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  1. New to group

    Hello all, I have a question..I have been sitting at 186,185 for the past 5 days. I am on tom and have skipped 2 days of injections. Just wondering if when I start injections again will I start losing again?
  2. Wed 15 Feb VLCD Day 9

    Wednesday 15 February VLCD Day 9
    155.4 (-2.8)

    FOOD:363 calories
    1 coffee w/1/2 Tbl half & half & stevia
    1 boiled egg, s&p
    16 oz water
    1 apple
    1 cracker
    salad greens, mixed w/cucumber
    1 Tbl dressing (see recipes)
    3 oz chicken, grilled
    8 oz sparkling water
    'chocolate cake' (1/2 serving)
    16 oz hot green tea
    Chocolate Brownie Cake in a Mug ...
  3. ~Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels~ What Im eating with pics

    So today is D5 of my VLCD Today I felt great, had no hunger and didnt finish my lunch.
    Maybe that makes up for my mix of veggies at lunch? lol Not such a bad cheat but since Im trying to stick to the original pounds and inches its hard sometimes to not eat my favorite blends~
    I had an apple around noon
    Lunch was 100g grilled chicken breast (only ate half)
    and Tomatoes/onions and cucumbers sauted with Mrs. Dash steak blend

    Dinner 4 ...
  4. Lost ONE More (VLCD25)

    This morning the scale was down another pound. I love losing a whole pound each day... love this diet!

    Homeopathic HCG drops
    Starting weight 211.4 lbs.
    R1P1 (loading) + 2.6 lbs
    R1P2 Week 1 = - 6.4 pounds (+ 2.6 loading gain)
    R1P2 Week 2 = - 4.0 pounds
    R1P2 Week 3 = - 4.0 pounds
    VLCD22 (2/12/12) 195.6 lbs. (-0.6)
    VLCD23 (2/13/12) 195.4 lbs. (-0.2)
    VLCD24 (2/14/12) 194.4 lbs. (-1.0)
    VLCD25 (2/15/12) 193.4 lbs. (-1.0)
  5. Why do I feel like such a loser?

    Quote Originally Posted by tjcpt View Post
    Last day of R1P2. I am almost afraid to go the 3 days without shots. I am convinced I will gain weight. I am actually joining a Biggest Losers Contest at my gym today. I lost 42 lbs since January 4th but I can't count that. So, maybe I won't win. But if I don't, it won't be because I didn't try or because I cheated. I will carry the dicipline that I have practiced in Phase 2 right through the next 12 weeks of the contest. I resolve to weigh 220lbs at under 17% body fat in 12 weeks.
  6. Is this a Planned Interruption or Cycling?

    I am a few ounces shy of the 15 lb goal I set for my short R2 ---- yeah! My body is trying ot hold on to EVERYTHING right now.
    I do have enough drops for today and tomorrow so I will see if I can scrape off a few more oz to make it. It should be real interesting to see how I stabilize in the short round. But I have a question for you guys .... Im not sure of this and am a little scared of all the negative posts about not stabilizing after a short round, so I need your opinions.
  7. Goal!

    LDW: 132
    Start: 136
    Week 1: -8.6 (127.4)
    VLCD8: 127
    VLCD9: 127.6-127.4
    VLCD10: 126.6

    Created by MyFitnessPal.com - Free

    As of this morning I have reached my goal of 125, and have lost a total of 91 lbs exactly! I was worried that I may not see any movement on the scale this morning but my fff day worked it's magic ...
  8. 10 days 11 lbs ... Wow!

    So the last few days have been up and down. Literally! 148/146/148/146 ugh! I think I've worked it out to stick at 146.4. Yay! Last. Ight was our 26th 'meeting' anniversay. We made reservations at a new restaurant. I had two glasses of red wine (which I continued at home!) and we shared some sautéed prawns. As hubby HATES white fish, I ordered the seared halibut. It came with wild rice (all fancied up, so the chef wouldn't alter it) and sautéed veggies. I skipped the rice (except a few ...
  9. bye bye pound!

    Another pound flew out the window & I hope I never have to see again. I love seeing the the scale go down when I'm in a stall.....stalls overs y'all! Well for this time anyway. Ive had 3 stalls during this diet all in the same round. I'm not sure what causes it really but I did receive some words of wisdom from a dietitian friend on why. So I tried what she said and low and behold the next day the scale moves. I dont know 100% if it was her or just my body but Ill try it again when I stall. ...
  10. The party's over

    Weighed myself from my trip and I am up 5.9 pounds. It is scarey how easily it can come on. I wonder if that is why we don't see blogs from a lot of the people that were once on this site. It also scares me a little that this is how it could be for the rest of my life though it is still much better than being that fat. Oh well I made a choice and now I get to face the consequences. I was just reading about karma. Anyway I get to see if I can get this down on my own. Steak day today!