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  1. Vlcd 3

    Today resembled yesterday with just a slightly reduced hunger. Not sure if maybe because I ate an apple for breakfast helped but things were better today.

    I caved and had a burger wrapped in lettuce for lunch. Mmmmm... it was so good. I made it on the George Forman grill since my husband failed to fill the "extra" propane tank we have. That was a nice surprise when trying to grill today. You might think that having to use the foreman isn't a big deal but let me tell ya, ...
  2. 7 more pounds to all time goal.

    This is my second round in a row. I started off at 165 5"6 female. I did it for 21 days and I got down to 148. It was a tough journey. I then went on vaca to Vegas and did not stay on protocol. I do not regret it because I had sooooo much fun. I did correction days and lost it. But I knew I was going on a nother round and slipped up. I loaded and ended up at 154. That's not to bad. My goal is 130. I have 7 more pounds to go. Today is number 23 on protocol. No never last past ...
  3. Vlcd 2

    Well today was remarkably better than yesterday.

    I stripped down this morning, took a deep breath and stepped on the scale to view my reward from the previous day. -4 Wait let me say that again. I LOST FOUR POUNDS!! Ya, pretty darn sweet. I couldn't even do that on Atkins for a week. Still no withdraw headaches and very pleased with that. It's hard keeping up with a 20 month old all day when you're not feeling well. I took my dose down to 110 and my hunger was much easier to deal ...
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  5. Vlcd 1

    Wow! I won't lie, today was rough. Much harder than day one induction on Atkins. I did really good though staying on protocol. No cheats. "Pop" as they say. I think I've visited the loo about 30 times today. Drank a lot of tea trying to conquer the hunger. Apples never tasted so good.
    No headache today but my blood sugar did drop twice. That's when I ate my Apple to feel normal again.

    This is hard with kids I'll tell ya. That leftover chicken nugget was calling my name. ...

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  6. Loading days done

    Today is the end of day two loading. Feeling satisfied with what I ate. We'll disgusted with how much I ate but satisfied that I loaded well. Looking forward to tomorrow and the challenges that may come my way. I'm ready to get rid of this pregnancy and thyroid weight.
    Here's to tomorrow and saying bye-bye to all this unwanted fat and fat clothes.
  7. non fat greek yogurt on phase 2 ? if you used yogurt did you lose?

    hello All,

    has any one used non fat greek yogurt instead of fruit? Apples have much more sugar and more carbs. A med/ large apple has 80 calories also.

    I read that you could exchange the non fat yogurt 3/4 of a cup for a apple. It makes total sense that the yogurt would be better for you as it has much more protein, as a fruit has non and less sugar and carbs. Fruit tends to make me hungry,

    please tell me if you still lost and it didn't interfere ...
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  8. P2D17 here... and feeling bit low.

    Day 17 here... I should be happy and estatic... Only 23 more days to go! But have been feeling gloomy all week and unsure why. Sick of food ruling my thoughts!
    I've brought some Vit B today and see if that helps... It's meant to!

    Total weight lost now is 8.4KG or 18.5 pounds in 16 weigh-ins.. Stressing that I'm not going to reach my goal weight this round of 20kg's lost... Stupid to stress over this but I am.

    Few updates on my blog -
    Me rambling on YouTube ...
  9. Day 10 and still no Hcg

    Still waiting on my Hcg. Getting really antsy. I did however get my lab results back for my thyroid and I'm on the low end of everything. Hoping my Dr will up the Armour dosage considering I'm only on 60mg. right now. Left her a message so we'll see.

    Our house is in the ending stages of being built. Electrical guy was out today finishing up his work. I'm assuming he put the fans up for us. At least I'm hoping.

    Trying my best to keep myself occupied packing and out ...
  10. So hungry

    I'm feeling frustrated but not discouraged. Even though my losses are as great as I had hoped they are pretty average. My dosage is still off and today I am starving and light headed. I thought the migraine was going away but it is still hanging on, though much lighter.
    Tomorrow I will lower my dosage to 100 and see how that goes. I can do this, I have already gone this long feeling hungry so another day or two won't kill me.

    The weather is gloomy and rainy today too so that ...