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  1. vlcd d5

  2. R4p2d3

    Again as in the past successful rounds...after the first couple of days, I start feeling really good. It seems like that feeling is coming earlier, one day of detox. Perhaps it is because I had been eating 80% clean, so there wasn't that much garbage/toxins in my body. I don't know, but I will take it.👍👍👍

    I am down 2 lbs from yesterday....fingers crossed that I can continue the fabulous loss.

    Good luck to everyone and have an amazing day!!!!
  3. hungry on hcg

    Quote Originally Posted by busmom View Post
    I am on round two of hcg and i'm not sure my hcg is potent enough. I am constantly hungry as I was on the first round. I think this time is worse. My doctor told me to take a pregnancy test to see if it came out positive. Well, after three tests, they were all negative. Then I got online and everyone said you would never get a false pregnancy test with hcg. My doctor gave me a new batch today, which I tested and it did come out positive. My question is, if I have been on this for 16 days already
  4. Loading - Feb 24 JOIN ME!! :)

    What helps me is to try to look at every P2 meal I eat as if it were a prescription. A medical prescription that is going to make this work to make me well. If I can keep that perspective in mind, going through the process is much easier for me.

    Also, I've found that if I cook my food fresh for each meal, it tastes so much better, and I can really enjoy it that way. - Leez
  5. day 4

  6. VLCD 9 - and no HCG shot

    So it's that time of the 'month.' And by month, I mean one of the 4 periods I have during the year at random times.
    Horrible timing, but it is always wildly unpredictable.
    The clinic has said that I must stop the injections for three days. The forums seem to say that is a bunch of hooey, but I'm going to stick to the office's recommendation. Not excited for the next three days - if I had the mental fortitude to eat a 500 calorie diet without hormone intervention I wouldn't need to ...
  7. R4p2d2

    Yesterday was tough!!! I was starving about 5pm....but stayed strong!!! Have you notice how many food commercials are on TV at night...LOL. Felt like I could of eaten my arm off.

    The payoff was there with a loss of 3.2 lbs ... Woohoo!
  8. GiGy 2015 R1P3D4

    LIW 269.4
    CW 269.6

    So far, both Hubby and I are holding strong on our LIW with very little fluctuations. I got down to 267.4 on my 2nd day after LIW, but came right back up as soon as last non-HCG VLCD was done. So far, so good. We reincorporated dairy and nuts into our daily diet so far. And increased our portion sizes. We are pretty much eating a lean low-fat Atkins, if that makes sense.

    So, 16 more days of P3 and then cycle right back into another round ...

    Updated March 5th, 2015 at 04:44 AM by GingerGypsy

    GiGy 2015 Round 1 Journal
  9. VLCD 8 - 11.8 down - Poor Sleep & First "Counseling" Session

    Down only 0.4 this morning.
    DH reports that I slept like I was possessed by a tornado last night - I don't feel more tired than usual, but that doesn't say much. I know restless sleep is not good sleep. Hopefully sleep had something to do with it. In retrospect, the shots have made me feel much more energetic, so I suppose by recent standards I was pretty beat today.

    I went back to the weight loss office today for my first "counseling" session. Total ripoff, ...
  10. Started 3/1 - anyone want to buddy up for support?

    Misery loves company - lol - anyone want to get through this together?