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  1. P2d25

    well - my fears are coming true ! a gain this morning! +1.4! wth - I had 484 calories yesterday - completely on protocol! I have been making an effort to get more sleep - and I have this past 2 days, I have drank all of my water plus some...I haven't eaten anything new - and its not time for TOM....*sigh - I feel like crying - yesterday I stayed the same - and in the past few weeks - when I do that a few times, I might lose close to a lb. ugh....

    yesterdays menu -
  2. 22 hours down, 26 to go.

    LDW: 132
    Start: 136
    Week 1: -8.6 (127.4)
    VLCD8: 127
    VLCD9: 127.6-127.4
    VLCD10: 126.6

    So I got maybe an hour and a half of actual sleep before I had to get up and head to the airport for my flight this morning. Of course, I didn't lose, which I guess is the better option because I could've very well gained. But that also means that I'm using yesterday's weight as my ldw (it's actually sort ...

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  3. Day 10 VLCD Thurs 16 February

    Day 10 VLCD Thurs 16 February (30 min walk, again dizzy midday not sure if it's a cold or if even on lesser drops I'm still dizzy)

    FOOD: 369 calories
    2 cups coffee w/half & half 1 Tbl & stevia
    1/2 c papaya w/lime
    16 oz water
    3 oz hamburger w/1 Tbl tomato sauce
    5 celery sticks
    16 oz hot ginger lemon tea
    3 oz tilapia, grilled w/lemon, dill, s&p
    spinach salad w/strawberries, s&p, lemon ...
  4. VLCD 4 - Hanging in there

    Yesterday was not a good day at all. I was crazy hungry and then I got a migraine, so I had to give myself an Imitrex injection. I still managed to stay on protocol, but I have never been so happy to see a day end....lol!

    I was not surprised when I had no loss this morning....I was exactly the same weight as yesterday. I lowered my HCG dose this morning since I've been so hungry and I feel much better today! The hunger has been manageable and I feel better overall. Hopefully ...
  5. Addicted to Food~

    So I have been reading all kinds of Blogs, old and new. I have some thoughts on the comments I find my self making frequently, (Chicken Salad Sandwhiches are EVIL!!! ) Anyways, What I want to say is that I believe I am addicted to food in a way that others have a problem with wine etc... I love the flavors the textures, the variety. And I feel the"need" so often described by junkies, or alcoholics.

    Its quite enlightening to realize I also have this desire for food ...
  6. Bye bye stall

    So I have done everything I am suppose to do and done nothing I am not allowed to do and the first few days went great. Then day 6-7 and 8 NOTHING! I was so frustrated (and still kinda am). Today I got on the scale and was down one pound. I am still doing good sticking to the rules but my Houston trip is just around the corner and I am really really worried they wont have anything I can eat there and I am not packing food into my suitcase. So- hopefully the next few days are great becasue I dont ...
  7. pics of chocoloate souffle





    So The out come was, Very filling! This recipe made 4 in a regular muffin pan, could have made more if I had made them smaller! The taste was off, needs something. Not sweet enough, very bitter. But strangely satistying. Ok tomorrow, I plan on making this again with these changes, 1. Add Vanilla Extract. 2. Add more stevia ...
  8. GetSmaller : Day 40 Last jab, lessons learned, dipping a toe into online ordering

    Yesterday was Day 40 : still no change on the scale but my thighs are visually more defined about the knees. I'm still very pleased with overall results. Even going strict (OCD-level strict) Atkins for five months didn't produce the fat loss that forty days of hCG has. I will be doing another round to lose the rest of my 'abnormal fat', all of which to now seem to be clinging to be my thighs.

    My ND's opinion is that I'm retaining water as part of an allergic reaction to the milk ...
    Tags: day 40, round 1
  9. My kitchen smells of chocolate~

    My kitchen smells of chocolate and my tummy is rumbling! Come on little chocolate souffles! Get done!
    PS I am following the P2 recipe for chocolate souffles, and by my calculations it should be 112 calories and it has made 4 muffins! Pics to come soon!!!
  10. Back and forth, back and forth: TOM lurcking...

    Back up today, even though I stuck to protocol yesterday I'm not worried, though... I think it's TOM, as I (to put it Dr S's way) feel like death. He's late... So a weeks worth of extra fun! I will up my protein today, drink more water and try to take it easy (how does one take it easy with 7 kids in daycare??)
    Last night I ordered the HCG patch, the sleep patch
    and the hormone balance patch. From what I hear, this company (frequencyapps.com) rocks it! Maybe this'll get my ...