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  1. Not exactly what I was hoping for....

    I am on week 2 of the vlcd and am pretty disapointed after reading everyone elses blogs about their huge losses and I have only lost 2 pounds this week
    I started off strong but had a 3 day stall that almost de-railed my entire diet as it almost made me quit.
    I have not cheated- not even once and I still feel like its just not happening fast enough. I try to tell myself any loss is good but I feel like I am kidding myself when I see others losing twice as much as me?
    Maybe ...
  2. Making a Choice

    I am in my 2nd stall day. After a huge 22.4 pound drop in 12 days, I am not going to worry much (at least, not right now!), this is a natural time for my body to recoup and re-shape.
    So many good things are coming out of this diet. From not having the steering wheel rubbing on my belly, to my robe doubling over me, to just feeling better about myself. The best things I am getting though, is understanding. The understand that my life is not just about food. That, even though society says ...
  3. P2D27 - beyond excited!

    down a whole lb. this morning! haven't done that in awhile - and after losing .8 (net) yesterday - I want to do a cartwheel - too bad I could n't do that even as a kid! I have FINALLY gotten below that big 0 number that I haven't been below in FOREVER - I kinda wish I had the old fashioned scale so that Icould move the big red thing over to the next 10lbs. down!

    yesterdays menu:
    bk -half a grapefruit
    lunch - shrimp and cucumber salad
    dinner -cod - asparagus - ...
  4. P3 d1

    LDW: 125.4
    Today's Weight: 124.2

    Today was p3d1 and I think as far as my food choices are concerned I was pretty safe. The only thing I am concerned about is the amount of food I ate. i was reading around and saw the recommendation that we should try to go up to 1500 cals at least on the first day....because of how many calories the hcg is feeding us during p2....Well, I definitely got that covered, lol...I ate almost 1600 calories today, about 1300 of them during dinner...yikes! ...
  5. P2-Put a fork in it....

    It's done!
    So 3 wks and a couple days took away 15 lbs! I am thrilled with these results... Just what I had planned! I am hoping that my hypothesis bears out...by doing shorter rounds wo p4, I can capitalize on the greater wt losses occurring in the first 3 wks of any round. But I will stick w at least 23 days in p2 of each round to hopefully lock in the new low wt.

    I will be in P3 for the next 2 wks...including the 72 hrs wo HCG/vlc, and including loading on the ...
  6. Back in range

    Down another pound which puts me 1 pound over my LIW. I started out doing the fff day but I got to say it is not my favorite. First of all I remembered that fage is not my favorite yogurt. then everytime I ate it my throat would start to close up. something was telling me I shouldn't be eating it but the diehard that I am I kept going. I really felt like I was fighting off an illness. I was exausted and my throat hurt and everytime I had yogurt it got worse. I went for an accupuncture treatment ...
  7. GetSmaller : Day 41 - 43 Winding down, weightloss advice doesn't repeat but it rhymes

    Day 41 : no change on the scale
    Day 42 : down .2lb.
    Day 43 : no change on the scale

    P3 begins tomorrow. To paraphrase Louis XV of France, après d'aujourd'hui, le déluge.

    Round 1 stats

    Total weight lost (absolute scale change) : 14.8lbs
    Total weight bounced : 7 lbs <- represents load weight and cheats

    Body fat change: 27% to 22%
    BMI change: 26.7 to 23.6


    Thinking a little more ...

    Updated February 18th, 2012 at 10:47 AM by GetSmaller

  8. Saturday and this Clydesdale went for a run.

    So, I woke up this morning, weighed in and I'm at 231.4, down 10 lbs since last Sunday, so I'm pretty psyched on that. I ate clean throughout the week....Almost....yesterday a friend had some biscochitos (Latin style cookies ) and I ate a few...damm yummy, but for the rest of the week I did well.

    This morning, I decided to get into they gym and work out. Did weights, upper body, chest and back, then jumped on the eliptical for 20 minutes, followed by the treadmill for 25 minutes...all ...
  9. Gaining in P3 and not cheating!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by ekeshiamaria View Post
    I've been on P3 a week and has gained 3.2 lbs. I haven't eaten any carbs!! I did a steak day on Tuesday. Because my morning weight was 2.2 lbs over LDW. Next morning I was down 1 lb. So I continued on my regular P3 meals not including anything new. I had one uncured sausage for breakfast and a cup of caf. coffee with 1tsp of heavy whipping cream, grilled chicken salad for lunch(lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, and cauliflower) with Newman's Own Olive Oil and Vinegar dressing. Snack
  10. Whooohoo!

    The 6 day stall has finally broke! I stepped on the scale and was down 2 lbs. I only have 5 more shots left then 3 more vlcd and then I can have some eggs for breakfast and a creamy cup of coffee, Can we say yum! The boyfriend is also taking me on a shopping spree because my clothes are all falling off of me.. It is quite an adjustment in how I think now..Before when I had lost weight I would reward myself with dessert, not a good way to think if you want to keep off the weight..now I reward myself ...