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  1. ~food has no power over me~

    Working on self confidence today. I am beautiful! I am a wonderful person!
    On a side note, my husband (who has lost 10 pounds in 5 days) has given up. He wants to switch to South Beach and start working out with weights. Hey what ever works. Men can work out for like 2 weeks and see drastic physical improvements while women (ahem... me) can work out for MONTHS and only lose a few pounds and barely any physically noticeable differences. Been there. Done that. (ps, Im not saying exercise ...
  2. please help all the info I can get

    Quote Originally Posted by shana View Post
    I am in rd 3 p4 day 8. I stuggled with p3 aweful as in I had to do stead day every other day. I figured out I had senstitivites to nuts and cheese. Got those taken care of. Finally stabelized for 5 days and then on the p4 2nd day, I tried one piece sugar free blueberry pie. Nest day 3 lbs over lwd. I had stablized at 1 lb over, now I do steak day came back down wait 2 days then valentines day had bbq chicken and mac n cheese guess what up again 3. egg day back down yesterday I only had
  3. HCG PATCH questions

    Can anyone tell me if they tried the HCG Patch? I am having a hard time remembering to take my drops! I was thinking about trying it! How do I know if the patches are "REAL HCG"? The patches contain the following:

    My hCG Way™ Bio App patch includes over 15 frequencies including (hCG) 6X, 12X, 30X, 60X, Human ChorionicGonadotropin; (Amino Acids) 3X, 6X, 12X, 30X, (L-Arginine, L-Carntinine, L-Ornithine, L-Tyrosine)
  4. R3 - P3 Day 32

    Fri 17 - Feb - 2012

    220.2 ~ Up 3.6 ~ = 8.8 Above LIW


    "I don't even really want to blog today . . . It is horrible. I was caught up with nerves last night . . I could not sit still and for the first time since hcg . . I went back to eating ice cream at midnight . . . Gave me a gain of over 3 pounds . . . The fact that TOM should be here tomorrow I am ...
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    P3 , Gain
  5. P2d25

    well - my fears are coming true ! a gain this morning! +1.4! wth - I had 484 calories yesterday - completely on protocol! I have been making an effort to get more sleep - and I have this past 2 days, I have drank all of my water plus some...I haven't eaten anything new - and its not time for TOM....*sigh - I feel like crying - yesterday I stayed the same - and in the past few weeks - when I do that a few times, I might lose close to a lb. ugh....

    yesterdays menu -
  6. 22 hours down, 26 to go.

    LDW: 132
    Start: 136
    Week 1: -8.6 (127.4)
    VLCD8: 127
    VLCD9: 127.6-127.4
    VLCD10: 126.6

    So I got maybe an hour and a half of actual sleep before I had to get up and head to the airport for my flight this morning. Of course, I didn't lose, which I guess is the better option because I could've very well gained. But that also means that I'm using yesterday's weight as my ldw (it's actually sort ...

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  7. Day 10 VLCD Thurs 16 February

    Day 10 VLCD Thurs 16 February (30 min walk, again dizzy midday not sure if it's a cold or if even on lesser drops I'm still dizzy)

    FOOD: 369 calories
    2 cups coffee w/half & half 1 Tbl & stevia
    1/2 c papaya w/lime
    16 oz water
    3 oz hamburger w/1 Tbl tomato sauce
    5 celery sticks
    16 oz hot ginger lemon tea
    3 oz tilapia, grilled w/lemon, dill, s&p
    spinach salad w/strawberries, s&p, lemon ...
  8. VLCD 4 - Hanging in there

    Yesterday was not a good day at all. I was crazy hungry and then I got a migraine, so I had to give myself an Imitrex injection. I still managed to stay on protocol, but I have never been so happy to see a day end....lol!

    I was not surprised when I had no loss this morning....I was exactly the same weight as yesterday. I lowered my HCG dose this morning since I've been so hungry and I feel much better today! The hunger has been manageable and I feel better overall. Hopefully ...
  9. Addicted to Food~

    So I have been reading all kinds of Blogs, old and new. I have some thoughts on the comments I find my self making frequently, (Chicken Salad Sandwhiches are EVIL!!! ) Anyways, What I want to say is that I believe I am addicted to food in a way that others have a problem with wine etc... I love the flavors the textures, the variety. And I feel the"need" so often described by junkies, or alcoholics.

    Its quite enlightening to realize I also have this desire for food ...
  10. Bye bye stall

    So I have done everything I am suppose to do and done nothing I am not allowed to do and the first few days went great. Then day 6-7 and 8 NOTHING! I was so frustrated (and still kinda am). Today I got on the scale and was down one pound. I am still doing good sticking to the rules but my Houston trip is just around the corner and I am really really worried they wont have anything I can eat there and I am not packing food into my suitcase. So- hopefully the next few days are great becasue I dont ...