actual sleep before I had to get up and head to the airport for my flight this morning. Of course, I didn't lose, which I guess is the better option because I could've very well gained. But that also means that I'm using yesterday's weight as my ldw (it's actually sort ...

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  10. Day 10 VLCD Thurs 16 February

    Day 10 VLCD Thurs 16 February (30 min walk, again dizzy midday not sure if it's a cold or if even on lesser drops I'm still dizzy)

    FOOD: 369 calories
    2 cups coffee w/half & half 1 Tbl & stevia
    1/2 c papaya w/lime
    16 oz water
    3 oz hamburger w/1 Tbl tomato sauce
    5 celery sticks
    16 oz hot ginger lemon tea
    3 oz tilapia, grilled w/lemon, dill, s&p
    spinach salad w/strawberries, s&p, lemon ...